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My Dachshunds Is Always Hungry (8 Reasons & 5 Tips To Help)

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You’ve just fed your dachshund what feels like 10 minutes ago, and there they are, hungry again asking for more food. How can such a little dog always be so hungry!

Is this normal? Or is my dachshund’s constant hunger a sign of something wrong?

Why Are Dachshunds Always Hungry?

Often times dachshunds act like they’re always hungry when they get accustomed to being overfed. This gets them used to feeling full all the time so anytime they aren’t it’s uncomfortable. Also, dachshunds may seem hungry all the time because they’re a growing puppy or have a health condition.

In this post you’ll discover the top 8 reasons why your dachshund is always hungry, some of the dangers behind this behavior as well as the best tips to help them stop being hungry all the time (#3 is the most important!).

Let’s jump right in.

Top 8 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Always Hungry

1) Still Growing

Puppys are well known for being hungry all the time, and a dachshund puppy is no exception.

Just like kids, a puppy is growing so fast their body requires lots of nutrients to keep up with their growth. Also, to make sure they’re maintaining a healthy weight as they continue to get bigger and bigger.

Growing takes a lot of calories! So if your pup is always hungry, know that it’s quite normal.

However, it’s important to note that in some cases they could have an intestinal worm or parasite that’s causing them to always be hungry.

If you feel their hunger isn’t normal and seems quite excessive, take them to the vet to have them looked at.

[Nothing brings peace of mind quite like speaking with a vet – click here to chat with a vet online now]

2) Bad Habit

Just like people, your dachshund can develop bad habits.

But unlike you, they likely won’t be able to tell if a habit isn’t helping them.

So if everytime you give them food they eat and eat and eat until they’re completely full… They simply don’t know any better than to do that.

It could also simply be that they’re used to eating all the time because you’re giving them too much food.

If they know that each time they act hungry towards you, you feed them. They’ll likely act like they’re always hungry to get what they want… More food!

3) Hyperthyroidism

My Dachshunds Is Always Hungry

Your dachshund might always be hungry because they have hyperthyroidism.

This condition is when their thyroid over produces thyroxine which is the thyroid hormone.

When this happens it puts their body into ‘overdrive’ which means their metabolism increases and causes them to be hungry more often.

Thankfully, hyperthyroidism is quite rare in dogs so this isn’t a likely scenario but definitely a possibility.

If your dachshund is getting into their senior years and their increased appetite is new for them it’s a good idea to have a vet look at them.

4) Diabetes

Your dachshund having an increased appetite as well as unquenchable thirst could be an indication of diabetes.

When a dog has diabetes they’re either having an incorrect response to the insulin being produced in their body or are lacking insulin production; causing a shortage.

This shortage essentially means their muscles and organs will lack energy.

And because of this they’ll likely act as though they’re always hungry.

According to a study in the UK dogs that are older than 10 are much more at risk of fatality if their diabetes isn’t managed.

This is another reason why regular vet check-ins are a good idea as your dachshund gets older. 

5) You Share Too Much

If you notice your dachshund always begging for more food, it could be because you share too much.

If when you’re cooking you give them scraps or let them enjoy the last of whatever meal you’re eating, they get used to being full all the time.

And if they’re used to always being full, when they start to feel slightly empty, they’ll want to act hungry and have you fill their tummy.

The best thing to do here is not share as much.

I know, this is easier said than done!

But if you want your dachshund to not act like they’re always hungry, boundaries need to be made.

**This is of course if they aren’t showing any other symptoms with their increased appetite.

6) Getting Older

My Dachshunds Is Always Hungry

As your dachshund ages, you’re more likely to experience unusual behavior from them.

Whether it’s them becoming more needy, not being able to hold their bladder as long, or eating and drinking more often.

When your pup gets into their late adult and senior years, unusual behavior can be quite concerning.

They can’t simply tell you that something feels off, and will often go to great lengths to hide if they’re feeling unwell.

So when you notice a difference in their behavior it’s usually for a reason.

If your dachshund’s getting older they’d benefit from a visit to the vet a few times a year to ensure everything’s okay.

