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Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids? (50 Owners Asked!)

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When you have kids, the most important question to ask before adding a french bulldog to your family is if they’re good with kids.

The last thing you’d want to do is to bring home a french bulldog only to find out they don’t get along with your kids. So, how do these cute little pups handle being around kids?

Are French Bulldogs Good With Kids:

According to a survey of 50 different french bulldog owners who also have kids, a shocking 96% of people said that yes, french bulldogs are good family dogs. They are gentle, playful, and loving companion dogs which makes them wonderful for families with children.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • What real french bulldog owners had to say about how their frenchie is with their kids
  • 5 reasons french bulldogs are good with kids
  • 3 reasons french bulldogs aren’t good with kids
  • 4 tips to help ensure french bulldogs are good with kids
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

are french bulldogs good with kids

Real Owners Experiences Having Kids & A French Bulldog

The only real way to know if french bulldogs are good with kids is to ask a bunch of people who own a frenchie while also having kids.

If one french bulldog is good with kids that doesn’t necessarily mean all frenchies are good with them.

So, I found a survey IHeartDogs did that got people to share their experience owning a french bulldog while also having kids.

In total, 50 people weighed in on the discussion of whether french bulldogs are good family dogs or not.

People only had two options.

Yes or no.

Then, they were given the opportunity to share more about why they gave the answer they did.

Here were the results:

96% of people said yes, french bulldogs are good family dogs.

Only 4% of people said no, french bulldogs aren’t good family dogs.

A few people gave detailed answers I felt were very helpful that you can find below.

Kathy said: “Seamus is rugged and playful. My granddaughters are 3&7 and they spend hours playing with him. He is super patient with them.”

Ann said: “I have 2 frenchies and a Lab. They are great with kids and very loving dogs.”

Laura said: “Well socialized frenchies LOVE everyone. They thrive on attention and love to cuddle!”

Randy said: “Friendly with everyone. Don’t seem to develop favorite relationships with one owner. Do very well with children. Tough for a smaller dog.”

Claire said: “Mine is extremely friendly with people of all ages. She loves to play with young children and she loves cuddling with older adults too.”

Katayzyna said: “We have a toddler, and both boys are partners in crime. They do everything together. Introduce the baby to the dog right away, and include the dog in everything you do.”

My Take On The Survey:

Given that french bulldogs were bred to be companion dogs it makes sense that people would have an overwhelmingly positive experience having them in a home with kids.

The few people that said no mentioned that they felt their frenchie only liked being around adults.

No one mentioned that their french bulldog was aggressive with children or anything of that nature.

So, all in all, according to many different french bulldog owners, they are very good with kids.

As with all breeds, they need training and socialization with kids to ensure they’re on their best behavior.

But this is more on the owners part to make sure they learn from a young age how to properly behave around kids.

The more positive experiences they have with kids the better behaved they’ll be around them.

5 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are Good With Kids

1) Small But Sturdy

When you have kids at home, the size of the dog you bring home is definitely something a lot of parents think about.

In this instance, french bulldogs are good with kids because of their smaller size.

But while they’re small, they’re sturdy little buggers.

So as your kids get older and a little stronger, they aren’t likely to accidentally harm or injure a frenchie because of their sturdy stature.

It’s still best to teach your kids how to properly interact with a dog, but a french bulldog’s small size and sturdy frame help make them a good match for kids.

2) Naturally Companion Dogs

French bulldogs were originally bred to be companions.

Throughout their history, they have been known as “nanny dogs” because of their propensity to watch over and care for children.

This makes them good with kids because it’s in their nature to be gentle and loving with children.

They may not be the best guard dogs because of their small size, but they will definitely watch over your kids and be their loyal companion.

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3) Not Overly Vocal

Another nice thing that makes french bulldogs good with kids is that they aren’t overly vocal.

Which means they won’t scare your kiddos with excessive loud barking.

Or they won’t keep them awake when they’re trying to nap with excessive howling or barking by anyone that passes by your home.

They may bark when someone comes to the door, but they’re not known for being yappy or consistent barking like some other breeds.

