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12 Best Dog Brushes for Labradoodles: What to Consider When Buying

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Quick Access To The Best Brushes For Labradoodles ?

Editors PickBrand
Best OverallThe Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush
Best Runner UpThe FURminator Deshedding Tool
Best BudgetThe FURminator Brush
Best Under $15The Glendan Dog Brush
Best Dematting Tool For LabradoodleThe Poodle Pet Dematting Rake

Labradoodles are best known for their hypoallergenic coats and being great as a family dog. They can be very affectionate, but they also have a reputation of shedding quite a bit!

Labradoodles shed less than other breeds, but the best way to prevent any excessive shedding is to brush them regularly with the best dog brush for a labradoodle.

If you’re wondering what kind of brushes I’m talking about, this post will give you all the information you need on 12 best dog brushes for labradoodles that are available today.

Let’s dive in to our best overall brush pick for a labradoodle.

best dog brush for labradoodle

Top 12 Best Brushes For Labradoodles

Best Overall: The Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

The Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush is our pick for the best labradoodle brush. When it comes to getting rid of excess hair and taking care of tangles as well as knots this brush does a top-quality job.

It’s known, and used by professional dog groomers, for its durability as well as effectiveness.

The brushes’ most noteworthy features are it’s cushioned pad for increased pin movement, a comfortable rubber handle for better gripping, and it’s longer than usual pins.

Because the pins are longer it allows the brush to work through stubborn knots easier and make quick work of them.

While it’s tough on knots it’s gentle on their skin so you’ll be able to finish brushing your pup sooner and without as much energy used.

That was something we noticed many people spoke about after using this brush, that it enabled them to speed up grooming time while still doing a good job.

Some people mentioned that their dog, who didn’t enjoy being brushed with previous brushes, seemed to enjoy having this brush used on them.

Something else that makes this brush stand out from the rest is the fact it has over 3,000 reviews with almost 90% of them being 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush Key Features:

  • Made with larger pins to help grip matting and tangles
  • Has a cushioned pad for better brushing function
  • Ergonomic rubber handle to help make your job easier

Best Runner Up: The FURminator Deshedding Tool

The FURminator Deshedding Tool is our best runner up brush pick for a labradoodle.

It does a great job at collecting and easily removing loose hair without pulling on your pups skin.

It comes equipped with two blades that make quick work of knotted or matted hair so grooming sessions are speedy and effective.

You’d be surprised how much additional hair you’re able to collect with this brush.

Many people who’ve used this brush shared that they didn’t even know their dog had as much loose hair as they did until using this brush.

The handle is made with comfortable rubber to make grooming sessions more bearable for you and put less strain on your hand.

People who’ve bought and used this brush shared that they found it was able to take care of matted fur quite easily without excessive pulling on their dogs skin.

Some also mentioned that previous brushes were barely collecting any hair as they brushed through their pup’s coat but this one was really able to get most of it.

FURminator Deshedding Tool Key Features:

  • Helps safely remove matted fur
  • Effectively gets to the undercoat to get rid of loose hair
  • Comfortable handle design to make brushing easier on you

Best Budget: The FURminator Brush

An inexpensive lightweight brush that removes surface mats and tangles for a clean, healthy coat? You’re looking for the FURminator Brush.

The pins are arranged like fingers that help make it the terminator of fur while still being gentle on your pup’s skin by reducing pulling.

The brush allows you to smooth out painful knots and helps give a pleasant, low-stress brushing experience.

It’s perfect for labradoodles with medium length coats but also works wonders with longer, curly haired pups.

The brush is ideal for scruffy doggos who need a good daily brushing to keep their curly coat under control.

The FURminator Brush Key Features:

  • Gets rid of mats and tangling without painful pulling
  • Designed to be gentle on their skin
  • Made for dogs with curly locks

Best Under $15: The Glendan Dog Brush

The best brush under $15 for a labradoodle in our opinion is the Glendan Dog Brush. If you’re on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality, this brush is a great option.

This brush is more unique than other brushes as it’s head rotates. Some areas need a more custom experience and by rotating the head you’ll be able to tackle all areas of your pups body with no problem.

It’s an easy to clean brush that helps make grooming a less time consuming task.

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with just a few materials. It may look simple, but we think the Glendan Dog Brush is a great brush for a great price.

Glendan Dog Brush Key Features:

  • Helps remove matting, dander and trapped dirt
  • Great for both long and short hair
  • Handle is made with comfort-grip features

Best Dematting Tool For Labradoodle: The Poodle Pet Dematting Rake

Our pick for the best dematting tool for a labradoodle is the Poodle Pet Dematting Rake.

