The 10 Best Harnesses for Labs: Feature Analysis, Comparison & FAQ

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Editors PickBrand
Best OverallThe RUFFWEAR Harness
Best Runner UpThe Kurgo Dog Harness
Best BudgetThe BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness
Best Under $15The Copatchy No Pull Harness
Best Dog Harness To Stop PullingThe Rabbitgoo Harness

Labradors are best known for their intelligence, friendliness, and eagerness to please. They’re also quite known for being escape artists! When these mischievous buggers are left unsupervised outside they have the tendency to wander off or get into trouble. A harness is an excellent way of keeping labs close by and under control while you’re out in public with them.

Harnesses also provide more freedom of movement than collars. Which is great if your lab has any mobility issues or just wants to explore on their own without dragging you along with him.

If you know you want a harness, the next challenge is finding one that’s well-suited for labs. They’re so many options available, how the heck do you pick one that’s perfect for labs specifically?

That was our mission with making this post. Do all the research of analysing the various harnesses available (we looked at 50+) and boil down a list to a more digestible amount.

In this post we’ll take a look at what we believe to be are the best 10 harnesses for labs available, so that you can pick the perfect one for your pup.

Let’s dive into our best overall pick, shall we?

Top 10 Best Harnesses For Labs

Best Overall: The RUFFWEAR Harness

For overall performance, the RUFFWEAR Harness is our best overall pick for labs. With 29 leash attachment points and a comfortable fit, this harness will work well in just about any situation.

The design features of the harness make it a great choice for labs. There are 4 different places that you can adjust it to fit your dog’s body snugly.

It also has an aluminum ring on the back that helps them walk calmly and updated loops on the chest will help redirect their movement if they pull too hard while walking or running.

This harness has a soft padded interior to help your pup feel more comfortable while wearing it. The design also allows for increased airflow to ensure that your pup isn’t overheating on warmer days or longer play sessions.

It has reflective features all around the vest; giving it the ability to be seen anywhere during gloomy days or nighttime strolls.

Feedback from users of this harness are overwhelmingly favorable with over 82% giving it 5 out of 5 stars. People also shared that they had repurchased this dog vest (no previous harness compared to this one) and it was very comfortable for their pup. No unwanted scratching or irritation after 10-15 minutes of use with thi harness.

RUFFWEAR Harness Key Features:

  • 4 points of adjustment
  • 29 different leash attachment points
  • Reflective features

Best Runner Up: The Kurgo Dog Harness

The Kurgo Dog Harness takes our second place spot due to its comfort and practicality for labs.

The design is also safeguarded by a V-neckline to reduce the risk of neck strain and a seat belt clip that will make sure your four-legged friend doesn’t distract you at any time during their much enjoyed (or much resented) car rides.

The harness has a buckle made of sturdy steel, this ensures it’ll securely stay on your dog’s body during walks even if they start to tug too hard. There’s also a handle for increased/easy control.

The harness’ durable and comfortable design will make longer journeys with your four-legged friend much more enjoyable.

Our source of testers shared that their dogs find this harness to be very comfortable, and they found the quality of this harness to be quite durable. They also mentioned that their dog can wear it for long periods without problems, even if walking more than once a day.

Kurgo Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Great for walking, running, camping, hiking
  • 4 adjustment points and padded chest
  • Includes 10-inch lead for seat belt attachment

Best Budget: The BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a great harness that won’t break the bank, one to consider is the BABYLTRL Harness.

This harness is ultra-soft with a lightweight mesh fabric. It’s comfortable for dogs of any size and also gets the job done at a better price point than other styles similar to it.

The adjustable straps make for a custom fit to ensure your pup can’t shake out of it. Durable and comfortable, the padding in specific areas allows your doggo to maintain comfort on long hikes or walks.

It’s equipped with a choke-resistant, locking buckle. This means it will keep the belt from tightening around your dog’s neck and cutting off their air supply. It also helps to prevent injury if they enjoy carelessly chasing after their favorite toy.

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Front & back clip
  • Evenly distributed pressure to prevent choking
  • Easy grab handle for extra control if needed

Best Under $15: The Copatchy No Pull Harness

For those looking for a budget option that will help limit a labs pulling, the Copatchy No-Pull Harness may be an excellent choice for you.

Additionally, the material is mesh, so it won’t rub or chafe where other materials might irritate skin if worn for too long.

The clever design of this harness creates a force-free tension, which works for any size dog no matter how heavy they are.

