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8 Reasons Shih Poos Make Great Apartment Dogs + Tips

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Thinking about getting a new Shih poo for your apartment? Or moving to a new apartment with your Shih poo? The breed of dog you have when living in an apartment is super important. Would a Shih poo be a good apartment dog?

Are Shihpoos Good Apartment Dogs?

Shih Poos would be a great choice for a companion when living in an apartment for many reasons. To name a few, they’re an intelligent breed, they’re small, they don’t shed, they aren’t very vocal, and they don’t require a lot of exercise.

Apartment living comes with it’s own set of challenges as well as benefits. You want to make sure you have the right doggo keeping you company so they make your living situation better, not worse.

Let’s dive into all the reasons why a Shih poo makes a great apartment dog.

8 Reasons Shih Poos Make Great Apartment Dogs

1) They’re Fun Sized

Shih poos never grow to too big a size. Their average weight is roughly between 8-18 pounds which means they won’t take up much room in your apartment.

Since space is usually a challenge in apartments, having a Shih poo as a companion ensures you’re thoroughly loved without requiring too much space.

2) Don’t Need Much Exercise

Taking a dog for a walk when you live in an apartment is a bigger hassle than when you live in a house (unless you’re on the ground floor).

Because of this, you want to make sure the dog you have doesn’t require much exercise in order to stay healthy.

Thankfully, Shih poos fit the bill perfectly in this situation. 20-30 minutes of daily exercise is perfectly sufficient for a Shih poo.

While they will need to go number 1 & 2 everyday just like any other dog, their walks don’t need to be super long in order for them to stay healthy.

3) Aren’t Super Vocal

A big concern for anyone living in an apartment is if a neighbor has a howling/crying/barking dog.

Everyone is in pretty close proximity in an apartment and the walls tend to not be on the thinner side.

Shih poos aren’t a very yappy breed which makes them a great companion for apartment living. Obviously all dogs bark. You can’t avoid that completely.

But for the most part, Shih poos don’t bark nearly as much as other breeds. Which keeps your mind at ease when you’re away and your neighbors will surely love the infrequent barking.

4) Not Big Shedders

Because Shih poos are a mix between Shih Tzus and Toy Poodles, they have the benefit of not being major shedders.

This is another reason for Shih poos being a great apartment dog.

When you don’t have as much space, small messes feel and look bigger.

If your dog sheds a lot, you would really notice it. And probably shortly after the last time you cleaned it all up.

Shih poos definitely still shed (everything with hair sheds a little) but it’s moderate and manageable.

5) Intelligent Breed

Shih poos are known for being more on the intelligent side as a dog breed.

This means you’ll be able to train and get them adapted to apartment living with more ease than other breeds.

Whether it’s training them to bark less, what times they need to go potty because of your schedule, or using an emergency patch of fake grass on your balcony if they can’t hold it, a shih poo will learn quickly with proper guidance.

6) If They Have An Accident It Won’t Be a Big Mess

It’s no surprise that Shih poos have small bladders as well as stomachs given their size.

But small doesn’t mean weak in this case. 

Shih poos are well equipped to hold their bowels during the day between their morning walk and evening walk.

BUT, if they have an off day where they are feeling well, drank or ate too much, or didn’t go in the morning, their accident in your apartment won’t be a major clean up.

Compared to a great dane, a little Shih poo poop on your floor won’t be as smelly or damaging to what is underneath.

Accidents happen, but Shih poo accidents aren’t as big of a mess.

7) Won’t Be Upset With Quick Visits Outside During Winter

As mentioned earlier, going for walks when you live in an apartment is a little more of a hassle than when you live in a house.

During the winter, your Shih poo won’t be against staying in your warm apartment as much as possible. Since they’re smaller, they don’t have much body fat to keep them warm in cold climates.

This means walks will be for their basic needs, number 1 & 2, and right back inside!

So long as they’re getting exercise through play while inside to burn off their excess energy, they’ll be happy. 

8) Less Dog Food Trips

One bag of food will likely last your cute little Shih poo a pretty long time.

This means you won’t have to lug a big bag of dog food up the stairs nearly as often each year when compared to a bigger dog with a bigger diet.

Making multiple trips to your car or carrying heavy things when you live in an apartment isn’t super fun.

5 Tips To Help Your Shih Poo Be An Even Better Apartment Dog

1) Routine, Routine, Routine!

Sticking to a set time for morning walks, evening walks and feeding time is a great way to keep your Shih poo’s bathroom needs on a predictable schedule.

If these 3 things stay consistent each day your pup will have less accidents and have fewer times where they’re uncomfortable because they have to ‘hold it’.

A strong daily routine will be beneficial for both you and your pup.

2) Have An Emergency Bathroom Spot

Having a fake patch of grass on your balcony is a great idea whenever your dog needs to have an emergency bathroom break between walks.

Training them to paw at the door whenever they need to use it will help keep accidents from happening while allowing your pup to relieve themselves.

3) Mind Stimulating Dog Toys

The more your Shih poo is able to entertain themselves while you’re away the less likelihood you’ll come home to a mess.

Whether it’s purposefully having an accident because they’re mad you left them or destroying a pillow or shoe, if their mind is occupied they’ll be less likely to do these things.

Toys that are mentally stimulating are a great idea for Shih poo apartment living.

They give your pup a challenge when you’re away and are able to hold their attention for some time. 

And the more they’re paying attention to their toy, the less they are thinking about ripping apart a pillow out of boredom.

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4) Find Them Other Pups To Play With

All dogs are social animals, and if a dog doesn’t get very much social interaction with other dogs they won’t be as happy as they can be.

If your apartment building allows pets, there’s a good chance other people will have dogs as well.

Finding these other dogs and allowing your Shih poo to play and interact will be good for the mental and emotional well-being.

5) Crate Train

Who knows what kinds of noises take place when you’re gone. Getting your Shih poo a crate that they can feel is their safe space will keep them comforted while you’re away.

Having a crate at home with an open door allows them easy access to sleep, rest, and feel safe whenever things get crazy outside your apartment.

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Final Thoughts

Shih poos can make for a great companion when living in an apartment. They’re a small size that won’t take up too much space, they’re intelligent, they’re quiet (for the most part), and they aren’t major shedders.

Oh and how could I almost forget, they’re cute as a button!

Taking the 5 tips listed above into consideration will help ensure your Shih poo loves living with you in your apartment.

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