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28 Best Dog Brushes For All Types Of Fur (100+ Reviewed)

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Editors PickBrand
Best Slicker BrushHartz Groomer’s Best
Best Rake BrushFURminator Grooming Rake
Best Bristle BrushJW Pet Company GripSoft
Best Pin BrushAndis Premium Pet Grooming

Ooh, that long, shiny coat, those adorable woolly, short curls, or the idea that the breed isn’t prone to shedding. Who could resist?

But, now that furry family member is dropping hair everywhere… Or needing some careful attention to get rid of mats and tangles that have become a painful issue.

This means that brushing and caring for your dog’s fur just became part of your routine. Now you’re left with finding the best dog brush for your pup. You want to make sure that brushing time is also enjoyable, quality time.

Using the wrong brush for your dog’s coat will only lead to unnecessary painful brushing sessions. This is not only frustrating for your but also for your canine companion as well.

The easiest way to make grooming time enjoyable is to start by making sure you are using the best dog brush.

The good news is that the top picks are easy to find on Amazon and Chewy.

Table of Contents

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Most Common Types Of Dog Brushes

Finding the best dog brush for your pet is not as easy as just running to your local pet store to grab a one-size-fits-all style of grooming brush.

Several factors will determine which kind is best. For instance, you may wonder what brush is best for long-haired dogs, or for German Shepherds, for Poodles, for shedding, or for dry and sensitive skin.

Some of the most common types of brushes include a slicker brush, rakes, and pin brushes. Let’s take a look at each one and how they are best used to groom the dog’s coat of fur.


A slicker brush has thin wire bristles that set close together and are great for removing loose fur from dogs with long hair and for overall general brushing.

The slicker brush you use on your dog should be stiff to tackle tangles, yet gentle when it brushes against the dog’s skin. A slicker brush is best for use with long-haired dogs or those with double coats who shed a lot.

If you have a Golden Retriever, a German shepherd, Siberian Husky, or any hybrid mix of these breeds, you will need to have a slicker brush on hand for grooming.


A rake is a special grooming tool that has small teeth designed to reach through the dog’s topcoat and remove any loose hair from the undercoat.

Much like raking leaves, these brushes gently get to the thick undercoat where mats and tangles quickly become an issue if left unkempt.

The rake brush helps loosen tough matting and tangles. A rake is great for use on long-haired dogs but they are made in various sizes to match different breeds.

Rakes that have fine teeth are better for short-haired dogs, whereas those with wider set teeth are for heavier, longer coats of fur.


A bristle brush features soft groups of bristles that are usually set in wood or plastic. Soft bristle brushes are great for short hair shedding breeds, such as Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas, and Dachshunds.

A bristle dog brush also works great on dogs with wiry coats. Bristles are nice for smoothing out their coats and removing dead hairs during the shedding season.

The bristles also help to redistribute the dog’s natural skin oils throughout the fur, leaving a nice shine behind especially if the base is made of natural wood.


A pin brush looks a lot like the kind of brush you may be using on your own hair, so be careful not to confuse the two. The pins are usually made out of metal, often stainless steel, pins set in a cushion, and spaced fairly far apart.

The spacing of the pins helps prevent hair breakage while brushing. A well-made, quality pin brush will have rounded ends on the tips of the pins so they do not scratch the dog’s skin during grooming.

The length of the pins will determine what type of coat they should be used on. Shorter pins are intended for shorter dog coats, and longer pins for fuller, thick coats.

There are also combo brushes that have soft bristles on one side and pins on the other. The pin side brushes out tangles and removes any loose hair, while the bristles are great for short-haired breeds.

Many also find deshedding tools, grooming gloves, and Curry brushes helpful depending on the type of hair they are grooming. Let’s take a look at the best slicker, rakes, bristle, and pin brushes, and choose the best dog brush for your loyal furry friend.

The 7 Best Slicker Brushes For Dogs

Best Slicker Dog Brush: Hartz Groomer’s Best

Stay ahead of shedding before it starts with this groomer’s pick and Chewy.com approved, professional quality dog brush that is best for shedding. This Hartz Groomer’s Best is the best brush for Labs. The fine bristles gently and quickly grab loose hair while going to work on the tangles and mats underneath in the most gentle way possible.

