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Dachshund Reverse Sneezing: Why It Happens & What To Do

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When you see your dachshund reverse sneeze for the first time it can make your heart jump out of your chest. It’s such a weird event and when it’s never happened before you’re not sure if they’re choking or what’s going on.

Is it normal for dachshunds to reverse sneeze or is something wrong?

Why Do Dachshunds Reverse Sneeze:

Dachshunds will reverse sneeze when something is irritating their soft palate muscle. This is located in the back of their throat and if the irritation is great enough it’ll cause their soft palate to spasm. Which causes them to forcefully breathe through their nose, causing a reverse sneeze.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • Whether your dachshund reverse sneezing is a bad thing or not
  • 7 of the most common reasons why your dachshund reverse sneezes
  • 5 tips to help next time your dachshund reverse sneezes (Tip #4 is the most important!)
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

Why do dachshund reverse sneeze

What Is Reverse Sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is a condition characterized by a rapid, forceful inhalation that is often followed by a snorting or honking sound. Although it may appear to be alarming, reverse sneezing is not harmful and does not indicate a respiratory infection.

In most cases, it is simply the result of an irritant, such as dust or pollen, irritating the soft palate and throat of your dachshund. Some animals may be more prone to reverse sneezing due to allergies or anatomic abnormalities.

Treatment is typically not necessary, but removing the irritant from the environment may help to reduce the incidence of episodes. With dachshund reverse sneezing there may be some more specific reasons why they are reverse sneezing.

Let’s look into these reasons and how to spot dachshund reverse sneezing.

Dachshunds Reverse Sneezing

When your dachshund reverse sneezes it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

While it can be quite alarming when you’re not sure why they’re making the sounds they’re making, it’s normal when it happens infrequently.

For the most part, their body is simply trying to get rid of the irritant in their throat.

Here’s what it looks like when your dachshund is reverse sneezing:

If you’re noticing your dachshund reverse sneezing more often lately then it’s definitely something you should bring to your vet.

7 Reasons Why Dachshunds Reverse Sneeze

1) Airborne Allergens

Just like people can be bothered by airborne allergens, so can your dachshund.

There’s allergens inside your home as well as outside your home that your pup could be allergic to which is causing them to reverse sneeze.

Some of the most common indoor allergens are dust mites, mold, and secondhand smoke.

Outdoor allergens could be anything from pollen to grass to even something as simple as the air itself if there’s a lot of smog or pollution in your area.

If you think your dachshund’s reverse sneezing is due to an allergy, the best thing you can do is bring them to the vet.

They’ll be able to test your pup to see what they’re allergic to in particular.

Your vet will be able to give you some options on how to help them such as medication or even a change in diet.

2) Sudden Temperature Changes

Another reason your dachshund may be reverse sneezing is due to a sudden change in temperature.

Dogs don’t sweat like humans do so they cool themselves off by panting.

When they go from a cold environment to a hot one (or vice versa), their body has to adjust and this can sometimes cause them to reverse sneeze.

If you think this is the case, try to avoid taking your dachshund from one extreme temperature to another too quickly.

Give them a few minutes to adjust before taking them outside or bringing them inside.

You may also want to consider investing in a doggy sweater or coat for those colder months.

3) Getting Over Excited

dachshund reverse sneezing

If your dachshund gets over excited easily, this sudden change in energy can cause them to reverse sneeze.

If you notice your dachshund starting to reverse sneeze after getting a new toy, being shown one of their favorite treats, or when company is over, it’s likely because they’re getting too worked up.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to try and calm them down.

Remove whatever it is that’s causing them to get excited and try to get them to take some deep breaths.

You may also want to consider taking them on more walks throughout the day so they can burn off some of that energy.

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4) Possible Nasal Mites

One of the less common reasons for reverse sneezing is due to nasal mites.

These are tiny little parasites that live in your dachshund’s nose and can cause a lot of irritation.

If your pup has been reverse sneezing more frequently lately there’s a possibility they could have nasal mites.

The best thing you can do in this situation is bring them to the vet as they’ll be able to properly diagnose them and give you the treatment options.

Nasal mites are usually treated with the use of antibiotics.

5) Leash Pulling With a Collar

If your dachshund is the type that likes to pull on their leash, this could be another reason for their reverse sneezing.

When they’re pulling, it puts a lot of pressure on their throat which can lead to irritation.

The best way to help in this situation is by using a harness instead of a collar when you go on walks.

This will take the pressure off of their throat and instead distribute their pulling pressure across their chest.

Which will hopefully stop their reverse sneezing if it happens more when they’re on or after walks.

You may also want to try some training with your dachshund so they learn not to pull as much on their leash.

This will only help reduce how often they reverse sneeze.

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6) Overdoing It While Exercising

Just like people, dogs can also overdo it when exercising.

If your dachshund is a little out of shape and running around too much or playing too hard, this could lead to reverse sneezing.

If they haven’t been getting a lot of exercise lately, start with short walks around the block and gradually increase the distance as they get more used to it.

You may also want to try some other forms of exercise such as swimming which is a great low-impact workout for dogs.

7) Eating Or Drinking Too Quickly

dachshund reverse sneezing

Another common reason for reverse sneezing is due to your dachshund eating or drinking too quickly.

When they eat or drink too fast, it can cause them to inhale some of the food or water which then leads to irritation in their throat and causes them to start reverse sneezing.

The best way to help in this situation is by teaching your dachshund to take their time when they eat or drink.

You can do this by breaking up their food into smaller pieces or getting a slow feeder bowl for them to use.

You may also want to try feeding them smaller meals more often throughout the day instead of one large meal.

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5 Tips To Help Stop Your Dachshund’s Reverse Sneezing

1) Briefly Cover Their Nostrils

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help stop a reverse sneeze is by briefly covering your dachshund’s nostrils.

This will force them to take shallow breaths and swallow which will help stop the spasm in their throat.

You can do this by using your fingers or you can get a special clip that goes over their nostrils.

Just make sure you’re gentle and don’t put too much pressure on their nose as this could cause them discomfort.

2) Gently Blow On Their Face

blow on dachshund to help with reverse sneezing

Another way to help stop a reverse sneeze is by gently blowing on your dachshund’s face.

The air will help to clear whatever is irritating their throat and help stop the spasm.

Be careful not to blow too hard as this could startle them or make the situation worse.

Just a gentle blow should do the trick.

3) Throat Massage

You can also try giving your dachshund a throat massage.

This will help to relax the muscles in their throat and hopefully stop the spasm.

Be sure to be gentle and massage their throat for a few seconds until the sneezing stops.

4) Stay Calm

It’s important to stay calm when your dachshund is reverse sneezing.

If you start to get anxious or upset, this will only make the situation worse and could cause them to panic.

Do your best to remain calm and reassure them until the sneezing subsides.

Now that you know it’s likely nothing to worry about you’ll be better equipped to help your pup if it happens again.

But if you get worked up your nervous energy will likely only make your pup get nervous too making their situation worse.

5) Have a Vet Look At Them

If your dachshund is reverse sneezing frequently or if it seems to be getting worse, you may want to have a vet take a look at them.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry and a vet will be able to rule out any other potential causes or health concerns.

They can also give you some peace of mind knowing that everything is okay with your pup.

[Nothing brings peace of mind quite like speaking with a vet – click here to chat with a vet online now]

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