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How Strong Is The Doberman Bite Force PSI & Biting Statistics

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When it comes to Doberman bite force, there is a lot of speculation as to how powerful their jaws really are. However, many dog owners believe that Dobermans have one of the strongest bites of any dog breed.

But what do the numbers say? What is a Doberman bite force psi?

The Doberman Pinscher has the 15th most powerful jaw among dogs. They can deliver a powerful bite of 245 to 305 pounds per square inch (PSI). While most evidence points to this range, some believe the Doberman bite force PSI is closer to 600. This would rank them with the 4th strongest bite force, just under the Cane Corso, Bandog, and Kangal.

To fully understand the Dobermans bite force, this article will explore the Doberman’s bite force PSI, its meaning, and how it is measured.

We will also examine Doberman’s biting statistics, aggression, and compare their bite force with 17 other dog breeds.

Let’s dive in.

Doberman bite force PSI

What Does PSI Mean?

The PSI (pounds per square inch) is a unit of measurement that indicates how much pressure can be applied to an area.

In a nutshell, it decides how much force can be applied to an object. This is the standard measurement used to determine a dog’s bite force.

How Is A Dobermans Bite Force Measured?

As mentioned, a dog’s bite force is usually measured in PSI. But how do we put this into action and measure a Doberman’s bite?

There are a few ways, but the most common is the bite sleeve test.

This is where a padded sleeve is placed over the Doberman’s muzzle, and they’re encouraged to bite down with as much force as possible. 

In this case, the force per square inch (PSI) is measured on the sleeve where the dog bites. In addition, the sleeve will contain a force meter device, which accurately calculates the force of the bite.

In addition, some researchers will also use digital bite meters to determine a Doberman’s bite force. 

This is where a Doberman will be fitted with a special mouthguard connected to a digital meter.

The Doberman will then be asked to bite down on objects, and the digital meter will give a reading in PSI.

The researchers will usually take a few readings from the dogs biting different-sized objects. However, it’s important to know that dogs may not even be biting at their maximum force during these experiments.

What Is A Dobermans Bite Force?

The Doberman has a powerful bite that can deliver between 245 to 305 PSI of pressure.

This is considered a very powerful bite, ranking the Doberman as the 15th most powerful dog breed.

To give you some perspective, the average human bite force is only around 120 PSI. So it’s more than double the force we can produce from biting.

Now it’s important to know that not every Doberman will have the same bite force. Several factors can affect a Doberman’s bite force, including age, weight, and health.

For example, a young Doberman still growing and developing will have a weaker bite force than an adult Doberman.

And an adult Doberman who is in good health and condition will have a stronger bite force than one who is unhealthy or overweight.

Lastly, the object that the Doberman is biting will also affect the reading. A Doberman’s bite force will be different when biting a small object versus a big one.

If an object is too big for their mouth, it can decrease their force output.

Doberman Scissor Bite

The Doberman Pinscher has a scissor bite, where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth.

This type of bite is considered to be very strong and precise.

This is actually considered common. In fact, around 42% of all dogs have a scissor bite.

Due to the teeth’ formation, they can produce a powerful bite that can do severe damage.

Bite Force Of Other Animals

doberman bite force vs. other animals

We can compare it to other animals to give you some perspective on a 305 PSI bite force.

Here is a list of some other animals and their bite forces in PSI:

  • An American alligator bite is 2980 PSI
  • A Hippo bite is 1820 PSI
  • A Great White Shark bite is 4000 PSI
  • A Crocodile bite is 3000 PSI
  • A Grizzly Bear bite is 975 PSI
  • A Lion bite is 650 PSI
  • A Tiger bite is 1050 PSI
  • A Human bite is 150 PSI

In addition, we can also compare the Doberman to other dogs.

To give you an idea of the Doberman Pinschers strength regarding dog bite force, I’ve compiled a list of 17 other dogs with the strongest bite forces.

Top 17 Dog Breeds With The Strongest Bite Forces

Now that we’ve looked at the Doberman Pinschers bite force in more detail, let’s compare it to other dog breeds.

