Mini Bernedoodle: Size, Temperament, Price, Shedding, & More

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Do you love the soft, fluffy coat of a Bernese Mountain Dog but don’t have the space for a large dog? If so, the Mini Bernedoodle may be perfect for you!

This breed is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle.

They are typically 25-49 pounds and 18-22 inches tall and come in all sorts of colors, including black, tri-color, sable, white, and more.

This post will cover everything you need to know about Mini Bernedoodles, including their size, temperament, shedding level, price range, and more!

That way, you can know if the Miniature Bernedoodle is the dog for you or not.

Let’s dive in.

Mini Bernedoodle: Size, Temperament, Price, Shedding, & More

What Is A Mini Bernedoodle?

The Mini Bernedoodle is a hybrid dog breed created by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog with a Miniature Poodle.

This cross results in a small to medium-sized dog inheriting the best traits from both parents.

Mini Bernedoodles are intelligent, affectionate, and loyal dogs that make great family pets.

They are also low-shedding and hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with allergies.

What’s A Micro Mini or Tiny Bernedoodle?

A Mini Bernedoodle typically weighs between 25-49 pounds and is 18-22 inches tall.

However, there are also smaller versions of this breed known as micro mini or Tiny Bernedoodles.

These dogs weigh less than 25 pounds and are less than 18 inches tall.

They are usually an F1b cross with 25% Bernese Mountain Dog and 75% poodle. In order to do this, they take a miniature Bernedoodle girl and breed it with a toy poodle boy to get the tiny size.

What Is An F1b Mini Bernedoodle?

To explain what an F1b Mini Bernedoole is, you first need to understand what an F1 Bernedoodle is.

F1 Bernedoodles are first-generation crosses. That means an F1 Bernedoodle would be 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% Poodle.

The F1b Bernedoodles are a backcross (mating of a hybrid). This means the F1 Bernedoodle was bred with a purebred parent, the Bernese Mountain Dog or Poodle. 

Let’s say the backcross was done with a Bernedoodle and a poodle. This would result in the F1b generation with 75% Poodle and 25% Bernese Mountain Dog. 

History Of The Mini Bernedoodle

bernese mountain dog and mini poodle mix

It’s said that the first Mini Bernedoodle was first bred in the early 2000s in Canada when an Ontario-based breeder decided to cross a Mini Poodle with a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The Mini Bernedoodle was created as a result and goes by a few names, including Mini Bernese Mountain Doodle, Mini Bernesedoodle, and Miniature Bernedoodle.

The Mini Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle.

This mix was bred to get a companion animal with all the best traits of both breeds in one package! 

The Mini Bernedoodle is still relatively new, so there isn’t much information available about its history or origins.

However, we know they were bred for companionship and love nothing more than being by their owner’s side.

There is even a smaller version of the Mini Bernedoodle called the Tiny Bernedoodle or Mini Micro Bernedoodle. The main difference is the Tiny Bernedoodle happens from breeding a Miniature Bernedoodle girl with a small Toy Poodle boy.

Let’s look at the parents to see what traits the Mini Bernedoodle Inherited.

Mini Poodle

The Miniature Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. In fact, they rank #2 on the list of smartest dog breeds!

This breed was originally bred in Germany and France as a waterfowl retriever.

Nowadays, they are mostly kept as companion animals and participate in agility, obedience, and other dog sports.

Mini Poodles stand at 15 inches tall and weigh between 12-20 pounds on average. They come in various colors, including black, white, cream, brown, apricot, red, silver, and gray.

A Mini Poddle is an ideal companion for people who are looking for an intelligent, active, and loving dog.

They are also low-shedding and hypoallergenic.

Miniature Poodle

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large, working dog breed. They were originally bred in the Swiss Alps for farm work and to be watchdogs.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are gentle giants who love being around people. They are loyal, affectionate, and patient dogs that make great family pets.

This breed stands at 24-28 inches tall and weighs between 80-115 pounds. They have a thick, double coat that is black with white markings on the chest, muzzle, toes, and tip of the tail.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a low-maintenance breed that is relatively easy to train. They are also relatively inactive indoors and do well in cold weather climates.

Now that we know a little about the Mini Bernedoodle’s parents let’s see what the Mini Bernedoodle carried over.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Mini Bernedoodle Dog Appearance & Traits

The Mini Bernedoodle is small to a medium-sized dog that falls in the middle of its parent breeds.

However, there are Tiny Bernedooles that were bred from a Mini Bernedoodle and a toy poodle. These Tiny Bernedoodles are much smaller than the Mini Bernedoodles.

The Miniature Bernedoodle will inherit many physical traits from its parent breeds.

Here are some common physical traits you can expect to see in a Mini Bernedoodle:

  • The Mini Bernedoodle has a medium build and is slightly longer than they are tall.
  • They have a round head with floppy ears.
  • The Mini Bernedoodle has a thick, double coat that can be wavy or curly.
  • Their coat is black with white markings on the chest, muzzle, toes, and tail tip.
  • They have a long tail that is carried low.