This harness is able to handle any size dog, large or small, to create a safe force-free experience for you and less tension on your pup’s chest.

Both putting on and removing this harness is a breeze; there are no buckles around the neck or unnecessary design features to complicate things.

Copatchy No Pull Harness Key Features:

  • Additional handle for older dogs or excessive pullers
  • Comfy sponge-like filling
  • Easy to put on and take off

Best Dog Harness To Stop Pulling: The Rabbitgoo Harness

The Rabbitgoo Dog Harness is one of the best harnesses for labs that excessively pull. It’s meant to keep your furry friend safe and happy while you take them on walks in the great outdoors.

One of the benefits of this harness is its flexible design. The harness moves with your furry friend, which means you can quickly adjust the fit. Adjustability is important because it eliminates any chance of choking them if you find yourself constantly pulling on the leash.

Moreover, it has four adjustable straps that can be customized to make sure your lab is securely fit before a big day of exploring.

The harness can be taken off and put on with ease which is another feature that makes it a great choice.

Rabbitgoo Harness Key Features:

  • Dual ring setup
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy on-and-off design

Other Top-Rated Picks

The Julius-K9 Harness

A reliable European design, the Julius-K9 Harness is perfect for maintaining control over your lab while out and about with them.

The strap on this harness is wider, so it better distributes weight across your dog’s chest. This helps keep your doggo comfortable no matter what you’re doing together.

It also has reflective accents that help the harness stay visible even in poor weather, and after dark.

Finally, the straps are adjustable to fit most shapes and sizes, plus, the breathable liner will keep your pup cool no matter how long they’re playing!

Julius-K9 Harness Key Features:

  • Sturdy & made of high quality materials
  • Designed for increased visibility & safety
  • Built to last while being friendly to your dog’s skin

The LightHound Harness

The LightHound Harness can ensure you never lose sight of your loveable lab again!

As your pup frolics around, the bright colors will make them visible from over half a mile away. This helps give you peace of mind if you enjoy off leash time as you’ll always be able to keep an eye on them before they get too far away.

It comes equipped with a long-lasting battery, so this harness won’t need charging often and will still work after hours of playtime!

Additionally, the harness is highly customisable with an adjustable neck and chest strap to help it fit on any size or shaped doggo.

The harnesses come in a variety of colors, such as yellow and pink for a brighter, prettier look and blue or green for those who prefer something more dim and less ‘loud’.

They’ll have no problem standing out against dark backgrounds wearing this harness.

LightHound Harness Key Features:

  • 8 different colors to choose from
  • Visibility from over half a mile
  • Highly adjustable for custom fit

The PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness

The PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness keeps your dog safe and secure with maximum adjustment points, all while still being comfortable, safe and convenient.

It’s built to last as it’s made of durable nylon straps and reinforced steel O-rings, this harness is perfect for just about any situation.

The harness is a breeze to use with the easy quick snap buckles on the back.

If you’ve ever had problems finding the right size harness before you know it can make things more difficult than necessary. Thankfully this harness comes in 4 different sizes and has 5 adjustment points, leaving no room for a bad fit.

You’ll be able to walk and play with your pup with peace of mind because you know they are tightly contained but still have lots of room to move around – because playing should always be one part safety, two parts fun.

PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness Key Features:

  • 5 points of adjustment for a near-custom fit
  • Made from reliable, durable material
  • Hassle free to put on and take off

The 2 Hounds No Pull Dog Harness

Now your pup can go for walks with you without pulling or getting agitated (which can also help ensure you’re less agitated as well!)!

The 2 Hounds No Pull Dog Harness is adjustable and has four points of connection, limiting their mobility where they won’t excessively pull, but isn’t too restrictive where it’s uncomfortable.

It’s made from super long-lasting stainless steel hardware and tough nylon webbing. So however hard your doggo is on their belongings this harness has a great chance to withstand anything your dog can dish out.

Also, the swiss velvet lining won’t rub harshly against their skin, so they’ll be able to wear it happily for long periods of time.

An added bonus is that the harness is made in America so you’d be supporting local!

2 Hounds No Pull Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Lining prevents rubbing and/or chafing
  • Dual clip
  • Highly adjustable for a comfortable fit

The Thinkpet Harness

For energetic labs, the Thinkpet No-Pull Harness is a popular option because of its mesh construction that absorbs excess pulling pressure without inhibiting movement.

The back clip protects them during unexpected movements and enables a more care-free stroll.

