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Can Dachshunds Live In Apartments? (8 Ways They Can + Tips)

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Thinking about getting a new dachshund for your apartment? Or moving to a new apartment with your dachshund? Some breeds are much better choices when it comes to apartment living. 


Can Dachshunds Live In Apartments?

Yes, dachshunds can live in apartments. They’re one of the better breed choices when it comes to apartment living. A few reasons why dachshunds make great apartment dogs are they’re small, they don’t shed excessively, they don’t require a lot of exercise, and they’re smart.

In this post we’re going to dive deep on all the ways a dachshund can make a great apartment dog. We’re also going to cover 4 of the best tips to make a dachshund an even better companion while living in an apartment.

Let’s dive into all the reasons why a dachshund can make a great apartment dog.

8 Ways Dachshunds Make Great Apartment Dogs

1) Don’t Take Up Much Space

Since apartment living is (for the most part) rather limited when it comes to space, a dachshund won’t take up more than their fair share of room.

Unless we’re talking about sleeping in bed, little buggers sure know how to sprawl!

Dachshunds only grow to about 8-9 inches in height and weigh anywhere between 16-32 pounds.

This means you likely won’t find yourself needing to move them in order to create more space for yourself.

Having a dachshund as an apartment companion ensures you’re thoroughly loved without taking up too much space.

2) Don’t Need Much Exercise To Remain Healthy

Dachshunds can have spurts of high energy when they’re young pups but for the most part they’re quite moderate on an energy level scale.

They definitely still need walks. But, they are perfectly fine with 2 walks a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night) with some playtime mixed in as well.

On average, to keep your dachshund healthy you’ll want to make sure they get between 30-60 minutes of exercise each day.

This is great for apartment living because super high energy dogs, like border collies for example, would be constantly moving in your limited space. 

Not only could this become irritating for you because they won’t sit still, but a higher energy dog would likely become destructive due to their excess energy.

You’re not likely to experience this when living in an apartment with a dachshund.

So long as they get their 30-60 minutes of exercise.

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3) No Stairs Is Great For Dachshunds

Because of the length of a dachshund’s body and their smaller legs, they’re quite prone to slipped discs.

This means stairs and jumping up and down from the bed or couches have a higher chance of causing long term harm to a dachshund.

Since most apartments have elevators and a person’s living area is typically one floor, your furry friend will be able to avoid stairs almost completely.

This means less strain will be put on their back and will likely keep their joints healthy for longer.

A healthy dachshund means less vet visits and a happy owner!

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4) Not Major Shedders

When you live in an apartment small messes look and feel much worse.

Thankfully, a dachshund doesn’t shed too much where it would become painfully noticeable that your apartment is covered in fur.

All dog’s shed to some degree, but the small body size of dachshunds helps keep shedding on the lower end.

They’ll still need a good brushing to keep their shedding under control, but your apartment won’t turn into a fur ball if you don’t clean up their fur everyday.

5) Smart Breed

Can Dachshunds Live In Apartments

Dachshunds are quite an intelligent breed.

With proper guidance they can learn more advanced habits/training faster than other breeds.

For example, while apartments don’t have a backyard, many have balconies.

And placing a mat of fake grass on your balcony can be a great tool if your pup needs to go to the bathroom right away and you don’t have the time to take them for a full walk.

As long as you’re willing to learn the proper techniques to train your dachshund they’ll be able to learn any specialty tricks you can think of.

6) If They Have An Accident It’s Not a Big Mess

A major benefit of dachshunds being small (outside of making them extremely cute) is that their number 1 & 2s aren’t very big!

Even the most well trained pups have accidents. Whether they missed their morning bathroom break, ate something that didn’t agree with them, or are just feeling off, accidents happen.

And if it does happen, it won’t be catastrophic to your apartment.

Compared to a great dane, a little dachshund poop on your floor won’t be as smelly or damaging to what’s underneath.

A quick wipe down and a little stain remover and it’s like it never happened.

7) They’re a More Independent Breed

Many people feel the need to get their doggo a brother or sister to keep them company while they’re away from home.

When living in an apartment, that’s not a popular choice due to the limited space.

Thankfully, no need to worry when your companion is a dachshund.

Dachshunds are more independent by their nature and were bred to be hunting dogs.

This means they like it being just them and their master. While they can live with other animals just fine when introduced at an early age, they won’t be upset being the only one to get your attention when you get home.

8) Less Frequent Dog Food Adventures

Bringing in anything from your car is a much bigger task when you live in an apartment, especially when it’s heavy items.

Since dachshunds aren’t super big and don’t require a large amount of food every day, you won’t need to lug a big bag of dog food from your car to your apartment very often.

This may not be a huge problem if you’re on the 1st or 2nd floor. But if you live on the 5 floor or higher and the elevators are down?

That’s no easy task.

4 Tips To Help a Dachshund Be An Even Better Apartment Dog

Can Dachshunds Live In Apartments

1) Crate Train

If done properly, a crate can become a safe haven for your dog.

Not only will crate training make house training your dachshund much easier, it will also become a place they feel safe when you’re not home.

Most apartment buildings are right in the thick of urban life and that means all kinds of sounds and noises could happen when you’re at work.

Some of these might frighten your pup and if they feel safe in their crate they can seek refuge in there.

You wouldn’t want to put them in the crate and close the door, but by leaving its door open your dachshund could come and go as they please.

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2) Routine, Routine, Routine

Having a set schedule for when you take morning walks, evening walks and when your dachshund eats will ensure the least amount of accidents happen.

If your pup eats at the same time everyday they’ll need to relieve themselves at the same time everyday.

This means, outside of them feeling ill, your apartment will more often than not be clean and stink free when you come home.

3) Have An Emergency Bathroom Spot

Sometimes you may not have enough time to take your pup for a walk but they can’t hold it.

Getting them an emergency bathroom spot on your balcony and training them on how to let you know they need to use it will be very beneficial.

It’s also great for winter when even your dachshund wants to stay inside. They can quickly go out, relieve themselves and be back inside.

4) Mind Stimulating Dog Toys

mind stimulating dog toys

The last thing you want is a bored dog in an apartment.

Dog’s that are feeling energetic and bored are more likely to cause mischief when alone.

Getting them some mind stimulating toys that they can play with while you’re away will ensure their mind is on solving a puzzle and not destroying a pillow or shoe.

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Final Thoughts

Dachshunds have many qualities that make them a great companion for apartment living. They’re smart, small, not major shedders, and aren’t unhappy being the only dog in your life.

Not to mention they’re cute as can be.

Use the tips we’ve outlined above to help make your dachshund the best roommate you could ask for in your apartment.

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