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Dr. David Littlejohn
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Alec Littlejohn

Pawscessories Co-founder

Enhancing The Lives Of Dogs Around The World

Welcome to Pawscessories, I’m Alec Littlejohn! My team and I love dogs. They’re a major priority in our lives and all of us are dog owners! In fact, my entire immediately family (mom, dad, and brother) are all veterinarians that run an animal hospital in Canada.

From living and working with dogs throughout my life there’s countless things I have learned. One of the biggest issues I’ve found is locating accurate dog care information and trying to choose between the plethora of choices when it comes to dog products.

At Pawscessories we work to help dog owners like you find the best products and information for your unique dog. All our information is backed by scientific research and experts to make sure you can be confident when caring for your pup.