And the front clip, designed to stop unwanted pulling for a tension-free walk, will ensure your pup won’t be too much of a pain no matter where you both go.

This vest also ensures that your pup looks their best while maintaining a healthy neck and spine.

Thinkpet Harness Key Features:

  • Thin breathable mesh
  • Dual clip feature
  • Many colors available

What To Look For In A Great Harness For Labs

The most important factors a harness needs to work well with labs are its size, fit, and durability.

There are many different types of harnesses to choose from, and they each have their own benefits. However, any one in particular that doesn’t provide a snug fit is likely unreliable for your pup based.

Its important to get the right size for your pup so they’re comfortable and can’t wriggle out of the harness. To find the most correct sizing option for your pup, measure their chest/ribcage as well as their neck. This will allow you to effectively use the sizing chart that’s provided on the harnesses product page.

Also, since you’ll be using this harness regularly, adjustability is very important. Having the ability to tighten or loosen straps as needed will ensure that it’s never too tight or too loose. Without proper adjustability the harness could be uncomfortably snug or far too loose where your not-so-little Houdini could escape.

Lastly, good quality material is another important factor in making sure you’re getting a great harness. You want your pup’s new harness to last years and not fall apart after just a couple of weeks. Your pup will quickly get used to their new harness and you don’t want to continually have to find another one that they need time getting adjusted to.

The Different Types Of Harnesses Available

Back Clip

A back clip harness has the leash attach at the back which provides a care-free, no tangle walking experience. Back clip harnesses also ensure your pup doesn’t chew on their leash because it’s not in their field of view. As the saying goes, out of sight out of mind!

Front Clip

A front clip harness has the leash attach at the front which helps discourage pulling. Front clip harnesses are known for being used to help train dogs not to pull. If you find your doggo is walking you more than you’re walking them, a front clip harness would be a great choice.

Dual Clip

A dual clip harness gives you the best of both worlds. Depending on the day based on how your dog is behaving you have the choice of clipping in their leash in the front or in the back.

Step-In Harness

For dogs that really don’t like having something put over their head, a step-in harness is a great choice. Simply lie it on the ground and get your pup to stand in the holes to gear them up for their next adventure.


What is the best harness for a labrador?

Based on the great features provided by the RUFFWEAR Harness we believe it’s the best harness for a labrador out there right now.

Are harnesses or collars better for labs?

As a general rule, a harness is better for a lab than a collar. The reason being is harnesses distribute pressure evenly over their chest. A collar focuses all pulling pressure on their neck which can cause injury to their trachea.

Harnesses are also more versatile than collars since you can use them based on various needs/wants.

For example, if your lab is notorious for pulling, a harness with a front clip will help train them not to excessively pull on their leash.

If your pup is a good walker in general then the back clip will work just fine for them for their leisurely strolls.

Going to an area where they typically get overly excited? Simply change to the front clip to limit their pulling (if your harness has a dual clip).

A good quality harness will help you cater to a wide range of walking situations while being a healthier alternative to your traditional collar.

Especially with bigger, stronger dogs. There’s nothing worse than being overpowered by your pup as they pull you toward whatever they’re excited about.

What size harness does a lab wear?

Unfortunately, there’s no ‘1 size’ of a harness that will best suit any and all labs.

Boy, that would make things so much easier…

BUT, it would mean only a select few dogs would have a true, custom-fit feel that kept them secure on their walks.

So to say, “generally a lab needs a medium sized harness” would be misleading.

Are they just a pup? Are they a teen? Have they been eating a little bit too much kibble and gained some weight?

Because there are so many things that could affect what size of harness your pup needs, the best way to get a sure-fire, perfect fit without repeat buying is to measure them.

This way you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to pick the right sized harness when adding it to your cart.

Let’s address what measurements you need to make.

First, you’ll need a bendable measuring tape that’s long enough to go around your dog’s body.

Next, you’ll want to make 2 measurements around their body (if you can get them to sit still long enough).

One around their lower neck and the second around their chest. These two measurements will allow you to use the sizing chart of the harness you’re interested in.

Simply match the measurements you just took with the range of measurements on the product page and voila!

You’ve found the perfect size harness for your pupster.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the top 10 best harnesses for a lab!

Never more will you have to worry about which harness to get your pup so they can feel comfortable on their walks. And more importantly, you feel safe & confident that it’ll keep them contained.

Picking the right harness for your doggo can be challenging given they’re so many darn options out there.

We hope our shortlist was able to help you narrow your choices from the seemingly infinite options available online.

Enjoy your new harness!

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