The bristles are designed with a soft protective coating to make grooming time enjoyable. The brush’s ergonomically designed handle helps you get a good grip without causing your hand to get tired throughout the sometimes tedious process of getting right down to the tough mats. And let’s be honest, which can take a good amount of time and patience to smooth out. With its safe and gentle design, you can feel confident in using it every day.

Best Self-Cleaning Slicker Dog Brush: PET PULL Self Cleaning

Easily maintain control of the brush with one hand while holding your furry friend with the other. Tackle shedding and hard-to-smooth-out tangles. It’s nice to get a brush with a feature that cleans itself without hassles.

Perfect for all coats, including dogs with long, wiry, short, thick, or curly hair.

Cleanup couldn’t be easier. Keep all that fur from floating around the house or clogging up your vacuum. When you’re done brushing for the day, press the button on the back of the brush to quickly release the fur.

You will be amazed at how much hair has come out that would have otherwise ended up all over everything.

Best Slicker Dog Brush For Sensitive Skin: Premium Brush

Groom your cuddly canine without ending up with a lap full of fur. This premium option is great for effortlessly dematting, removing tangles, dander, dirt, and loose fur. Use it on long or short-haired pups.

Don’t worry about the sharp bristles causing pain for your dog.

This brush features a curved bristle system that contains massage particles that not only protect your dog’s skin but are so soothing they may never want the grooming to end.

This premium brush is best for sensitive skin. With very gentle pressure, start brushing in the direction of the fur growth from the head, neck to the shoulder, and then make your way to your pet’s chest, waist, abdomen belly, to the rear section, and then to the legs and tail.

Best Slicker Dog Brush For Shedding: Pet Neat Self Cleaning

Keep pet hair off of your furniture while keeping your dog free of matting issues. This professional-quality brush reduces shedding drastically. Get rid of nasty matting by loosening and freeing your dog’s undercoat of dirt, dander, and debris.

The bristles are made from fine bent wires that are designed to penetrate deep through the fur without scratching or harming your lovable pet’s skin.

Your dog will enjoy the gentle grooming massage, while you enjoy the comfort-grip, anti-slip handle that allows you to get to the root of even the most tangled mats without causing strain to your hand or wrist.

Clean up is easy too! When you’re done, click the button to retract the bristles back into the brush making it easy to wipe off the fur.

Best Affordable Slicker Dog Brush: Paw Brothers Stainless Steel

Groom your dog with the confidence of a brush designed to satisfy even professional groomers at an affordable price.

This professional-quality slicker brush is designed with special safety features of rounded corners and extra-long bristles that won’t harm your dog’s skin. The brush is large and flat with 1” sturdy pins.

Its rounded corners are designed so that you don’t catch your dog’s fur and cause them pain. Also, its stainless steel extra long pins get to the root of matting issues without harming the skin.

This large, flat brush is especially great for medium to large dogs who have long, thick, or double coats. The grips make it comfortable to hold without slipping accidentally out of your hands when you’re in the middle of gently trying to get a tangle out.

Best Multi-Function Slicker Brush: Glendan Dog Slicker

Enjoy this multi-function grooming brush that offers an amazing pet massage for both small or large dogs with any coat type.

Come at hard-to-reach mats from any angle without losing control of the brush so that you can make sure your dog is comfortable throughout the entire grooming process.

Rotate the head full of bristles a full 360 degrees with three rotation modes. The brush is made from rubber and stainless steel with an anti-slip handle.

As you brush, the safe and comfortable bristles massage your dog’s skin to help prevent skin disease and increase blood circulation making the Glendan Dog slicker brush the best for dry skin.

Remove the dead undercoat to leave your dog’s fur looking soft and shiny.

Best Easy-To-Clean De-Matting Slicker: Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker

When one of the main points of the brushing is to keep all of that fur under control, it’s important to get a brush that is easy to clean.

This self-cleaning slicker brush gently removes loose hair from the undercoat, tackles mats and tangles, and is easy to clean up afterward.

When you’re done brushing for the day, simply click the button to make the bristles retract and easily shake the fur off into a trash can.

Get rid of mats without hurting your pup with the fine bent wired bristles that are designed to get deep into the thick coat without scratching your dog’s skin underneath. Your dog might even start to enjoy being brushed!

The 7 Best Rakes Brushes For Dogs

These rakes are top picks to tackle matting.

