Top 10 Best Harnesses For Pitbulls in 2021

best harness for pitbulls

Pitbulls are known for being strong, loyal and affectionate dogs. They also happen to be one of the most popular dog breeds in America today! These traits make them great companions for many people but they do require a little extra care when it comes to their safety. That’s where harnesses come in handy! In this post we’ll help you find the best harness for pitbulls out of all the options available online.

Harnesses are designed specifically with these powerful pups in mind so that you can take your best friend on walks without having to worry about their strength pulling you off balance or injuring themselves during playtime. When it comes time to buy a new harness, we want you to have all the information necessary before making your final decision. This is why we put together this list of our top 10 best harnesses for pitbulls in 2021.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our best overall pick!

Our Top-Rated Picks

Editors PickBrand
Best OverallThe Julius-K9 Harness
Best Runner UpThe RUFFWEAR Harness
Best BudgetThe PAWABOO Dog Harness
Best Under $20The BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness
Best Leather Harness For PitbullsThe Bestia Aztec Leather Harness
Best Escape Proof Pitbull HarnessThe Kurgo Dog Harness
Best Tactical Harness For PitbullsThe OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Best Overall: The Julius-K9 Harness

When choosing a harness for your pitbull, the Julius-K9 Harness should not be overlooked. It has many great features and is our pick for best overall harness for pitbulls.

Made of premium quality materials and coming from Europe, this harness is perfect for any occasion. With its various features, such as comfortability and security, your pup will be sure to enjoy a well-designed walking-aid that emphasizes safety and well-being.

The interchangeable hook and loop patches allow you to choose their color depending on your pup’s mood or season (or is it just my dog that has sassy moods!).

With its reflective edges the harness is easy to see on a dog during day or at night, and it also has a chest strap to give added visibility in bad weather.

Reviews from testers share how it’s been the perfect harness for their big dogs. Many owners say it’s a sturdy and reliable dog vest.

Over 13,000 people have purchased and reviewed this harness and 86% of people gave it a glowing 5 star review. That’s not easy to do once you have multiple thousands of people reviewing a product.

Julius-K9 Harness Key Features:

  • Sturdy & made of high quality materials
  • Designed for increased visibility & safety
  • Built to last while being friendly to your dog’s skin

Best Runner Up: The RUFFWEAR Harness

The Ruffwear harness is a comfortable, stylish choice for pitbulls. The 29 leash points contour to the shape of their bodies and completely eliminate choking when pulling.

It features four points of adjustment and an aluminum V-ring, which provides a more relaxed walking experience. The harness also includes a reinforced webbing loop, as well as a metal ring to redirect your pup should you be pulled too hard while walking or running.

This harness is great for both walking long distances or relaxing in the yard. It has a padded construction that’s comfortable to wear, and it’s made from breathable fabric that won’t get too hot in summer months.

It also features a highly reflective trim which is beneficial in low-light conditions. Bonus!

Reviews from testers of this harness shared that while it was secure, it maintained a good level of comfort. Owners found their dog’s didn’t get irritated wearing the harness for longer periods of time. Some also mentioned it was easy to wash which is always a nice feature.

RUFFWEAR Harness Key Features:

  • 4 points of adjustment
  • 29 different leash attachment points
  • Reflective features

Best Budget: The PAWABOO Dog Harness

This budget-friendly harness is great for walks with your pitbull to provide a safer and more comfortable experience, especially when you have any cost-considerations desired. With a variety of styles available, this product can satisfy almost any situation needed.

With a mesh back, easily adjustable straps, and durable D-ring seams, this harness is perfect for pitbulls. It also includes reflective stitching to increase visibility in the dark.

For those of you looking for something a little more affordable, the PAWABOO harness is one of the more popular and inexpensive options out there.

PAWABOO Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Reflective visibility
  • Durable, comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Adjustable buckles

Best Under $20: The BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness

With this harnesses ultra-soft mesh fabric and a sturdy, lightweight design it’s the perfect low-cost option for larger breeds at any stage of life.