Especially if they’re always hungry. If they’re older and this is new, there could be something going on.

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7) Bowel Problems

There’s a condition that can show up in your dachshund when they start to reach middle/old age. It’s called inflammatory bowel disease.

What happens in this situation is your dog’s body isn’t able to properly absorb the nutrients in their food.

When this occurs they’ll likely have diarrhea along with weight loss and increased appetite.

If you notice your pup isn’t able to have a solid number 2, is feeling more tired than usual and is always hungry, this might be why.

Again, it’s important to take them to the vet if you’re noticing this. Especially if along with always being hungry you’re noticing other symptoms.

8) Instincts

If your dog’s instincts are strong, they may be always acting hungry because to their ancestors, food was quite limited!

When wolves hunted for their food, even if they weren’t hungry they’d eat if food was available because they never knew for certain when their next meal would be.

This means your dachshund might not have clued in that they’ll have food each day.

So any chance they get, they may ask for food or scarf it down ASAP because intuitively it feels right.

If only they could understand that you’d never let them go hungry!

5 Things You Can Do If Your Dachshund Is Always Hungry

My Dachshunds Is Always Hungry

1) Less Food, More Often

One thing you can do for your dachshund is lower the portion size of their meals but give them more meals per day.

This way they aren’t getting more food but they might feel like they’re staying at a more comfortable hunger level throughout the day.

If you’re currently feeding them twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. And they’re acting starved in between those meals, test out smaller meals but more frequently.

Now, with your work schedule you should probably keep their morning meal the same size.

But instead of waiting until dinner time or after you’ve eaten to give them their second meal, break it up into 3 meals.

One right after you get home from work. Another before you eat dinner. And the last portion closer to bedtime.

This separation might help their stomach feel less empty for longer periods of time which could help them from being always hungry.

Of course this will take some adjustment as they’re probably used to eating until they’re absolutely full.

2) Be Strong!

One of the hardest things to say no to is a dachshund puppy dog pout or those cute little eyes.

But you have to be strong!

The more you feed them treats, scraps while you’re cooking or eating, or more of their own food, the more hungry they’ll continue to be.

This is definitely easier said than done.

And your pup might throw fits here and there because they’re used to getting more than you’re giving while doing this.

But over time, if there’s nothing wrong with their health that’s causing them to always be hungry, they’ll adapt to the less food.

Not to mention, if you’re noticing your dachshund is starting to get a little overweight, this will also help manage their weight.

3) Get Advice From Your Vet 

It’s difficult to determine exactly why your dachshund is always hungry.

Sure there are harmless reasons for their hunger, but there are also reasons that can be quite serious.

It’s best for you not to assume what’s going on with your pup and get the opinion of a professional.

Odds are they’ll be able to have a good idea what the real issue is (if there is an issue) and give you the next steps to help your dachshund not be hungry all the time.

If it is unfortunately something more serious, getting to the bottom of it sooner will only benefit your pup.

[Nothing brings peace of mind quite like speaking with a vet – click here to chat with a vet online now]

4) Change Up Their Food 

Sometimes a dachshund is always hungry because their food isn’t giving them the nutrients they need.

Which then makes them feel hungry more often, because their body is craving more/better nutrients.

If you’ve been buying low quality kibble that’s more grain-based than meat-based, it might be a good idea to test out a new food brand.

Another food that gives them more of what they need nutrient wise could make them feel more full after eating which will stop the constant hunger.

5) Purposeful Treating

Why Are Dachshunds Always Hungry

One of the reasons why your dachshund might be hungry all the time is because they’re being fed all the time.

If in between meals you’re very generous with treat giving, regardless of if they did something to deserve it or not, you might be training them to always be hungry.

The best thing to do is slow down on the treat giving. And instead do purposeful treating.

This means only give your pup a treat when they’ve completed a behavior you want them to continue.

And no, being cute and wanting a treat doesn’t count!

If they’ve gone to the bathroom outside, stayed when you asked them to or you’re training them a new trick. These are all times when treats are okay.

But when they start getting a dozen treats throughout the day outside of their actual meals. They’re developing the habit of always eating something which means they’ll likely always be hungry.

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