Best Rake Dog Brush: FURminator Grooming Rake

The FURminator grooming rake is best for short hair shedding dogs or those with thick fur or dense double coats since it efficiently and successfully gets underneath to where the mats form without removing or damaging the topcoat.

Remove loose hair, tangles, and prevent matting.

These rotating metal teeth keep turning until the loose hair is removed from the undercoat. Get a firm grip on the ergonomic nonslip handle to retain maximum control to safely remove deep-set matting and tangling.

This rake is designed to break up stubborn tangles, remove debris, and loose fur. Use deshedding tools like this rake at least once a week to reduce hair loss from regular shedding.

Best Double-Sided Rake: Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Double-Sided Rake

If you thought you knew how much hair your dog has to shed, think again. This double-sided rake will amaze you at how much hair is picked up in just one use.

It reduces almost all of your dog’s shedding with its dual-head design. Use the 9-teeth side to remove mats, tangles, and knots.

Use the 17-teeth side for thinning and deshedding loose hair. The teeth all have rounded ends so they will not scratch or irritate your dog’s skin.

Use the rake regularly to greatly reduce shedding. It’s perfect for removing matting in the undercoat and extra fur for heavy shedders. Use this rake with short, medium, and long coats to leave your pet’s fur sleek, shiny, and healthy.

Best Sensitive Rake: Dog rake

Scientifically designed to promote healthy skin and a shiny topcoat in your dog’s fur, you never lose your grip with the well-designed handle.

The rake is meant to stimulate hair follicles so they release healthy oils, to protect you and your pet from skin allergies, and minimize irritation from build up.

The soft silicone handle design allows you to maintain maximum grip so the rake doesn’t slip out of your hand while trying to get the matted areas or tangles smoothed out.

This rake is perfect for short or for long hair coats. It features a double row of stainless steel pins to reduce a lot of shedding without causing harm or pain to your dog’s skin.

Best 2-Sided Rake Dog Brush: Pat Your Pet 2-Sided Undercoat Rake

This extra-gentle rake is a multi-purpose grooming tool for dematting, de-shedding, and brushing that is perfect for medium and long-haired pets.

Use the high-quality, no-rust stainless steel teeth and the slightly sharpened blades that are located inside to smoothly cut through the toughest mats.

Use the 9-teeth side for the toughest mats and tangles, and use the 17-teeth side for thinning and de-shedding.

Its no-scratch rounded teeth are entirely safe for your pet. On top of that, the special design also massages the skin to ensure better blood circulation and promote a healthy and shiny coat.

The ergonomic and anti-slip grip handle makes the entire process more convenient and easier on you as well.

Best Rake Brush For Poodle: Poodle Rake

If you have a poodle, you know that their curly or woolly fur requires special care with grooming. This rake works great on double-coated breeds, heavy coats, and rustic coat types and is best for poodles.

In order to maintain a healthy coat on a poodle, you must get rid of all of the matting underneath the topcoat and gently remove loose or tangled hair from the undercoat.

As you begin to brush with this rake, the specially designed pins pull out loose hair from the undercoat without causing pain to your dog. This rake’s innovative design lets air reach the skin to stimulate the hair follicles which releases healthy oils.

It also provides you with two rows of precision tapered pins to gently remove mats and remove loose hairs. Get the brush down to the skin in a massaging action, and you will also help to remove dandruff flakes, dander, and dirt.

Best Rake Dog Brush Massager: PawsPamper Undercoat Rake

Pamper your dog with this rake that features proprietary stainless steel teeth angulation to deliver a fast and painless grooming session. It feels more like a brush massager with its skin-friendly, rounded blade tip.

Safely groom several times a week as necessary. Start with a rake, to get rid of matting and tangles, and finishing with a slicker brush.

This rake brush works best on heavy or double-coated dogs and should not be used on dogs with thin hair. The rake is made with ultra-durable full Tang construction.

Get a solid grip on the wooden handle so you can precisely and gently remove loose, shedding hair without pulling your canine’s hair.

Best Short-Tooth Rake: ConairPRO Dog Short-Tooth Rake

Make grooming easy on both you and your pet with this quality rake brush. Prepare your dog’s fur to be brushed or cut by first raking through tangles and loosening dirt and loose fur.