Size (Weight & Height)

So you are wondering, how big does a Mini Bernedoodles get?

A Mini Bernedoodles full-grown size varies greatly depending on the parents.

A full-grown Bernese Mountain Dog can weigh between 75 – 110 pounds, with some being even bigger.

Mini Poodles, on the other hand, are between 10 – 15 pounds. Anything larger would fall under the category of “Moyen” poodles.

Since these two parent breeds have a significant weight difference, it is hard to predict how big a Mini Bernedoodle will be full-grown.

However, the average Mini Bernedoodle full-grown size is between 25 – 49 pounds and 18 – 22 inches tall. Males will fall on the larger side of the scale and females on the smaller side.

Mini Micro/Tiny Bernedoodle Size

As I’ve mentioned above, there are Mini Bernedoodles and mini micro or tiny Bernedoodles.

A mini micro or tiny bernedoodle is a Mini Bernedoodle that was bred with a toy poodle.

The average full-grown size of a Tiny Bernedoodle is 12 to 17 inches tall at the shoulder and can weigh between 10 to 24 pounds.

Coat Colors & Texture

Tiny Bernedoodle

The Mini Bernedoodle can have a single coat or a double coat that’s wavy, straight, or curly.

A Mini Bernedoodle with a single coat will only have the Poodle’s hair, while a Mini Bernedoodle with a double coat will have both the Poodle’s hair and the Bernese Mountain Dog’s hair.

So it depends on which parent they take after the most.

The Mini Bernedoodle’s coat is almost always black with white markings on their chest, muzzle, toes, and the tip of their tail. They can also have tan spots around their cheeks, legs, and eyebrows.

The tan spots are usually reddish or brown.

In some cases, they can also be various colors, including cream, brown, apricot, red, silver, chocolate, and gray.

They can either contain a tri-color pattern or just a dual-color pattern.

Shedding & Grooming

The Mini Bernedoodle is a low to non-shedding dog breed.

This does not mean that they do not shed at all. It just means that they shed less than most other dog breeds.

Now, although you wont to need to worry about vacuuming much hair, they do need frequent grooming.

The Mini Bernedoodle’s coat must be brushed and combed regularly to prevent mats and tangles.

Their hair can become matted easily if not brushed often enough. So please expect to be grooming them throughout their entire life.

They will also need their nails trimmed and hair cut every few months and when required.

Letting their hair grow out too long will only lead to more mats and tangles.

Do Mini Bernedoodles Shed?

All dogs shed to some degree, even mini Bernedoodles.

The Mini Bernedoodle is considered a low to non-shedding dog breed because they do not shed as much as most other breeds.

This does not mean that Mini Bernedoodles do not shed at all. They just don’t shed much.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic?

No breed is a 100% hypoallergenic dog. 

There are just some that do not provoke allergies as much as others. 

The Mini Bernedoodle is considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. 

They shed minimally and do not produce much dander.

Ears & Tail

The Mini Bernedoodle has long floppy ears that hang down close to their face. Their ears are relatively fluffy and full of hair.

They also have a long bushy tail that is usually carried low.

Eye Color

The Mini Bernedoodle’s eyes are usually brown or blue, but they can also be green or hazel.

In some instances, dogs can develop heterochromia, which is when each eye is a different color.

Mini Bernedoodles can have one blue eye and one brown eye. However, it’s rare to see this.

Miniature Bernidoodle


The Mini Bernedoodle has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

This is a pretty good lifespan for a dog, especially when you compare it to other breeds.

Some dogs only live for about eight or nine years, while Mini Bernedoodles can live up to 15 years.

Common Health Issues

The Mini Bernedoodle is a relatively healthy dog breed. However, like all breeds, they are prone to certain health conditions.

Some of the most common health problems that Mini Bernedoodles can develop are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, von Willebrand’s disease, and epilepsy.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint do not fit together properly.

This can cause pain and lameness in the dog.

Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia is a similar condition that affects the elbow joint instead of the hip joint.

Von Willebrand’s Disease

Von Willebrand’s disease is a blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting properly.


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes the dog to have seizures.

Trainability & Intelligence

The Mini Bernedoodle is a very intelligent dog breed. They are easy to train and learn new tricks quickly.

This breed is also very obedient and well-behaved.

They are the perfect dog for first-time owners and families with children.

Even with all of their intelligence, Mini Bernedoodles can be stubborn at times.

This is not uncommon for intelligent dog breeds.

With patience and positive reinforcement, Mini Bernedoodles can be trained to do almost anything.

During the puppy phase, you’ll want to teach them important skills they should have as an adult dog, for example:

  • Walk well on a leash
  • Coming when called
  • Staying
  • Sitting
  • Laying down
  • Behaving in public and with other dogs
  • Greeting people appropriately

Activity Level & Exercise Needs

mini bernedoodle play time

The Mini Bernedoodle is a relatively active dog breed. They need at minimum 1 hour of exercise and play every day.