This brush is designed with the intense curls of a poodle in mind, so you know it’ll be able to handle serious matting.

It’s great at gently but effectively removing knots, matted areas as well as tangles from the scruffiest of coats.

The length of the metal combs reaches deep into thick hair to make quick work of irritating bunched up fur.

The handle is made of top-grate rubber that helps you remain in control while tackling serious knots or tangles. It also has wavy ridges that are quite comfortable in your hand to help reduce fatigue.

Poodle Pet Dematting Rake Key Features:

  • Designed specifically to gently get rid of tangles, knots and matted spots
  • Reaches deep into thick hair to effectively break up bunches
  • Made with quality material to last the test of time

Other Top-Rated Picks

The Paw Brothers Slicker Dog Brush

The Paw Brothers Slicker Dog Brush is a rather inexpensive brush that doesn’t sacrifice quality, making it a great choice for a labradoodle.

It’s long stainless steel pins get deep into your pup’s coat to take care of bunched up hair that is not as easily noticeable.

The corners of the brush are also rounded to avoid their hair catching or grabbing while grooming to make it more of a positive experience for your pup.

The brush is designed to remain comfortable in your hand and gentle on your pup’s skin. Both you and your pup won’t dread brush time when you have the right tool.

Paw Brothers Slicker Dog Brush Key Features:

  • Pins are extra long and stainless steel
  • Rounded corners to avoid unwanted catching or grabbing
  • Tough on mats, gentle on skin

The Safari Pin and Bristle Dog Brush

Take care of tough tangles as well as cleaning up their coat with the Safari Pin and Bristle Dog Brush.

If you’re wanting to keep the amount of grooming tools you have in your home to a minimum, this is a great option.

The brush is double sided and helps to take care of loose hair, tangles & knots, dirt as well as debris that are trapped in your pup’s coat.

The pin side of the brush is best used for tackling tangles and collecting loose hair. The bristle side of the brush helps distribute their natural skin oils and removes any left over dead hair as well as gathering dirt and debris.

The bristles are made of quality organic bristle hair to give your dog’s coat a lustrous shine with each stroke.

Safari Pin and Bristle Dog Brush Key Features:

  • 2-in-1 pin and bristle brush
  • Helps spread natural oils to promote a clean, shiny coat
  • Great for everyday maintenance brushing

The HappyDogz Slicker Brush

The HappyDogz Slicker Brush aims to make more than just a happy dog, but a happy dog mom too!

The brush’s pins are soft enough to remove debris and loose hair from their coat without being irritating, but firm enough to take care of stubborn knots or tough tangles.

No matter how thin or thick your pup’s hair is, this brush will help make their coat look silky smooth in no time.

It has an ergonomic design, anti-slip grip, and high durability for you. And gentle but effective pins for your pup to keep their skin and coat maintained.

HappyDogz Slicker Brush Key Features:

  • Pins are gentle on your dog but firm enough to get out tough knots
  • Comfortable & durable to use
  • Great for both thin and thick coats for dogs with sensitive skin

The Coastal Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

The Coastal Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush has soft pins that are gentle enough for long brushing sessions that won’t leave any tangles left behind.

The brush has a button on the back to retract the pins helping you save time when it comes to brushing by making cleaning up as quick and painless as possible.

Its pins are stainless steel which increases the lifespan of the brush making sure you get the most out of it before needing a new one. They’re tough on tangles and collecting loose hair but gentle on your pups skin.

Coastal Pet Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush Key Features:

  • Durable stainless steel pins increase the lifespan of the brush
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Retractable pins for quick & easy clean up

The Dog Grooming Glove

This handy brush (see what I did there) is designed to provide a carefree grooming experience.

Simply slip it on your hand and you’ll be on your way to getting rid of dirt, debris and loose hair from your curly haired pup.

Any loose hair that your pup has on their body will easily stick to the glove as you give them a good rub down with this grooming glove. It makes brushing sessions gentle but effective.

The palm of the hand as well as fingers are covered with little rubber nubs that give your pup a nice massage while cleaning up their coat.

They’ll think they’re just getting some lovin’ from you and you’ll be taking care of knots & tangles while keeping their coat well maintained.

Dog Grooming Glove Key Features:

  • Rubber nubs on the glove provide a relaxing massage when brushing
  • More relaxed grooming than traditional brushes & combs
  • Excess hair sticks to glove making collecting and throwing away hair simple

The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Young pups or sensitive skinned doggos need not fear brush time when the Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is being used.