Enjoy how easy it is to use with its soft memory foam, non-slip grip that conforms to the shape of your hand giving you better control and less achy hands.

This short-tooth rake is specially designed to remove loose, excess hair from the undercoat to keep shedding under control.

Use the medium-tooth undercoat rake with gel grip handle to remove stray hairs, tangles, or burrs that have become stuck and lodged in the underbelly fur.

The 7 Best Bristle Brushes For Dogs

These bristle brushes are perfect for shorter coats, and they remove fine dirt and add a shine to finish off the look. Find these best bristle brushes on Amazon.

Best Bristle brush: JW Pet Company GripSoft

This JW Pet Company GripSoft brush is a favorite for many of its features, especially the affordably low price tag. Chewy.com calls it a great finishing tool after a bath or a grooming session.

The soft bristles gently smooth out your dog’s fur while removing small patches of loose hair.

The bristles may be made for any coat of hair in a dog, but the handle is made for you. Get a firm grip on the non-slip ergonomic handle that is specially designed around the curvature of a human’s hand.

Confidently maneuver the brush around even the most sensitive areas of your furry friend’s hair without causing harm or discomfort. It’s especially great for grooming around the face area.

Best Boar Bristle: Chris Christensen Soft Tufted Boar Brush

If you use a bristle brush on your own hair, you may be familiar with the benefits of boar bristles. These same benefits hold true for your dog’s hair as well. These boar bristles offer a nice soft bristle that glides through the hair.

In the case of your dog, a boar bristle brush is great for stimulating hair and skin follicles for a healthy coat of fur while it helps to evenly distribute natural oils throughout the coat for an amazing shine.

It also helps to smooth out waves during a blow-dry. This Chris Christensen Soft Tufted Boar Brush features a top-quality full 8 rows of natural boar bristles set on a lightweight Beechwood handle.

Best Hemp Bristle: Burt’s Bees for Dogs Hemp Bristle

Burt’s Bees has been manufacturing products made from nature, for people, for years. This hemp bristle, double-sided brush brings the safe, natural product to your dog’s world.

Use this double-sided brush through your dog’s fur to remove debris and restore a soft luster. The brush itself is made from recycled bamboo, and the bristles are made from hemp.

While it is just the bristles of this brush that are made out of the hemp plant, when the oil is used it helps to promote healthy hair growth and contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.

The brush comes in a few sizes, ranging from being meant for a puppy all the way up to an adult doggo, so be sure to pick the right size for your dog.

Best Eco-Friendly Bristle Brush: BioSilk Eco-Friendly Boar Hair

Both you and your dog will enjoy a pleasurable grooming experience with a specially designed brush from a company that brought silk protein-infused hair products to humans.

Not only is this brush made with a clean environment in mind, but it is also designed for you to get an easy hold for brushing your dog.

The brush is made from sustainable construction and plant-based materials. The unique Spiral Flex technology allows the brush to flex and move to contour to your dog’s body, so de-tangling is not such a struggle.

The boar hair bristles are soft and ideal for brushing out loose hairs while leaving behind a beautiful, healthy-looking shine as it helps to spread natural oils throughout the fur.

Best Luxury Grade Bristle Brush: Bass Brushes Luxury Grade

Go completely natural for your short-haired wonder dog with this 100% pure premium natural bristle brush set on a natural bamboo handle. Bass brushes offer a luxury-grade dog brush that delivers the results you will be happy with.

The middle layer is made up of pure boar bristles for intense conditioning when it helps to spread your dog’s natural oils throughout the hair.

Gently brush your dog’s topcoat and watch how a beautifully shiny and healthy furry coat emerges. As it goes to work while you gently brush, your dog’s natural oils are being spread to also help condition their coat and provide a protective layer.

Choose between solid or striped wood handles!

Best Small Bristle: Small Safari Bristle Brush

Get a firm grip on the ergonomic plastic handle so you can gently brush your short-haired dog. As you brush, this Safari bristle design will clean and shine all types of coats.

The soft brushing action will also begin to distribute natural oils from your dog’s skin throughout the entire coat of fur. First, groom at an angle to remove dirt and debris, and then begin with gentle, long-flowing strokes.

Brush with long strokes in the direction of your dog’s hair growth for best grooming results, or fluff up the hair by brushing in the opposite direction.

