Do Schnauzers Like To Cuddle? 16 Things You Should Know

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You might love cuddling with your schnauzer, but do they like cuddling with you? Sometimes they love to cuddle and other times they want nothing to do with a cuddle session. What gives?

Do Schnauzers Like To Cuddle:

How much your schnauzer likes to cuddle has a lot to do with their experiences with cuddling in their first 2-12 months. If as a puppy you cuddled with your schnauzer a lot, they’ll likely continue to enjoy cuddling throughout the rest of their lives.

In this post you’ll discover 5 major reasons why schnauzers like to cuddle, 7 reasons why they might not be too fond of cuddling as well as 4 reasons cuddling is great for both you and your pup.

Let’s jump right in.

Top 5 Reasons Why Schnauzers Like To Cuddle

1) A Form Of Affection

Kisses, giving you their favorite toy, as well as cuddling can all be ways your schnauzer shows their affection for you.

They love you so much that sometimes they want to be as close as possible to you, and what better way to do that than a good ol’ cuddle session.

Also, based on their experience with cuddling, you’ve seemed to enjoy it as well.

So while they enjoy snuggling themselves, they’re sure you like it too.

And this act of kindness is definitely a way for them to show their affection.

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2) Being Close To You Makes Them Feel Good

Physical contact between a dog and their owner has been proven to make not only their owner feel better, but the dog as well.

When your schnauzer cuddles with you, their body releases oxytocin and serotonin.

Which are chemicals that make an individual feel good.

The more time they get to spend by your side cuddling, the better they feel overall.

3) They Like Your Scent

Your scent can make your schnauzer feel calm and secure.

When you brought them home when they were a puppy, you may have been given a blanket from their litter. This was done because the familiar scent of their mother and siblings can help them feel more comfortable.

And now that you’ve become their favorite person, your scent makes them feel comfortable.

So when they get to cuddle with you, they get to enjoy your scent and it makes them feel calm and secure.

Not to mention your warmth, a good back rub and maybe even some kisses.

4) Habit

Since your schnauzer was just a pup you’ve probably showered them in cuddles.

They’ve grown up with this type of affection and have come to love it.

It means they get to be close to you and get some pats and kisses.

They may even enjoy it so much they think they’re a lap dog.

Always wanting to be as close as possible to you and touching you in some way.

It’s simply a habit for them now. Since they were a puppy they’ve cuddled with you and now it’s something they look forward to and thoroughly enjoy.

5) They’re Alone All Day

Your poor schnauzer misses you during the day!

They’re stuck at home eagerly waiting for you to return.

And when you finally come home, they want to be as close to you as possible.

They’re tired of being alone and want to cuddle up next to you and enjoy your company now that you’re home.

Dog’s don’t have the best sense of how much time has passed.

So when you’re gone, they really miss you and don’t know for sure if you’re coming back.

So when they see you after a long day of being alone, they want to have a nice snuggle session.

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7 Reasons Why Schnauzers Wouldn’t Want To Cuddle

1) They Aren’t 100%

When you’ve been sick in the past, chances are you’ve wanted your space.

When you’re feeling queasy or are in pain, most people would like some space to get better.

And this could be the reason why your schnauzer isn’t very interested in cuddling.

If they recently hurt themselves or are feeling off lately it can make them act in ways that aren’t ‘normal’ for them.

It’s best to give them their space. Also, if you notice other unusual behavior it might be a good idea to take them to the vet.

They might have something going on internally that needs to be looked at.

2) Emotional Traumas

If you welcomed your schnauzer into your home after their puppy years, they may have had negative experiences with people in the past.

And if your poor pup was unfortunately abused by a previous owner, it can take them quite some time before they’re comfortable being close.

It takes a lot of trust for a dog to cuddle after they’ve gone through traumatic experiences.

It’s important to know that it’s absolutely nothing against you.

It’s entirely to do with what your pup has gone through in the past.

Over time, with enough tender, love and care your schnauzer should come around and enjoy the occasional cuddle.

3) Unfamiliar With Cuddling

When your schnauzer was a pup, they may not have been cuddled.

And simply because they aren’t familiar with cuddling, they may enjoy their personal space more than a close cuddle.

Whether you didn’t want to cuddle when they were a pup, or their previous owners didn’t like cuddling, it’s made your pup prefer not to cuddle.