Now, your labradoodle may or may not have a double coat, but regardless this brush will collect any loose hair while also smoothing out tangles without being painful for your pup.

Hands down the best feature is the button on the back that retracts the pins. Once the brush gets filled with hair simply press the button on the back and the hair falls into a neat pile on the floor to be thrown away.

And any good brush needs a good handle. The handle is designed with a special rubber to make sure your hand doesn’t slip at all during your grooming sessions.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Key Features:

  • Great for sensitive skinned dogs
  • Made with anti-slip grip on handle
  • Retractable bristles make it super easy to clean

The Gorilla Grip Rake Brush

The Gorilla Grip Rake Brush comes in handy when you have to deal with pesky knots that require a little more work than other brushes can handle.

It’s designed with two sides of teeth that serve specific purposes. The side with more teeth (17) is meant to be used to deshed and collect all their loose hair. The other side with just 9 teeth is meant for detangling.

It’s handle is designed to minimize discomfort while maximizing the brushes effectiveness. The slip resistant grip helps you stay in control while tackling tough tangles.

Gorilla Grip Rake Brush Key Features:

  • Great for deshedding and detangling
  • Made with stainless steel combs
  • Comfortable handle for long & short brushing sessions


How To Brush Your Labradoodle Puppy?

Since your labradoodle puppy isn’t familiar with brushing yet and likely has more sensitive skin you’ll want to take things slower. Start with small brush strokes moving to longer strokes as little knots and tangles are straightened out.

Another important note is to always brush with the growth of their hair and not against it. These two simple tricks will help make brushing more enjoyable for your pup.

You can start with each individual leg or with their body, I personally like to start with their body.

Starting at the back of their neck, gradually work your way toward their bum/tail.

Once you’re able to do full body length brush strokes with little to no tension from tangles or knots you’re ready to move on to their sides and belly. Don’t forget their tail!

Once their torso is finished you’ll want to tackle each individual leg. Start at their armpit and move down toward their paw. Following the same idea of starting with short brush strokes then gradually lengthening them.

Now for the last, and most sensitive part, their head, face and ears.

This area should be done carefully. In case they make a sudden movement you want to be able to make sure you don’t accidently hurt them.

And presto! Your pup is fully brushed and ready for the rest of their day.

How Often Should I Brush My Labradoodle?

In order to keep your labradoodles coat healthy you’ll want to brush them everyday, or at a minimum, 5 days a week. While your labradoodle may not shed excessively, their curls easily become matted if not maintained.

The fact that labradoodles are hypoallergenic and have hair, not fur is a big reason why they’re such a popular breed (aside from also being super cute). However, their beautiful curly locks require a good amount of maintenance.

If you don’t brush your pup frequently their coat will become a matted mess which doesn’t look the best and isn’t very comfortable for your doggo.

The best way to ensure their coat stays soft and luscious is by building a habit of brushing them.

Not only will their skin and coat stay healthy but you’ll be able to enjoy additional bonding time, do mini health exams as you’re giving their whole body a rub down, and spread their natural skin oils.

How Do You Brush A Matted Labradoodle?

Brushing a matted labradoodle requires some additional tools. While a good slicker brush can take care of most knots, if you’re dealing with serious mats you’ll need some scissors or a rake brush.

Before pulling out your regular, everyday grooming brush you’ll want to grab a rake brush (if you don’t have one I’d recommend the Gorilla Grip Rake Brush) or some scissors.

If the matted area(s) are too bunched up that your rake brush is unable to break them down you’ll need to clip them with scissors.

Once the more severe mats are taken care of the rest of their body that has more minor tangles and knots can be dealt with, with a good slicker brush.

Our best overall pick, the Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush, is great at tackling tangles without being irritating for your doggo.

Simply follow the same process we outlined in the question ‘how to brush your labradoodle puppy?’ after you’ve gotten rid of the major knots and your pup’s coat will be good as new in no time.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right brush can be challenging.

On the one hand, it’s nice to have a lot of options to choose from. However, on the other hand, it can make making a decision pretty tough.

There’s endless reviews to look through and how do you know if one is going to be better for your specific pup than another.

That’s exactly why we made this list.

After looking at well over 50 different brushes, we believe the 12 listed above are the best of the best for a labradoodles curly coat.

We’re confident that if you bring home any of the brushes on our list that both you and your pup will be happy with the choice you made.

Happy brushing!

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