While it is available in small and large sizes, the small brush is best suited for small to medium breeds such as Basset Hounds, Boston Terriers, Beagles, Dachshunds, Miniature Pinschers, Pugs, or Welsh Corgi breeds.

For larger breeds, like the Irish Setter, Golden Retriever, Collies, Labrador Retrievers, Newfoundlands, Weimaraner, Doberman, or Great Danes, check out the larger version of this brush along with additional tools for de-tangling the undercoat.

Best Bristle Brush For Dry Skin: Mushroomcat Handmade Boar Bristle

Make your dog’s hair more supple and shiny while tackling frizz and flyaway fur. Naturally, stimulate the oils that are in your dog’s skin with gentle brushing with this boar bristle choice.

This handmade grooming brush is lightweight, so it is easy for you to brush without losing your grip or your hand becoming fatigued. It is made of nylon and pig bristles which makes it a fantastic fluffing and dander cleaning tool.

This specific brush is designed to remove floating hair on the surface of your pet’s fur without causing damage to the undercoat or your dog’s skin. It actually adds a massage effect, which makes it enjoyable for your pet.

The 7 Best Pin Brushes For Dogs

Use a pin brush for all-around gentle brushing for most breeds, getting out minor tangles or matting. Find these top pin brushes on Amazon.

Best Pin Brush: Andis Premium Pet Grooming

The Andis Premium Pet Grooming brush is the best for long hair. Remove small tangles, dirt, and loose fur with these pin-head bristles that are carefully designed to prevent skin irritation on your dog.

As you brush, the pins gently massage to stimulate hair and skin follicles. While your main goal is keeping your dog’s fur healthy and well-groomed, the makers of this brush thought of you as the dog owner as well.

The Soft-Grip handle allows you comfort too and reduces hand fatigue while you’re grooming your favorite furry buddy. This Andis Premium Pet Grooming pin brush is ideal for large-sized dogs.

Don’t be surprised if your dog actually seems to be enjoying being groomed with this brush.

Best Pin Brush For Any Size Breed: Safari Pin

Enjoy lap-time grooming with your Miniature Poodle, Pomeranian, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Shetland Sheepdog, Miniature Schnauzer, or Lhasa Apso when you choose this Safari pin brush.

The brush removes dirt and debris from your furry friend’s coat. As you brush, you will also be distributing natural oils throughout their coat for a healthy sheen.

As the pet owner, you will find it easy to get a secure grip on the ergonomic handle designed with you in mind.

This specific brush is best for small to medium breeds, but there is also one that comes in a Large size suitable and best brush for German Shepherds and even Shetland Sheepdogs.

Best Lightweight Pin Brush: Chris Christensen Oval Pin

Made with a wood handle and metal pins, this brush safely gets the job done. The brand is known for its high quality and German manufacturing. The Beechwood is lightweight which helps keep your hand from getting tired while grooming.

Confidently use the polished bristled pins that make their way through small tangles without hurting or causing discomfort for your dog.

Don’t worry. The brush is not missing bristles. They are designed with a purpose. The air hole in the brush pad allows air to flow from outside of the pad to provide extra flexibility to glide through the coat with ease.

The Chris Christensen pin brush is suitable for every breed of dog.

Best Professional Grade Pin Brush: Mars Professional Grooming Brush

Before you finish your first grooming session with your dog, you’ll probably be wishing this brush came in a version suitable for your own head of hair.

Get a steady grip when you pick up this grooming brush made from Beechwood that has been stained with lacquer for extra durability. Demat your dog’s fur with these full one-inch dulled stainless steel pins.

This brush is designed and crafted with German engineering to last for years of grooming moments. The long metal pins are set in a rubber cushion that gives your brushing motions more flexibility.

The pinheads have been dulled so they won’t injure your pup.

Best Memory Foam Handle Pin Brush: ConairPRO Pin Brush

Keep your pupster’s fur looking amazing, shiny, and mat or tangle-free. Use this small pin brush to tackle everyday tangles. The rounded pins are designed to safely penetrate down into the undercoat with comfort tips on the pins for an extra gentle approach.

The ConairPRO pin brush is designed with both you and your dog’s comfort in mind.

The soft memory foam, non-slip grip handle fits the shape of your hand to give you more focused control without tiring out your hand.

