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9 Reasons Why Schnauzers Get So Hyper + How To Reduce It

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When your schnauzer is hyper more often than not it can become difficult to deal with. On one side you’re happy to see them excited, but on the other it’s difficult to manage such a hyper pup.

Is it normal for schnauzers to be so hyper or is something going on?

Why Schnauzers Get So Hyper:

Schnauzers are known for being a high energy, working dog breed. Which means they require plenty of physical and mental stimulation everyday to keep their energy levels under control. If they don’t get enough ways for them to release their energy they will be hyper more often than not.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • 9 real reasons why your schnauzer is so hyper
  • When your schnauzer will naturally start to calm down
  • The only 2 ways to reduce how often your schnauzer is hyper
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

why is my schnauzer hyper

Top 9 Reasons Why Schnauzers Are So Hyper

1) Lack Of Stimulation

If your schnauzer isn’t getting enough physical or mental stimulation on a daily basis, more often than not, they’ll have excess energy and be hyper.

They can’t help but behave hyper sometimes because they have to get rid of their energy in some way.

Some dogs become very destructive as a way to deal with their pent up energy so being hyper is definitely not the worst outcome.

When your pup goes extended periods of time without an outlet for their energy it will almost always result in them being hyper.

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2) Overstimulation

On the other hand, if your schnauzer is in situations where they become overstimulated they will also become hyper.

If you take your pup to the dog park and they’re running around playing with other dogs, chances are they’ll be pretty hyped up.

And if you take them home from the dog park too early they might have some energy still left that needs to be expressed which results in them being hyper.

It can also happen when you come home from work or when anyone starts playing with your schnauzer.

If you or someone else has high energy when interacting with your pup it will almost always result in them matching your energy and getting hyped up.

They were in a low energy state and are now in a high energy state and need to get rid of their newfound energy.

Similar to when a kid drinks their first can of soda. 

There’s so much sugar in their system and new energy that needs to be expressed so they get very hyper.

3) Dealing With Boredom

If your schnauzer is bored they can start running around being hyper as a way to entertain themselves.

This is especially true if they’re left alone for long periods of time with nothing to do.

Dogs are social creatures and need companionship, so it’s no surprise that boredom can lead to them being hyper.

You may also find your pup stealing your things in an attempt to get you to chase them.

Again, mostly because they’re bored and have a lot of energy and playing a game of chase is a way for them to deal with their built up energy.

If your schnauzer is often bouncing off the walls, it might be a sign that they’re bored.

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4) Puppy Energy

Age plays a big role in why your schnauzer is so hyper.

If your doggo still has their puppy energy, it’s a large reason why they behave so hyper.

All puppies are hyper. It’s just a fact of life.

Their little bodies are filled with energy and they have no idea how to properly express it yet.

As they get older, they’ll start to calm down a bit but for the most part, all puppies are pretty hyper.

It’s important not to scold them or think that there’s something wrong with them because it’s perfectly natural for them to be this way.

Just try and give your pup plenty of outlets for their energy (see tips below) and manage your expectations a bit.

Some dogs don’t start calming down until 4-5 years old.

They may lose their puppy energy and not randomly get the zoomies like they did when they were really young.

But some schnauzers can take a little longer to calm down and lose their hyper, puppy energy.

5) Learned Behavior

Many people are surprised to hear that their schnauzer’s hyper behavior could have been learned.

But the truth is, if when your pup has been hyper in the past, you chased after them, shouted at them, or gave them attention in general, they learned being hyper was ‘good’ behavior.

Simply because in their mind they were being rewarded for acting hyper.

Your pup isn’t too concerned about whether they got negative (being yelled at) attention or positive, what they’re most concerned with is that they got your attention.

Also, being chased around is just a big game for them.

It’s just a way for them to play with you and up until now they’ve thought you enjoyed the game as well because you chase them.

It can be challenging to ignore your schnauzer’s hyper behavior.

But if you do react and give them any attention when they do behave this way it’s only training them to do it more.

6) They Love To Be Social

A well socialized schnauzer will love any interaction with people or other dogs.

So much so that it will get them all hyped up because being social is so much more fun than being alone like they are throughout the week.

This isn’t to say that all schnauzers will be hyper around people, but it’s a large reason why some doggos get very excited when they’re around others.

This is especially true if they don’t get to see other people or dogs often.

If your schnauzer is hyper around other people and dogs, it might just be because they love being social and want to play with everyone they meet!

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7) Post-Poop Excitement

This is a lesser known reason, but some schnauzers get hyper after they poop.

It’s not entirely clear why this happens.

But there are a few reasons people think dogs get so hyped up after they go number 2.

One reason is because they’re excited about finally being able to relieve themselves.

They might have been holding it all day and finally being able to go is a big relief and makes them feel good so they get all hyper.

Another thought is that your pup is excited about contributing to the neighborhood doggo forum.

Because dogs communicate largely through scent, when they go number 1 & 2 they’re ‘commenting’ on the doggo forum.

Which they’re super happy about because they know how much they enjoy smelling the other dogs comments/contributions.

The last reason is it might be that there’s something about the act of pooping itself that excites them.

If only we could ask why your schnauzer gets so hyper after going number 2!

8) Innocence

When your pup is young, they’re just so excited about everything!

It’s like the world is new to them and they’re experiencing it for the first time.

Everything is an adventure and because of that, they get easily excitable.

Also, even as your schnauzer gets older, they don’t have the best short term memory which means many things still excite them quite easily.

You probably notice this when you pull out their leash.

No matter how old your schnauzer has gotten, they still get a little hyper/excited when you say walk or bring out their leash.

Being innocent and so easily excitable could definitely be contributing to why your schnauzer gets hyper so often.

9) It’s a Schnauzer Thing

Schnauzers are high energy working dogs.

This means that even though they might not be doing anything at the moment, they have a lot of energy pent up inside them.

And when they finally do let loose and become hyper, it’s like all that energy just explodes out.

Their personality is also a reason why some schnauzers get so hyped up.

They’re known for being spunky, lively, and alert which definitely leads to a more hyper pup.

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The Only 2 Ways To Help Your Schnauzer Not Be So Hyper

1) More Exercise

This is the most common and obvious solution to a hyper schnauzer.

If your pup has too much energy, you need to help them burn it off somehow.

The best way to do this is through exercise.

You can take them on longer walks/runs, play more fetch, or go swimming if they enjoy that.

Anything to get them moving and using up that excess energy.

It’s truly one of the only real ways to help your schnauzer not be so hyper.

Their energy isn’t going to go away until they get older.

So to help them manage their energy levels while they’re young, they’ll need more exercise than they’re currently getting if you want to stop them from being so hyper.

2) More Mentally Stimulating Activities

The other way to help your schnauzer alleviate some of their pent up energy is through mentally stimulating activities.

This could be things like puzzle toys, food dispensing toys, training, obedience courses, agility courses, etc.

Anything that makes them think and use their brain will help burn up some of that energy and tire them out mentally which will in turn help stop them from being so hyper.

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Bonus: Let Them Get It Out Of Their System

Getting the zoomies and running around like a maniac is something that most puppies do.

It’s pretty hard to avoid.

So if you have a fenced backyard, whenever your schnauzer starts to get hyper, simply let them outside to get it out of their system.

While there are many things you can do to limit how hyper they are, sometimes the occasional zoomies outburst is unavoidable.

Which means having a place you can direct them to in order to get it out of their system is quite valuable.

This way nothing gets broken and no one gets hurt when they get in this mood.

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