This can be a big relief for parents who don’t want to deal with a dog that is constantly making additional noise.

4) Help Teach Responsibility

Having a french bulldog at home when you have kids is a great way to help teach your kids responsibility.

Your kids can help feed them, train them, walk them, clean up after them and play with them.

They can also help with some basic grooming like brushing their fur and cleaning their ears.

This is a great way to teach your kids how to be responsible and take care of someone else besides themselves.

It also teaches them commitment and being consistent.

Both valuable character traits that can serve your kids for the rest of their lives.

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5) Love To Play

Last but not least, french bulldogs are good with kids because they love to play.

They’re energetic and playful, but not in an overly hyperactive way.

Which is a perfect combination for kids who want a dog that will play with them, but not one that will be bouncing off the walls constantly (which is usually music to a parents ears).

You’ll be hard pressed to find a french bulldog that turns down a play session.

Which is great for kids who always want something to do.

3 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Aren’t Good With Kids

1) Often Jealous

While french bulldogs can be good with kids, they aren’t always the best match.

This is because french bulldogs are often jealous of the attention their owners give to other people, including children.

This is more likely to happen if you’ve had a french bulldog for a couple years and are about to have a baby.

Your frenchie is likely used to getting most of your attention, and now that a new baby is home that requires your attention, your pup might not handle it too well.

Not in an aggressive way, but in an overly clingy/needy way.

2) Added Expense

Another reason why french bulldogs may not be the best match for families with young children is because they can be expensive to care for.

This is due to their many health issues that require special care and attention.

So if you’re already on a tight budget, adding a french bulldog into the mix might not be the best idea.

You’ll need to factor in the cost of food, vet bills, toys, grooming, etc.

Of all dog breeds, french bulldogs can be one of the more expensive ones because of their increased likelihood of having a health issue.

3) They Can Be Quite High Maintenance

Last but not least, french bulldogs can be quite high maintenance.

While their health issues can be expensive, it also results in them being more high maintenance.

And depending on how old your kids are, adding a high maintenance doggo to your family may not be the best thing.

They have breathing troubles, sensitive stomachs, and are prone to infection as well as many other conditions.

As many owners shared in the survey, they’re lovely to have in your home.

But, they can be high maintenance which can make them less than ideal when paired with young children.

4 Tips To Help French Bulldogs Be Great With Kids

1) Plenty Of Socializing With Kids

If you want your french bulldog to be good with kids, it’s important that they get plenty of socializing with kids.

The best way to do this is by taking them to places where there are lots of children around such as the park, beach, or even just for a walk around the block.

This will help your frenchie get used to being around kids and learn how to properly behave around them.

Not be overly hyper, gentle, not scared/skittish, etc.

The more exposure they have to kids in many different situations/environments, the better.

2) Plenty Of Exercise

A tired doggo is a calm doggo.

And if you have kids in your home it’s definitely safer for your pup to get lots of exercise so they aren’t bouncing off the walls with pent up energy.

You can take them on brisk walks, to the dog park, or even just play fetch in the backyard.

The key is to make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise every day so they’re calm and relaxed when kids are around.

Plus, it’s a great way for you and your pup to bond.

3) Plenty Of Training (For Both Kids & Frenchie)

If you want your french bulldog to be good with kids, it’s important that they have plenty of training.

This includes obedience training as well as socialization training.

But, it’s also just as important that your kids know how to properly interact with dogs.

Teach them the proper way to pet a dog, how to approach a dog, their sensitive areas (ears, tail, face, etc.) and what not to do around them.

The more training your frenchie as well as your kids have, the better off everyone will be.

4) Keep A Watchful Eye

In the beginning, it’s important to watch your french bulldog interact with your kids.

Not only to make sure your frenchie is behaving, but also your kids.

This way you can correct any bad behavior before it becomes a habit.

Even if you do all of the above tips, it’s still important to keep a watchful eye when your french bulldog is around kids.

This is just to be safe as sometimes play time can get carried away.

Not with the intention to hurt, but when energy/excitement gets a little too high accidents can happen.

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