The hole in the brush head allows the pin bristles to flex for a more comfortable brushing. Brush and detangle with confidence knowing that this pin brush was made to last using very high-quality materials.

Best Pin Brush For Tough Coats: Pet Champion

Your long or curly-haired happy, loyal friend, who happens to have an extremely tough coat of fur, will enjoy grooming with this champion of a pin brush option. The pins effectively massage to rejuvenate your dog’s hair and skin.

The brush is made out of high-grade polypropylene to give it extra strength and durability. So, no worries about the brush cracking in two while you’re fighting to detangle a massive matted area.

Get a good, firm grip on the ergonomic handle that won’t leave your hand in pain. Brush your pet’s hair every couple of days to make sure you keep tangles at bay.

Best Bamboo Pin Brush: Bampooch Bamboo Dog Rubber Pins

Don’t be surprised if your furry, four-legged pal comes running with happy anticipation to grooming time when you start using this Bampooch Bamboo Dog brush.

While many pin brushes are designed with stainless steel pins, this one uses a unique approach with rounded, natural bamboo bristle pins that feel great on your pup’s skin. The pins also are excellent at pulling loose fur away from the dog’s body.

While your dog is enjoying the massage-like brushing, your hand will thank you with the extra-long, curved bamboo handle designed to be easy on your arms while you keep a steady hold.

Use this bamboo pin with a ventilation hole in the natural rubber cushion option brush on long or short-haired dogs. Oh, and when you’re done, easily hang it up using the natural cotton rope loop attached to the end of the handle.

Choosing The Right Brush For Your Dog

The best first step to properly grooming your furry friend is to select the correct brush to match your individual dog and the type of hair they have. For instance, if your dog has short hair, or if you’re wondering which is the best brush for Labs or Pugs, you will want to choose a rubber brush, a grooming glove, or a natural bristle brush to help remove loose hair before it ends up all over your house.

For double-coated dogs like Huskies or Goldens, regular brushing is needed using a slicker, a pin brush, and an undercoat rake.

Silky-coated dogs like Maltese or Shih Tzus will need to be brushed a lot using a pin brush and a dematting tool.

Curly-coated dogs like Poodles and Bichons will need several brushings a week with a slicker brush and close attention to dematting.

Wiry dogs, like Terriers or Schnauzers, might have an undercoat that will need to be brushed weekly with a slicker brush.

Benefits Of Brushing Your Dog

While grooming your dog will no doubt make their fur look more healthy and attractive… Brushing your dog is about so much more than appearance! Here are five bonus surprise benefits you and your doggo will get from your grooming sessions.

Top 5 Benefits Of Brushing Your Dog

  1. Bonding Time – In all of the hustle and bustle of daily living, the family pet is often the first to feel the stress of being pushed aside or ignored. Grooming time is a great time to reconnect and bond in a relaxing way that seems to melt the stress away.
  2. Health Exam – Brushing time puts you in the perfect position to spot unusual bumps or cuts on your dog. In this regard, regular grooming could save your pet’s life since early detection often means the difference between life or death. As you brush your dog, rub your hands along their skin to check for anything out of the ordinary.
  3. Shiny Oil Distribution – There are natural oils in your dog’s skin and coat. Brushing your dog will help to distribute natural oils from your cute canine’s skin through their hair. These oils will make their coat more shiny and healthy while preventing greasy buildup.
  4. Reduce Shedding – Nobody enjoys pet hair everywhere they sit. By consistent grooming, you will reduce your dog’s shedding. It’s a win-win situation especially if you have family members prone to pet dander allergies. The more hair you gather on the grooming brush, the less hair will be on you, your furniture, and other areas of your house.
  5. Detangle and Demat – When tangling and matting occur near the skin, it can become quite painful. These mats can be so hidden that you don’t easily see them until you start to groom. If left alone, the tangled mats can cause skin problems and sores that can become infected. That’s where grooming is essential.

It’s Time To Buy The Best Dog Brush

Now that you’ve read through all of the types of brushes and what type of coats they work best on, it’s time to make your choice. Look for the type of brush that is best for your dog’s coat.

Finding the right brush for your dog is your best first step. You can conveniently find all of these top dog brushes on Amazon which means enjoyable brushing time can be a matter of days away.

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