This breed is not suited for lazy owners or those who do not have the time to commit to their physical and mental needs.

You can give them plenty of stimulating toys and puzzles to keep their minds occupied.

Training is a great way to stimulate them.

Temperament & Behavior

A Mini Bernedoodle Temperament can be summed up by many owners describe them. They are strong, smart, affectionate, and friendly. 

They are also very loyal to their family and make great cuddle buddies.

Mini Bernedoodles do best in homes with a lot of activity.

They enjoy being around people and other animals.

If left alone for too long, they can become destructive.

This is why it’s important to make sure they get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

You can prevent behavioral problems by socializing them from an early age and make sure to train them consistently.

This means exposing them to as many different people, animals, and situations as possible.

Do Mini Bernedoodle Bark A Lot?

So do Mini Bernedoodles bark?

Mini Bernedoodles bark just like any other dog.

They bark to warn their family of danger, to greet people, and to get attention.

Mini Bernedoodles have a tendency to bark. They carry this tendency from both their parent breeds.

Poodles are known to be quite vocal. Bernese Mountain Dogs are more laid back and calm, but they were bred as guard dogs.

So it’s likely a Mini Bernedoodle will let you know when someone is at the door or on your property.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Cuddly?

Yes, Mini Bernedoodles like to cuddle. They are affectionate dogs that enjoy being close to their family and make great cuddle buddies.

They are often used as therapy dogs for their love of cuddles.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Good With Kids?

Yes, Mini Bernedoodles are good with kids. They are patient, gentle, and loving. Mini Bernedoodles do best with older kids who know how to treat them gently.

Small kids tend to misjudge a dog’s size and energy level and can unintentionally hurt them.

So be sure to train your young kids how to approach and interact with dogs appropriately—especially small ones.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Good With Other Dogs?

Yes, Mini Bernedoodles are good with other dogs. They are social creatures that enjoy being around people and animals.

Mini Bernedoodles get along with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized from a young age.

You can socialize your Mini Bernedoodle by taking them to the dog park, doggie daycare, friend’s houses, or dog-friendly events.

Are Mini Bernedoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

Yes, Mini Bernedoodles can make good apartment dogs.

They are not overly active indoors and don’t need much space to run around.

However, they do need a minimum of one hour of exercise every day.

So if you live in an apartment, you’ll need to be extra committed to taking them on walks, runs, or to the dog park.

You can also give them plenty of stimulating toys and puzzles to keep their minds occupied.

How Much Do Mini Bernedoodles Cost?


A Mini Bernedoodle puppy can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.

Price is affected by the rarity of their color and pattern. Also, depending on if you would like a Mini Bernedoodle vs. a Toy Bernedoodle.

The smaller the size, generally, the higher the price.

Mini Bernedoodle puppies are highly sought after, and there are only so many breeders with healthy litters.

This just adds to the high price of these dogs.

However, be very careful when you see a Mini Bernidoodles going for low prices.

Always make sure you are getting one from a reputable breeder.

There are many unscrupulous breeders out there who are looking to make a quick buck by selling sick or unhealthy puppies.

Purchasing Bernedoodles From Reputable Breeder

When looking for Mini Bernedoodles for sale, always make sure you purchase from a reputable breeder that can produce healthy litters.

There are many things to look for when choosing a reputable breeder, such as:

  • The breeder should have a good reputation and be able to provide references.
  • The Mini Bernedoodle puppies should be healthy and well-cared for.
  • The puppies should be socialized from a young age.
  • The puppies should be up to date on their vaccinations.
  • The Bernedoodle puppies should come with a health guarantee.
  • And most should have the Mini Bernedoodle Puppies microchipped.

A reputable breeder will also be able to answer any questions you have about the pups and their parents. 

They should be more than happy to help you after you take your puppy home.

They should also provide you with a written contract that outlines the responsibilities of both the breeder and the buyer.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, when so much interaction takes place online, it can be tough to tell the scams from the high-quality breeders.

Where Can You Buy Mini Bernedoodles?

If you are looking for a Mini Bernedoodle for sale, the best place to start your search is online.

There are many Reputable breeders that have Miniature Bernedoodles for sale online.

However, as we mentioned before, there are also many scams out there, so you need to be careful when choosing a breeder.

You can find Mini Bernedoodle Puppies for sale at:

If you’d rather adopt, there are numerous shelters and rescues that can help you get one.

Here are some of the best rescue organizations and shelters where you may adopt a Miniature Bernedoodle:

Final thoughts

Overall, the Mini Bernedoodle is a fantastic dog breed that is perfect for families and people of all ages.

They are intelligent, loving, and make great companions.

With their low shedding and hypoallergenic coat, they are perfect for people with allergies.

Their mini size also makes them perfect for people who live in apartments or small homes.

If you are looking for a Mini Bernedoodle, make sure to research reputable breeders before making your purchase.

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