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Why Whippets Get Zoomies & Run Around Like Crazy + Tips

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It can be hilarious to watch your whippet run around like crazy with the zoomies. But it’s also quite peculiar behavior as it sometimes comes completely out of nowhere. Why on earth do whippets do this?

Why Do Whippets Have Zoomies:

Whippets will get the zoomies to relieve their pent up energy or to express their excitement about something. It is also a way for them to relieve their anxious energy. It’s perfectly normal behavior and starts to happen less frequently as a whippet gets older.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • 5 real reasons why whippets get the zoomies
  • Why whippets get the zoomies before a walk
  • Why whippets get the zoomies randomly
  • 3 tips to help whippets with their zoomies (Tip #2 is the most important!)
  • And much, much more

Let’s jump right in.

Top 5 Reasons Why Whippets Get The Zoomies

1) Pent Up Energy

The most likely reason for your whippet to get the zoomies is from having too much built up energy.

The reason why whippet puppies most commonly get the zoomies is because they have boundless energy.

As your whippet ages, the amount of energy they have will gradually become less and less which means you’ll see them randomly run around like crazy much less.

Times you might see your pup have the zoomies from pent up energy are in the morning after a good night sleep, after a nap, once you come home from work, or if they’ve been lying down for too long.

All of these situations cause your doggo’s energy to build up which needs to be released somehow.

And the best way your whippet knows how to do this is by zooming around the house, the backyard, or running in circles until they’ve tired themselves out.

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2) Excitement

Sometimes an excitement overload can cause your whippet to spring into the zoomies.

This reason is also largely dependent on your whippet being a young puppy.

When they’re just a pup, so many things are still new and exciting to them.

As they get older they get used to things that once really excited them but they’re now used to.

This doesn’t mean they don’t get happy from the things that once made them zoom around, it just means they don’t respond with overflowing excitement anymore.

Times where your whippet might get the zoomies from excitement are when they get one of their favorite treats, when you bring out their leash, taking them to the dog park, or seeing you after many hours being alone.

Just like when a child gets really excited about something they don’t really know what to do with themselves, the same thing is happening with your whippet.

All they know is they’re really happy about something and it’s making them want to run.

3) Anxious Energy

Another reason for whippets to get the zoomies is from anxious energy.

It’s the same response to having a build up of energy, but the source is now something that’s stressing them out versus excitement.

If you’re in a new environment when your whippet gets the zoomies or are around unfamiliar dogs and/or people, it could be a response to their anxiousness.

It could also be if you recently moved houses and they aren’t used to their new environment.

Big changes in your pup’s life are known for creating anxiety in dogs.

So if your whippet seems to get the zoomies more often when they’re in new situations/environments, they could be releasing nervous energy.

4) Copy-Cat Behavior

If your whippet sees another dog zooming around with high energy they might get excited themselves just by watching.

This can also happen if a person has super high energy and is trying to play with your pup.

They see high energy and they want to copy it which causes them to get the zoomies and run around like crazy.

Dogs are known for copying instinctual behavior that feels good to do when they see other dogs do it.

So this could be digging, excessively barking, or even the zoomies.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they copied good, learned behaviors…

5) Unintentionally Rewarded The Behavior

Sometimes the way people respond to their dog having the zoomies unintentionally trains them to want to do the zoomies more often.

For the most part, your whippet isn’t too concerned about whether they’re getting negative or positive attention, they just want your attention period.

So if when they zoom around you start chasing them or calling out their name trying to get them to stop, they might see this as playing.

And they also notice that when they start zooming around it gets your attention.

Which might contribute to why you’re seeing your whippet get the zoomies more often recently.

The best thing to do is direct them to a safe place to zoom around (ideally the backyard) and let them get it out of their system.

As long as they won’t break anything, harm themselves or anyone around them, there’s no real harm in them zooming around.

But if you chase them around while they have the zoomies, they might start to think this is a fun way to play and do it more often.

3 Tips To Help Your Whippet With Their Zoomies

1) Lots Of Exercise

One of the best ways to help ensure your whippet doesn’t get the zoomies as often as they currently are is by increasing their daily exercise.

Whippets are naturally energetic dogs and need a minimum 60 minutes of exercise per day.

So if your pup isn’t getting at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity, this could be why they’re getting the zoomies quite often.

Even if your pup is getting their 60 minutes, when they’re a puppy they may simply need more to contain their excitement and not build up as much energy.

A tired doggo is a well behaved doggo.

If you can increase the length of their walks or give them another walk each day you should find they have less pent up energy that makes them want to zoom around.

2) Find Their Trigger

Another great way to help reduce how often your whippet gets the zoomies is to find the trigger behind what’s causing it in the first place.

This is likely easier said than done, but super helpful once you’re able to find the trigger.

When your pup starts running around like a maniac, instead of trying to get them to stop, take a second to reflect.

What were they doing before they got the zoomies?

What recently happened that might have caused them to get excited?

When you ask yourself these types of questions you can get a better idea of what’s triggering their zoomies.

Then you can reduce how often they’re around their trigger which should then help reduce how often they feel the need to run around like a maniac.

3) Have a Space For Them To Safely Zoom

For the most part, when your whippet has the zoomies, it’s harmless.

It’s also something they’ll eventually grow out of and happen less and less as they get older.

Which means simply finding them a safe place to deal with their zoomies might be the best solution.

When they start up, do your best to direct them to this area and let them tire themselves out.

As long as they’re not putting a young child or a senior in danger with their running around, letting their zoomies run its course isn’t a terrible idea.


What Age Do Whippets Stop Getting The Zoomies?

When a whippet will stop getting the zoomies is different for each dog.

Some dogs lose their puppy energy earlier while others keep it longer.

For the most part, frequent zoomies stop once your pup is between the age of 1-2.

But they’re still capable of having the zoomies when they’re older for the reasons listed above.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies After a Bath?

Whippets get the zoomies after a bath because it’s a time of anxiousness then excitement.

Many dog’s don’t love getting a bath so the experience makes them a little anxious.

Then shortly after it’s done they’re super happy about it being over and are feeling refreshed.

Which then makes them want to play and zoom around.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies After Pooping?

One of the more unexplainable things that all dogs do is get super excited after a poop.

No studies have found concrete reasoning behind this behavior but many assume it’s for a couple reasons.

One, relieving themselves after potentially holding their poop for a long time feels good.

And two, they’re happy about contributing to the neighborhood dog conversation that your whippet participates in by smelling other dogs number 1 & 2.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies Randomly?

Whippets randomly get the zoomies more often than not because of pent up energy or because something happened that they’re really excited about.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies Before a Walk?

Whippets will get the zoomies before a walk for two reasons.

One, they’re excited to do one of their most favorite activities.

Two, they have lots of built up energy from either resting all night or being at home alone all day.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies When Around Other Dogs?

Whippets can get the zoomies when around other dogs because another dog’s energy is contagious.

They see their furry friend excited and running around which makes them want to join in on the fun.

Why Do Whippets Get The Zoomies When Visiting The Vet?

If your whippet knows the word ‘vet’ and gets the zoomies after hearing you say it they’re likely expressing nervous energy.

Most pups don’t enjoy going to the vet so if they think that’s where they’re being taken it can make them feel anxious.

And then that nervous energy needs to be expressed.

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