The adjustable straps ensure a custom fit. Plus, there’s two D-rings: one on the front where you can attach your leash to discourage pulling and one on the back which makes long walks with your pup more comfortable.

The locking buckles with added features help create an even distribution of force throughout their body. This makes it so your dog is never choked or hurting while in this snugly fitted harness as they’re out chasing after their favorite toy!

BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Front & back clip
  • Evenly distributed pressure to prevent choking
  • Easy grab handle for extra control if needed

Best Leather Harness For Pitbulls: The Bestia Aztec Leather Harness

Your pitbull outgrow their old harness? Or maybe they need that perfect gift and now all your options seem too lackluster. No matter what the occasion, this exquisite harness from Bestia will be a big hit!

Because it’s handmade in Europe only with genuine leather and foam padding, it’s comfortable for any stage of life your pup is in. The hand-matching and coloring of light to dark shades of brown ensure every detail turns out exactly as desired so you know your pooch can strut around town feeling good about themselves (if they could talk).

This dog vest has durability standards like no other because not only does it have 100% genuine leather, it’s chest plate is foam padded for increased comfort.

Bestia Aztec Leather Harness Key Features:

  • Customizable fit to cater to dogs at any stage of life
  • Made with 100% genuine leather
  • Handmade in Europe

Best Escape Proof Pitbull Harness: The Kurgo Dog Harness

This outdoor harness is the perfect solution for your pup! Made with 4 adjustment points and a padded chest plate, this will provide a secure fit no matter what size or shape your doggo is – big or small.

One of the best things about this product is that it has a v-neck design to keep dogs comfortable when it’s being worn. It also comes with 10″ lead and snaps into any seat belt, which means drivers never have to worry again about their canine companion’s safety on the open road.

The steel nesting buckle system and the back handle knob make this one of the best harnesses you can find that limit escape-ability while maintaining comfort.

Kurgo wants both you and your pup to enjoy every step of your adventures together, so they designed this no-pull harness with durability, comfort, and practicality in mind.

Kurgo Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Great for walking, running, camping, hiking
  • 4 adjustment points and padded chest
  • Includes 10-inch lead for seat belt attachment

Best Tactical Harness For Pitbulls: The OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

Stay prepared with the OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness. This comfortable harness is made from Durable 1000D nylon, and has padding for a feel like you’re barefoot on a soft carpet.

It has an adjustable Y-neck strap to provide extra security as well as bolt snaps allowing easy on and off without risk of getting your fingers caught in straps.

It also has four quick release buckles, which maintain full control of your beloved doggo when you need it most.

Plus there’s one leash attachment point at the front between the two arms that follow the shape of your pooch’s rib cage, and one one leash attachment on the back. Whether you want more control or are going on a laidback stroll, this harness will give you the best of both worlds.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Made to have maximum security/safety as well as comfort
  • 4 buckles for easy-on-and-off
  • 1 year warranty

Other Top-Rated Picks

The Rabbitgoo Harness

The Rabbitgoo Harness is a fully adjustable durable no-pull leash designed for all shapes and sizes of dogs. The heavy duty nylon construction of this harness makes it useful in any environment, whether you are walking a dog around town or hiking up a mountain. It’s easy cinched design also provides greater control over your dog than other leading brands.

One of the most important features is making sure to customise the straps before you fit it on your dog. It’s a simple tweak that takes a few seconds and ensures there is no pulling or tugging around their neck which would inhibit them from even being able to take a step without feeling restrained.

With thin and adjustable straps, this harness will be the perfect fit for any new adventure. The durable fasteners make sure that your four-legged friend is never uncomfortable, so it’ll definitely hit the spot.

Rabbitgoo Harness Key Features:

  • Dual ring setup
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy on-and-off design

The Mighty Paw Sport Harness

This well-made harness has the perfect balance of gentle yet sturdy construction, making it ideal for both walks and training sessions. The solid construction helps discourage pulling without harming or causing discomfort.

The webbing is reinforced to prevent excessive pulling, but can also handle weight distribution so it doesn’t hurt your pup.

