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Petmate Barn III Dog House Review

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  • Raised threshold prevents the entry of debris
  • Very affordable
  • Highly resistant to mold and pests
  • Easily assembled with the snap latches
  • Cleaning is very easy


  • Medium-sized dogs may not fit in
  • Latches do not snap on easily

Getting the right house for your dog can be difficult as so many different brands exist. It is essential to choose a house that will be comfortable for your dog, providing warmth in cold months and keeping them cool in hotter months. Petmate provides dog houses in different sizes with a variety of colors to choose from. In this post we’ll dive deep and provide a complete Petmate Barn III Dog House Review.

Dog houses are suitable in homes with yards where your dog can stay comfortably. It is vital to choose a dog house that will cater to your dog’s needs when left outdoors. Here are some insights into the Petmate Barn III house’s features, pros, and cons.

Petmate Barn III Dog House


The Petmate Barn III Dog House is unique and has the properties of keeping your dog warm and comfortable. It is a small-sized house, but larger sizes are available. The barn house style adds color and beauty to your backyard. It is available in four sizes, accommodating different dog sizes. Petmate dog houses are resistant to mold and rot.

Who Is This Dog House For?

This dog house is a perfect product for your special dog, having amazing features that make your dog comfortable. It is for small dogs weighing between 15 to 25 pounds and can also be used to accommodate cats and strays. This product is for people who have the comfort of their dogs at heart regardless of the amount.

What’s Included?

With an extended roof guard rim, this barn house can divert rain. It has floors that are raised to keep it dry and to increase insulation from the ground. For easy assembly, this dog house is equipped with two barn snaps that allow you to assemble the house quickly. It also has a unique rusty barn design, which is appealing.

Overview of Features

The barn house has dimensions of 29 x 22 x 21 inches with a weight of 17 pounds, making it just perfect for your small dog. Constructed with durable and long-lasting plastic, it is strong, well-protected, void of fleas, and stands the test of time.

Having an air ventilation system at the rear, the barn house is protected from odor and heat, ensuring your dog is comfortable at all times.

It is easy to assemble due to its quick snap process and does not require additional working tools. This dog house can also provide extra warmth for your friendly pet due to its raised floors that prevent cold. It is effortless to clean, and in most cases, requires only water for a good clean.

Rain, snow, and strong winds are diverted from entering the barn, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment for your dog due to the extended roof guard rim.

How to Get the Most out of Petmate Barn III Dog House

Training your dog can boost its comfort and safety so that it can adjust easily to their new home. Insulation pads, beds, and blankets can be purchased to improve your dog’s stay in harsh weather. You could give them a play toy that will help keep your dog company/entertained.


Aspen Pet Petbarn 3 Plastic Dog House

This house provides a safe and secure outdoor home for your favorite pet dog. Constructed with a roof rim just over the door, the house is kept dry as the entry of rain and snow is prevented. It also has a raised floor that keeps it dry and comfortable even in extreme weather conditions.

Made purely of plastic, it can decrease pest infestation, making it durable. The house is also rot and flea free and is built to last long. Assembling the house is simple and easy and comes without much effort.

The rear ventilation system is perfect for the house as it improves and promotes the circulation of air within the barn house, keeping your dog safe and healthy.

Aspen Pet Barn comes in four different sizes for dogs that weigh up to 90 pounds but may not be suitable for dogs that weigh more. It is suitable both indoors and outdoors. The house also allows the dog to move freely.


And that concludes our Petmate Barn III Dog House Review!

Do you feel your dog is comfortable when left outside? If not, Petmate Barn House III is highly recommended because it is not infested easily with ticks, fleas, and other pests. Assembling it takes a pretty short time, and it has basic qualities that would make it a top choice for your dog.

Knowing your dog’s comfort is of paramount importance, this dog house provides your pet a sense of freedom and ownership in its territory. It also provides a great peaceful feeling, allowing your dog to love its house easily.