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Schnauzers Get Along With Other Dogs? 11 Breeds Reviewed

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Thinking about bringing another dog into your family but not sure how your schnauzer will react? Schnauzers can be quite protective/territorial so you might be wondering if they’ll get along with another dog in the house. The truth is, sometimes they will, and sometimes they won’t.

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Other Dogs:

Schnauzers will have no problem getting along with other dogs as long as they’re properly socialized at a young age. If they’ve had little to no social interaction with other dogs from the age of 2-12 months, they’ll have a harder time accepting new dogs into their lives.

In this post you’ll discover how your schnauzer will get along with 11 different breeds, whether they’ll get along with animals other than dogs as well as 3 helpful tips to ensure your schnauzer easily gets along with other dogs.

Tip #1 is often the most overlooked!

Let’s jump right in.

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Other Schnauzers?

As long as your schnauzer has been socialized at a young age, they’d have no problem getting along with other schnauzers.

Since schnauzers were bred to guard and herd, they have instinctive desires to protect which makes socializing them much more important than other breeds.

If between the age of 2-12 months your schnauzer experiences, or experienced, many different dogs, people and places, they should be totally fine around other schnauzers.

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Big Dogs?

1) Schnauzers And Labradors

Schnauzers and labs should get along just fine.

Labs are super easy going and playful breeds that don’t typically cause trouble.

As long as your schnauzer has been socialized and knows how to behave around other dogs, they should have no problem getting along with a lab.

The earlier you can introduce the two, the better.

2) Schnauzers And Golden Retrievers

Schnauzers and golden retrievers can definitely get along.

As with labs, golden retrievers are very easy going and go-with-the-flow type of dogs.

Which your schnauzer will likely enjoy because they’ll be able to become the boss in their relationship.

And given the size difference, it’s pretty funny to see.

3) Schnauzers And Australian Shepherds

Schnauzers and australian shepherds could have challenges getting along.

They were both bred to herd which means they’re working dogs that like to have a job/task.

If they feel the other is doing their job, it could cause conflict.

Of course, it could also make their bond even stronger as they have similar instinctive interests.

It really depends on how young the two are when they’re introduced.

4) Schnauzers And German Shepherds

Schnauzers and german shepherds may not get along.

Both can be quite protective/aggressive without proper training.

Of course, if the two grow up together from a young age, they’d see each other as family members with a slight height difference.

But challenges could arise if the two are adult dogs and set in their ways already.

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Small Dogs?

5) Schnauzers And Yorkies

Yorkies and schnauzers may not be the best match.

Yorkies can be quite territorial which isn’t the best for a schnauzer who is also instinctively protective.

Also, because schnauzers bond so closely with their owner, if a yorkie comes into the equation and takes some of your love and attention while also being territorial.

It has the potential to be quite bothersome for your schnauzer.

Of course, if they’re introduced when they’re both puppies they should have no problem with one another. It’s more when introducing at later stages of their life where it could be problematic.

6) Schnauzers And Dachshunds

Schnauzers and dachshunds have very similar heritage.

And while that might make you think they’ll get along, it could have the opposite effect.

A part of the reason that schnauzers and dachshunds were bred was for hunting purposes.

Which means they both instinctively develop a strong bond/attachment to their owner.

And because they both can’t be your number 1, it could create conflict.

However, if you bring them together when they’re both young pups, they should have no problem learning to love one another.

7) Schnauzers And Chihuahuas

Schnauzers and chihuahuas can definitely get along.

Schnauzers have lots of energy and will likely have no problem dealing with a chihuahua’s big personality.

However, be sure not to give more love to your new cute little chihuahua or your schnauzer will most definitely get jealous.

8) Schnauzers And Shih Tzus

Schnauzers and shih tzus should have no problems getting along.

Shih tzus also have big personalities but are generally more submissive.

Which is definitely okay for schnauzers as they’re typically more dominant (there’s definitely exceptions to this though).

Because of the size difference it’s definitely important to supervise their play for the first little while.

9) Schnauzers And French Bulldogs

Schnauzers and french bulldogs will have no problem getting along.

Frenchies are super laid-back, easy going breeds.

Which means they won’t cause any trouble with your schnauzer.

Of course, if your new frenchie starts to get more of your attention that’s when your schnauzer may show frustration.

All in all, if your schnauzer has been properly socialized as a pup they shouldn’t have any issues getting along with a french bulldog.

10) Schnauzers And Beagles

Beagles were also bred to be hunting dogs which means they’ll have similar interests.

While they may not love the competition for being your number 1 furry companion.

They may enjoy pursuing scents together, barking at small animals and retrieving anything they think you might like.

As with all the other breeds, the younger you can introduce the two the better likelihood that they’ll get along.

Do Schnauzers Get Along With Other Animals?

Schnauzers And Cats

It’s best for a schnauzer to be introduced to a cat while they’re young.

This will ensure they have the best relationship possible.

Of course, if you socialized your schnauzer well as a pup, they shouldn’t have a problem with any new cats you bring home.

It’s still a good idea to keep an eye on them in the beginning of their relationship to ensure they play nice.

Schnauzers And Rabbits

Same applies with schnauzers and rabbits as with cats.

A schnauzer can definitely get along with rabbits but it’s important to watch their interactions as they get comfortable with one another.

If your schnauzer hasn’t been properly socialized as a pup they may have difficulty behaving around a rabbit.

3 Tips To Help Your Schnauzer Get Along With Other Dogs

1) Bring Your Schnauzer Along For The Picking Process

If you’re looking to bring another dog into your home and are unsure how your schnauzer will react to a new furry brother/sister, bringing them along for the picking process can be beneficial.

Instead of one day coming home with a new pup and hoping your schnauzer behaves nicely with them, bring them to the breeder you’re checking out.

This way you’ll be able to see your pup interact with the other potential new family members.

If you notice that your schnauzer gets along particularly well with one of the other pups, they could be a good choice.

By bringing your schnauzer along to help decide you’re starting their relationship on the right foot.

If your pup doesn’t meet the new dog before you bring it home, they may not get along at all for the first little while.

Allowing them to help pick can ensure the process of adding a new four-legged friend to the family is as seamless as possible.

2) Exercise Beforehand

Whenever bringing your schnauzer to meet a dog that’s new to them, always give them some good physical activity beforehand.

If they have a lot of pent up energy there’s a higher likelihood that they’ll misbehave when meeting the new dog.

If they’re pooped, they won’t have the energy to act out and will automatically put their guard down.

If your schnauzer has misbehaved in the past around new dogs it could have been from having too much energy.

Try taking them for a long walk, playing a long game of fetch, or even take them for an adventurous hike beforehand.

You should notice they get along better when their energy levels aren’t overflowing.

3) Proper Socialization

By far the most important way to ensure your schnauzer gets along with other dogs is through proper socializing.

Schnauzers are naturally a more protective breed.

Which means they need to have plenty of interactions with unfamiliar people and dogs while they’re young.

This will help them understand that not all strangers are potential threats that need to be scared off.

The earlier, and more unique interactions you can give your schnauzer, the better.

When they learn from an early age that strangers can also be friends, their guard won’t go up as quickly and feel the need to protect.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a schnauzer can happily get along with any other breed of dog.

It really depends on how well socialized they were as a puppy.

If the only interactions your schnauzer had from 2-12 months of age was with you, they’ll have difficulties behaving around other dogs (and even people).

But if you give them plenty of new experiences with other dogs, people and places, they’ll be better equipped to get along with any breed.

It’s even better if you bring a new dog into your home while your schnauzer is still a puppy.

That way they grow up with them and are used to sharing your love and attention.

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