If your pup didn’t cuddle from a young age, this new form of affection might feel restrictive and uncomfortable for them now that they’re older.

4) They Were In The Middle Of Something

Picture this.

Your pup was in the middle of the most fun play session they’ve had all day.

Then out of the blue, you decide you want them to sit with you and cuddle.

Probably the last thing they want to do in that moment is sit still!

They may squirm and wiggle their way out of your arms because they’d rather play right now.

They’re too focused on their toys or running around and have far too much energy to cuddle.

They’d rather you get up off the couch and throw their toy or chase them.

Or, they have their nose locked-in on a scent and you’re interrupting their search party.

Anytime your schnauzer is in the middle of something else and you interrupt in an attempt to cuddle, they may do everything they can to escape.

5) All Dogs Are Different

Just like people, all dogs are different.

Some dogs enjoy their independence and personal space more than others.

Other dogs are like velcro and would be attached to you at the hip all day if you let them.

It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them simply not enjoying that kind of closeness.

6) You’re Not Their Alpha

Schnauzers were bred to be hunting dogs.

This means they naturally will be more attached to one person than the rest of their pack.

However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to love other people in your family.

It simply means they will likely prefer this closeness with their ‘alpha’.

The person who from an early age trained them and taught them commands, fed them, took them for their walks and spent quality time with them will likely get their cuddles.

If that person wasn’t you, it may be the reason they don’t wish to cuddle with you.

You can always start doing these things to score yourself some brownie points.

But, you may never be their number one (sorry).

7) They’re Older Now

As your schnauzer ages, they will inevitably get new aches and pains.

They’ll also get uncomfortable easier and can sometimes not enjoy the same things they once did because of it.

One thing that many dog’s get become less tolerant about as they age is their temperature. 

They will warm up quicker and be uncomfortable longer as they attempt to cool off.

Because of this, they may decide that cuddling isn’t something they really enjoy anymore. It warms them up and makes them feel rather uncomfortable.

Also, certain positions your pup used to find comfortable might cause them pain now. Certain things like arthritis, joint pain or hip & elbow dysplasia become a bigger problem as your doggo ages.

So if you find your schnauzer is less interested in cuddling lately, it could be that it was once comfortable but simply isn’t anymore.

No hard feelings!

4 Reasons Why Cuddling Is Great For Both You & Your Schnauzer

1) Helps You Both Unwind

After a long day at work for you.

And a long day of waiting for you to come home for your schnauzer.

Cuddling at the end of the day can help you both unwind and relax after your stressful days.

With everything in life being so go, go, go, a good cuddle session with your pup can help you slow things down and recalibrate.

Literally and figuratively.

It’s been scientifically proven that petting and cuddling with your dog slows your heart rate down, lowers your blood pressure and even improves your heart rate variability (your ability to handle stress).

A prescription for a doggo cuddle sounds like a great way to unwind and prepare you for the next day.

2) Helps Battle Depression

A study in 2012 found that physical contact between a dog and their owner increased levels of serotonin & oxytocin while decreasing levels of cortisol.

Lower cortisol levels means less stress and more serotonin & oxytocin helps to make an individual feel happier.

So if you’re feeling blue, or your schnauzer is feeling blue, cuddling can help you both feel better and push away your sad feelings.

A few pets here, and a few kisses there and the only thing you’ll be able to think about is how much you love your pup.

Studies have also found that dogs, to a large extent, mirror the stress levels of their owner.

Which means if you’re going through negative feelings/emotions, your pup likely will as well.

So some extra physical contact by cuddling can help you both feel better and forget about the world.

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3) Helps Solidify Your Bond

Quality 1-on-1 time is important for any bond to grow stronger.

If you’re frequently working or out at social events your schnauzer may start to feel neglected and upset.

And while every dog enjoys a treat every now and then, what they really love is quality time with their owner.

Making some time to cuddle on the couch after work or dinner will only strengthen your bond.

4) Simply Put.. It Feels Good

There’s a certain feeling you get when you’re close and snuggle with your beloved pup.

It’s difficult to put into words, but it just feels good.

They’re your baby. And the best part is they want to remain your baby for as long as they’re around.

And being able to cuddle with them is a great way to spend some time on any given night.

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