When taking long car rides, this harness easily loops into a seatbelt for less driver distraction.

When the days start getting shorter and darker, it’s made of high-visibility material so that your four-legged friend can be seen while you’re both out in your neighborhood.

It’s important to choose a dog harness that is durable, easy to put on, gentle on your pup’s neck and back. And of course, it must be stylish! Fortunately the mighty paw sport harness has all of these features covered.

Mighty Paw Sport Harness Key Features:

  • Reflective stitching
  • Adjustable strap
  • Comfortable and breathable

The Chai’s Choice Harness

The Chai’s Choice Harness is a stylish, yet safe harness with safety features for traveling.

This durable dog vest has a range of fitting arrangements, allowing you to have greater flexibility for your pup.

In addition to its ease of use, the mesh lining prevents your dog’s skin from becoming irritated and retains airflow so it never becomes too hot or too cold.

This harness features reflective material for added safety at night when you are out with your pup. The materials keep them protected in dim or dark conditions, which is effective during all hours of the day.

Chai’s Choice Harness Key Features:

  • Dual ring setup
  • Ergonomic design for easy on-and-off
  • Sturdy handle for extra control and seatbelt use

Introducing Your Pitbull To Using A Harness

Before even putting the harness on you want to make sure you’re in the right environment to make their first experiences with it a good one.

It’s best to start inside your home where it’s familiar and void of distractions. The easier it is for your dog to focus on you the better your initial training will go.

First things first, attach their leash to their new harness and let it drag beside them as they walk around. This will help desensitize them to the new experience. Once they have become somewhat familiar to their new harness the next steps are as follows:

*Have a good amount of treats on you so you can reward the good behavior you want to see them continue to do*
  1. After they’ve dragged the leash around for a little, it’s time to start getting them used to taking it on and off. Practice putting on and taking off the harness while rewarding them with some treats as you go. Some dogs will be uncomfortable during this process, it’s not uncommon. Gradually they’ll adapt to it. If that’s the case just begin with shorter sessions and keep them entertained as well as rewarded for good behavior.
  2. Take the leash in one of your hands, and with the other hand, offer treats to lure them. Make sure to praise and reward often as well. This is a stepping stone to help train them to walk alongside you instead of pulling ahead.
  3. Once you feel your pup is getting the hang of walking alongside you while in your house, take them to a low distraction location outside. Make sure to reward their good behavior with praise and treats. *important* Don’t give attention when/if they pull. If they do pull, stop walking immediately. Turn around and walk in the opposite direction. Do this every time they pull.
  4. When they stop pulling and walk with you, praise and reward. Then turn around to go the other way. Repeat this pattern of turning, walking forward a few paces, then changing direction until they’re consistently following you without tugging at the leash.

This may sound excessive, but by showing that they won’t get what they want when pulling they will learn to no longer do it.

Why Harness Over A Collar?

For a long time many people have chosen to use a collar over a harness. We’re starting to see this trend change.

It’s even more prevalent with larger dogs. This is for two reasons. One, you have less control over your dog with a leash and collar vs. a leash and harness. Two, if your dog is a puller, a collar can cause long term negative effects on their throat/airways.

Harnesses spread pulling pressure away from a dog’s throat. This means there is no harm to their airways or vocal cords when the tension on the harness increases.

There is also a variety of harnesses that clip in the front or which go over the back. These harnesses are great for dogs who love to pull and dis-encourage them from doing so, thus teaching them to walk politely on leash.

As long as the harness you’re using on your pitbull isn’t causing them any skin irritations and they aren’t able to escape from it, there really isn’t a reason to use a collar instead of a harness.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! What we believe to be the best harnesses for pitbulls, were you able to find a harness you feel is right for your pup?

Some of the more important things when it comes to picking a high quality harness are safety, comfort and affordability. We feel our list is comprised of considerably secure yet comfortable harnesses at a wind range of prices.

We hope you were able to find a harness that fits you and your pitbulls situation and the two of you are able to enjoy it for years to come.

Happy walking!

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