Here is a quick graphical view:

Bite Force (PSI) vs Dog Breed

17) Doberman Pinscher: Bite Force Of 245-305 PSI

doberman pinscher bite force

16) German Shepherd: Bite Force Of 238-280 PSI

German shepherd bite force

15) American Bulldog: Bite Force Of 305 PSI

american bulldog bite force

14) Husky: Bite Force Of 320 PSI

husky bite force

13) Rottweiler: Bite Force Of 328 PSI

rottweiler bite force

12) American Pit Bull Terrier: Bite Force Of 330 PSI

pitbull bite force

11) Leonberger: Bite Force Of 399 PSI

Leonberger bite force

10) Akita Inu: Bite Force Of 400 PSI

akita inu bite force

9) Boerboel: Bite Force Of 450 PSI

boerboel bite force

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8) Dogo Argentino: Bite Force Of 500 PSI

Dogo Argentino bite force

7) Presa Canario / Dogo Canario: Bite Force Of 540 PSI

Dogo Canario bite force

6) English Mastiff: Bite Force Of 550 PSI

English Mastiff bite force

5) French Mastiff / Dogue de Bordeaux: Bite Force Of 556 PSI

French Mastiff bite force

4) Tosa Inu: Bite Force Of 556 PSI

Tosa Inu bite force

3) Cane Corso: Bite Force Of 650-700 PSI

Cane Corso bite force

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2) Bandog: Bite Force Of 730 PSI

bandog bite force

1) Kangal: Bite Force Of 743 PSI

kangal bite force

Doberman Bite Statistics

Dog owners should be aware of the risk of having a dog with a powerful bite.

Let’s explore their biting statistics.

According to a 20-year study from 1979 to 1998 by the CDC, Doberman Pinschers were involved in 3.8% of human deaths (9 of 238 deaths by dogs).

more recent study was done from 2005 to 2017 and Dobermans were responsible for 1.4% of human fatalities (6 out of 433 deaths by dogs).

These acts of violence are primarily due mainly to a terrible household, lack of training, and improper socialization when they are young.

All dogs can be trained to be loving, gentle companions with the right owners.

Dogs may also be trained to be aggressive, territorial, or violent by mistake.

That is why it’s even more essential to be a conscientious dog owner with big-breed dogs that can cause significant damage.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Doberman Lockjaw?

It might feel like it if you’ve ever played tug of war with a Doberman. However, no scientific evidence suggests dogs can “lock” their jaw.

Dobermans have a scissor bite, meaning their lower canine fits between the upper third incisor and the upper canine. This gives them a strong bite force and the appearance of a locking jaw when they are just using their strong muscles to keep a firm grip.

Why Does My Doberman Bite So Much?

Dobermans are bred as working dogs and have a high prey drive. This means they are hardwired to chase and catch things that move.

While this instinct is mostly channeled into positive activities like herding, agility, or protection work, it can manifest in less desirable ways.

For example, nipping at people’s heels or chewing on household items.

Biting is a normal part of doggy development. Puppies will mouth and chew on almost anything as they explore their world and teeth. 

But if biting continues into adulthood, it could signify aggression or anxiety.

Dobermans that bite out of fear or insecurity may need behavior modification training to help them feel more confident and secure. Those that bite out of aggression will need structure, leadership, and consistent training to learn appropriate bite inhibition.

How Strong Is A Doberman Jaw?

Yes, a Doberman’s jaw is very strong. The Doberman Pinscher is ranked as having the 15th strongest bite of all dog breeds.

Plus, if some people’s theories of them having a bite force of 600 PSI, this would give them the 4th strongest bite.

Doberman Bite Force In KG?

Since the Doberman dog breed has a bite force of 305 PSI, if we convert PSI to kg/cm2, it comes out to 21.44 kg/cm2

1 PSI is equal to 0.070307 kilograms of force per centimeters square. So the Dobermans 305 PSI multiplied by 0.0070307 kg/cm2 equals 21.44 kg/cm2.

1 PSI = 0.070307 kg/cm2

305 PSI = 21.44 kg/cm2

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