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Are Bungee Dog Leashes Any Good? (The Truth..)

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Bungee leashes are one of the more unique types of leashes. As the name suggests, the leash isn’t a fixed length and can extend and contract as a dog pulls. Is this really any good though? Are bungee leashes a good walking tool?

Are Bungee Dog Leashes Good:

Bungee leashes can be good depending on your dog’s walking style. If your dog isn’t an aggressive puller but goes just beyond the reach of a traditional leash, a bungee leash might suit them well. People who have hyper dogs that run in every direction shouldn’t get a bungee leash.

In this post we discuss all you need to know about bungee dog leashes, what makes them good (or bad!) for walking, which types of dogs may benefit the most from these leashes, and the best bungee dog leashes available.

Let’s (bungee) jump right in, shall we?

What Makes a Bungee Dog Leash Good For Walking?

Bungee dog leashes consist of a section of leash that resembles a bungee cord. For the pet owners that have seen bungee jumpers in action (or on TV), you’ll remember that these cords allow someone to jump off a bridge for example and spring back a bit.

Similarly, a bungee leash contracts and extends as your dog walks, which is great for walking if your dog tends to tug on their leash. 

These leashes are also great for dogs who go on runs with their humans as they allow for more shock absorption. This helps create more comfort for both the runner and their four-legged running buddy. 

Complete Pros & Cons List Of Bungee Leashes

Here we’ll discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of adding a bungee leash to your walking arsenal. 

Pros Of Using a Bungee Leash

Allows For More Comfort

The extra leeway that a bungee leash offers allows both a dog and their walker more comfort, especially on a dog that tends to tug. 

Safer For Adventurous Dogs

Bungee leashes are ideal for dog owners that tend to take their dogs on walks, runs, hikes or even cycles. In the case that you were to trip or one of you would stagger while walking, the bungee leash will allow for a bit of extra space (and safety). 

Absorbs Shock 

Runners love bungee dog leashes, as it absorbs shock when a dog tugs on a leash. This is more comfortable for both the runner and the dog. 

Gives a Dog More Freedom Of Movement 

Dogs are curious by nature, but they can only explore so much while on a short leash. Bungee leashes are perfect for well-behaved dogs who like to sniff around while their human follows on their trail. A bungee leash allows a pet owner to still be in control, while allowing their dog to ‘roam free’ (at least, that’s what the dog will think). 

Prevents Dog From Choking

When tugging on a bungee leash, a dog will feel the leash extending and ultimately stiffening, instead of tugging and immediately being choked by their leash. This is much more comfortable and safer for your dog, as choking should be avoided. 

Cons Of Using a Bungee Leash

Now, it can’t all be good! We promised we would share both sides of a bungee leash. Here are a few cons. 

Doesn’t Allow For Control 

Although the fact that a bungee leash extends may be positive in some aspects, especially with well-behaved dogs, if a dog is hyperactive or has poor leash manners, you’ll have a tough time controlling them with this leash. 

Furthermore, if your dog was to attack a different dog while out on a walk on this leash, it would also be more difficult for you to gain control of the situation.

Unfortunately, some dogs need to be kept on a literal short leash. 

Not Ideal For Hyper Dogs 

Does your dog love to run wild and free, often chasing after everything from the garbage truck to a squirrel?

Then bungee leashes might not be for you. As mentioned in the previous point, these leashes don’t allow for much control. This means walks may not be such a treat for you anymore when you are desperately trying to get your dog under control. 

Could Create Bad Walking Habits

Since there is less of an aggressive reaction when your dog pulls beyond the length of their leash, they might not see a problem with pulling.

This means they might learn some bad walking habits because they have more freedom over where they go. A bungee leash shouldn’t be used because a dog isn’t a good walker but because they are. This way they already have good walking behavior but the odd time they do pull they won’t be harmed.

Are Bungee Dog Leashes Better Than Other Types Of Leashes?

Great For Tuggers 

Compared to nylon and cotton leashes, bungee leashes are much easier for dog owners to handle if their dog tends to tugs. Unlike with other leashes, the bungee leash will expand, preventing the dog walker from being pulled. 

Allows Freedom That Other Leashes Don’t 

If your dog likes to roam free (but isn’t allowed to), a bungee leash is by far the best option. Where nylon, chain and cotton leashes quite literally keep dogs on a short leash, a bungee leash will allow them a bit of freedom. 

Not Great If You Need To Take Control 

Dog owners may want to consider other leash alternatives, such as nylon and chain leashes, if their dog (or the dogs of fellow walkers) tend to be aggressive. With a bungee leash, you will not be able gain control over a possibly dangerous situation, as you would with a nylon, chain or cotton leash. 

What Type Of Dogs Would Benefit The Most From a Bungee Leash?

If you’re considering getting a bungee leash, these dogs will thank you: 

Dogs Who Tug On Their Leashes

If you have a dog that is still tugging on their leash, a bungee leash would be a good option to prevent them from harming their throat.

Smaller dog breeds have more sensitive throats that don’t hold up to pulling as well as bigger dogs.

While you’d still need to train them how to walk nicely on their leash, a bungee leash would create less force on their throat if/when they do pull.

Dogs Who Love Accompanying You For a Run 

Going for a run with your dog can be a great bonding experience, not to mention great exercise for the both of you!

A bungee leash is an above average option for runs because if one of you starts increasing or decreasing your pace, the other won’t get a tight tug. It will be a more gentle pull and create a teamwork-like experience to help you both finish your run.

Do Bungee Leashes Better Suit Big Or Small Dogs?

The size of the dog isn’t as important as their style of walking.

Regardless of if your dog is big or small, if they are aggressive pullers there’s a good chance a bungee leash will only reinforce this bad behavior.

Bungee leashes best suit dogs that are generally well trained on their leash. This makes it so if they have a moment of poor walking behavior and pull, it won’t harm their neck as much.

If you’re looking for a corrective walking tool for pulling, outside of training, a harness is a great option.

Best Bungee Dog Leash

There are so many different bungee leashes on the market, but below would have to be our top pick. 

AUROTH Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash 

Made from durable nylon material, this heavy-duty bungee leash is lightweight and greatly improves tensile strength. 

It is also more durable, with a lightweight buckle. Its two-way padded handles make the leash easier to control, and its anti-shock design offers more comfort to both owner and dog. 

In addition, this leash has multiple safety designs, such as an attached car seatbelt for safety when you drive with your dog, as well as a reflective dog leash for visibility at night. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know that a bungee dog leash is a leash that extracts and contracts as a dog walks. 

These leashes are great for temporary tuggers (to prevent them from injuring their neck), curious sniffers, and dog’s that join their owner on runs. 

Bungee leashes are not ideal for large, strong dogs who aren’t well trained on their leash. In this case they would likely pull too aggressively on the leash and prevent the owner from having full control. However, smaller dogs that are generally well behaved on their walks would enjoy these leashes.

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