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Dachshund Digging: Why It Happens & 7 Ways To Stop It

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Digging is one of the more frustrating behaviors that a dachshund can start doing. It ruins your yard, makes them all dirty and makes you unable to take your eye off them when they’re alone outside.

Is it normal for dachshunds to dig so much or is something wrong?

And more importantly, how do you get your dachshund to stop digging? The best way to stop your dachshund from digging is to give them more physical and mental stimulation. If your pup is digging it’s likely because they have too much pent up energy and aren’t getting tired out enough on a daily basis. You can also try the surprise poop method.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • The 8 most likely reasons why your dachshund is digging
  • 7 ways to get your dachshund to stop digging (#2 isn’t well known but works like a charm!)
  • Whether digging is something your dachshund will grow out of
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

Understanding Why Dachshunds Dig In The First Place

Unfortunately digging is quite common with dachshunds.

A lot of their desire to dig comes from their background of tunneling and hunting rodents.

This isn’t the only reason why dachshunds will dig, but it definitely makes them more inclined to do it naturally.

Below are several other reasons why your dachshund is digging:

  • They’re simply bored and are looking for something to do
  • It’s an activity they’ve learned they enjoy doing
  • Relieving anxious feelings
  • They learned that digging gets you to give them attention
  • A way to cool off on warm summer days
  • Too much pent up energy that they need to get rid of somehow
  • To hide a special toy or treat so they don’t lose it/get it taken away
  • Following a scent or sound

There’s always a reason behind their digging.

Especially when it’s started more recently when they never did it in the past.

If you know the trigger behind what’s causing them to dig, you’re better able to find a solution to stop it from continuing to happen.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to stop a dachshund from digging.

why do dachshunds dig

7 Ways To Get Dachshunds To Stop Digging

1) More Exercise

More exercise is one of the more obvious solutions because if they get more exercise they’ll be more interested in resting rather than digging.

You’ll want to make sure they’re getting at least 30 minutes of fast paced exercise each day.

Some dachshunds may simply need more to tire them out and stop their bad behaviors.

You could do this by taking them for faster paced walks or longer walks in general.

Taking them to the park to play some fetch (if your backyard doesn’t have enough space).

Going for hikes a couple times a week.

Or simply making a plan to play with them each day where they have a chance to get their heart rate up.

The more healthy exercise they get the less likely they’ll be to continue digging.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • Boredom
  • When they’ve learned they enjoy digging
  • Too much pent up energy
  • To get attention
  • Hiding valuables
  • As an outlet for anxious energy

2) Little Known Poop Trick

Dachshunds poop

Very few people know about this trick, and it may sound odd, but it works.

If you haven’t yet filled in the holes your dachshund has dug, or next time you catch them digging, put some of their poop in the hole before covering it up/filling it in.

This way, next time they go to dig in that spot they’ll come across their own poop, be disgusted by it, and either stop or move to another place to dig.

If they find another place, simply repeat the process of putting poop in their hole and covering it up.

Eventually they’ll stop digging altogether.

The reason why this works is because dogs naturally like to keep places the spend time in clean.

And if they find their own poop in their digging spot it’ll get them to stop because it’s unhygienic.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • All of them!

3) More Mental Stimulation

If your dachshund is bored they may start to dig as a way of finding something to do.

This can be easily remedied by giving them more things to do throughout the day that help keep their minds challenged and occupied.

You could try things like:

  • Hiding treats around the house for them to find using their nose
  • Feeding them their meals in a food puzzle toy
  • Teaching them new tricks
  • Practicing obedience commands with them regularly
  • Doing nose work exercises with them
  • Going on different types of walks (scent walks, urban hikes, etc.)

The more they have to use their minds the less likely they’ll be to dig because they will be mentally exhausted and not need other ways to stimulate them.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • Boredom
  • When they’ve learned they enjoy digging
  • Too much pent up energy
  • To get attention
  • Hiding valuables
  • Following a scent or sound

4) Find What’s Triggering The Behavior

Dachshund digging

This solution is best used with one or more of the others on this list.

But it’s important to find out what’s triggering the behavior so you can work on removing that trigger from their environment.

When you successfully find what seems to be causing them to dig you’ll be better equipped at helping them overcome whatever their trigger is.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • Anxious digging
  • Boredom
  • Hiding valuables
  • Following a scent or sound
  • To cool themselves off
  • Pent up energy

5) Keep a Watchful Eye

If you can’t seem to find what’s triggering their digging behavior or if you’re struggling to get them to stop, the next best thing you can do is keep a watchful eye on them when outside.

This way you can catch them in the act and quickly redirect their attention elsewhere before they have a chance to finish digging.

You could also try using a long lead or tether so they can’t wander too far from you and start to dig without you knowing.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • All of them!

6) More Quality Time

Spending more quality time with your dachshund can go a long way in helping them to stop digging.

Sometimes their digging is a response to feeling neglected if you’ve been super busy lately.

Which is why dedicating at least 30 minutes each day to playing with them, going for walks, or doing something else they enjoy can be helpful.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • Boredom
  • To get attention

7) Consult With a Behaviorist

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions and nothing seems to be working, your next best bet is to consult with a behaviorist.

They’ll be able to help you pinpoint the exact reason why your dachshund is digging and give you tailored advice on how to get them to stop.

Which Reasons For Digging This Helps With:

  • All of them!

Bonus: Give Them a Designated Digging Spot

Dachshund digging spot

If you have the space and resources, you could try giving your dachshund their own designated digging spot.

This way they get to satisfy their instinctual desire to dig without wrecking your backyard.

While this doesn’t fix the underlying problem behind why your dachshund is digging, it can be a solution that lets them get it out of their system in a more desirable way.


Why Do Dachshunds Dig In Bed?

There could be a few reasons why your dachshund is digging in bed.

It could be a behavior they’ve learned if you’ve given them attention when they’ve done it in the past.

It’s also possible they’re trying to get comfortable or cool off if their bed is too warm.

Boredom is another reason why dachshunds dig in bed as well as simply to make the spot they’re about to lie down in more comfortable.

There’s also a possibility they’re doing it because they’re anxious.

If their digging isn’t wrecking your bedding or sheets there’s likely nothing to worry about.

But if they’re being destructive you’ll want to look at helping them overcome whatever’s causing them to behave this way.

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Is Digging Something Dachshunds Will Grow Out Of?

Most dachshunds will grow out of their digging behavior as they mature.

Puppies and young dachshunds are more likely to dig since it’s often a response to boredom, teething, or too much pent up energy.

Older dachshunds that start to dig later in life are more likely to do it for other reasons such as being anxious, following a scent, or trying to cool off.

If their digging is causing problems though you’ll want to work on helping them overcome it regardless of their age.

It’s also best to try and discourage digging as much as possible when your dachshund is a puppy to avoid them continuing to do it as they get older.

If they think digging is ‘good’ behavior there’d be no reason in their mind why they should stop.

Will Neutering/Spaying Stop My Dachshund From Digging?

In some cases, yes.

While neutering or spaying your dachshund can reduce how hyperactive they are, if they’re established a digging habit it likely won’t stop them.

This is especially true if their digging is due to boredom, following a scent, or being anxious since those behaviors are unlikely to be related to their hormones.

That said, if your dachshund hasn’t started digging yet but you’re concerned about them doing it once they reach sexual maturity neutering or spaying could help prevent it.

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