Can Dachshunds Eat Tomatoes? 8 Benefits + 5 Dangers

If you’re wondering if dachshunds can eat tomatoes, you’ve come to the right place!

Dogs digest food differently than people do, which leads to some fruits being downright dangerous for them to eat.

Are tomatoes one of them?

In this post you’ll discover:

  • The 8 benefits of tomatoes for dachshunds
  • The 5 dangers of tomatoes to dachshunds
  • How to properly give your dachshund tomatoes

And much more…

Can Dachshunds Eat Tomatoes?

Dachshunds can eat tomatoes but with caution. The ripened fruit of the plant is safe for dogs but the green part of the plant contains solanine and tomatine which are toxic substances for your dog. This is also found in unripened tomatoes.

The major risk is your dog eating excessive amounts of tomatoes. Poisoning from dogs overeating tomatoes is rare, but it can happen. The biggest concern would be if you have a garden with unripened tomatoes that they could get into.

The 8 Benefits Of Tomatoes For Dachshunds

Before we get into the benefits of feeding your Dachshund tomatoes it’s always recommended to consult your vet before giving your dog any new foods.

They know your dog’s medical history and any potential dangers that might not be noted on any information website. All dogs are unique so make sure to speak with your vet before giving your dog tomatoes.

1.) Packed With Nutrients and Beneficial Plant Compounds

Tomato is packed with nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Tomato contains vitamins A, K, and C, Antioxidants (Lycopenes, Beta-carotene, Naringenin, Chlorogenic acid), Fiber, Potassium, and Folate.

Each of these components contribute to an increase to the overall health and well being of your Dachshund. Here is a few reasons how for each:

Fiber helps your dog’s digestive system by helping move food down the intestinal tract. This can help resolve constipation, diarrhea, and some blockages that can occur. 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps with the immune system in dogs. 

Vitamin A supports the proper function and development of skin, coat, muscles, and nerves. Beta carotene is also a component of tomatoes and it gets converted into vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin K is important for bone health and blood clotting.

Folate is important for cell function and growth

Potassium helps with heart and kidney functions. It also helps with bone density, fluid regulations, and helps with muscle development.

Naringenin is a flavonoid found in the skin of tomatoes. This has been shown to decrease inflammation and protect against diseases (this was proven with studies done on mice)

Chlorogenic acid works to help lower blood pressure. This is especially good for overweight Dachshunds.

Lycopenes are known for supporting a dog’s vision and helps prevent cancer. They fight off free radicals which if left untouched can damage cells.

As you can see there are many beneficial components of watermelon and we have not even covered them all!

2.) May Improve Heart Health

Several nutrients in tomatoes may support heart health for your Dachshund. The major ones to note are lycopenes and beta-carotene.

Both of these help lower blood pressure taking pressure off of the heart. Lycopenes also help lower cholesterol and prevent oxidative damage caused by high cholesterol.

There have also been studies done on tomatoes showcasing their benefits against inflammation and markers of oxidative stress improving heart health.

3.) Hydration

Tomatoes are made up of 95% water! This means anytime your pouch eats one they are hydrating themselves!

Hydration is important with many bodily functions. 

4.) May Improve Digestion

The combination of water and fiber found in tomatoes makes for an excellent snack to help your dog with digestion.

Fiber helps keep bowels regular, while the water moves waste through more efficiently. Combine the two into this delicious treat and you have an anti-constipator! 

5.) May Have Anti-Cancer Effects

There are several plant compounds in tomatoes that have evidence of having anticancer effects.

Studies have shown mixed results, but lycopene intake might be associated with a lower risk of some types of cancers by lowering blood levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF).

IGF is a hormone that promotes cell division, which is exactly what happens with cancer, cells divide uncontrollably. So lowering this in the body restricts the cancer’s cell division.

There have been some studies that found a link with tomatoes and fewer incidences of prostate, lung, and stomach cancers.

6.) May Aid Skin & Coat Health

Vitamin A and C found in tomatoes are important for skin and coat health of your Dachshund. This is because Vitamin C helps the body make collagen, which is a protein that aids in skin and hair development.

In addition, Vitamin A helps create and repair skin cells. There was a study done on animals deficient in vitamin A and the findings showed slower wound healing in these animals compared to those nutritionally complete.

7.) May Prevent Macular Degeneration (Eye Problem)

As Dachshunds get older eyesight starts to become problematic. Many senior dogs start to experience macular degeneration. This causes blindness over time by eating away at the cells of the eye.

Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties lycopene may help to prevent and inhibit this from happening.

8.) May Reduce Inflammation & Oxidative Stress

Inflammation is a large issue and causes many problems in the body. In fact, it is the leading driver of many chronic diseases.

Tomatoes contain a combination of antioxidants, lycopenes, and vitamin C. These are all helpful in reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.

Important note: A few of the studies mentioned were done on humans and other animals so more testing is needed to fully prove the benefits of tomatoes for dogs. However, there is so much overlap between physiologies the data is worth considering.

The 5 Dangers Of Dachshunds Eating Tomatoes

1.) Toxic Compounds

The green parts of tomato plants including the stems, vines, and unripened tomatoes contain two toxic substances, solanine and tomatine.

Small amounts of these substances will not harm your dog but in large quantities, this can cause problems. If you are someone who loves gardening and has a patch of tomatoes, keep your dog away.

With that said, if your dog gets into the ripened part of the fruit it contains such small amounts of these substances, that even eating a little more than you wanted is not much to be concerned with.

Unripe tomatoes contain more but these compounds are mostly concentrated in the stems, flowers, leaves and stalks of the plant. However, even with the higher levels it’s unlikely your dog is going to eat enough to cause problems.

I can’t imagine any dog loving the taste of leaves, stems and flowers enough to cause issues. Regardless, it’s important to note as a possible risk.

2.) Highly Acidic / Overeating

Tomatoes are a highly acidic fruit and can cause an upset stomach when too much is eaten. This is the case for all fruits, overeating anything can cause stomach problems.

The high acidity of tomatoes can be harsh on the stomach more so than other foods so keep this in mind when giving your Dachshund tomatoes.

3.) Allergies

As with all foods, you can never be certain how your dog is going to respond. Especially with Dachshunds which is a breed prone to having sensitive stomachs.

Always slowly introduce new foods to your pup in small doses to test the waters. If after a few test samples they don’t seem to have any issue, increase your treat size!

In very rare cases you may come across an allergic reaction called “anaphylaxis”. This is a deadly condition and requires immediate attention.

Here are some signs of anaphylaxis to watch for (this can apply to any foods):

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Hives
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty Breathing

If you notice anything abnormal after your dog eats something, contact your vet immediately.

4.) Predisposed Medical Condition 

If your dog has any medical conditions, like acid reflux or gastrointestinal issues, tomatoes may aggravate these conditions.

Tomatoes are highly acidic so it can be hard on the stomach. Especially when it comes to sensitive stomachs or any dogs with additional medical conditions.

5.) Supermarket Tomatoes

Fruits and vegetables found at supermarkets that are non-organic can sometimes add preservatives in order to make the fruits more appealing or last longer.

This can be done by adding chemicals which can contain toxic chemicals like pesticides or herbicides.

Make sure to always know the source of your tomatoes and clean them thoroughly before serving any to your dog or family! It’s best to choose organic fruits when possible.

Signs & Symptoms Of Tomato Poisoning 

Some symptoms that your dog may have ingested too much tomato are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Drowsiness / Lethargy
  • Confusion
  • Abnormal Heart Rate
  • Tremors
  • Seizures
  • Muscle weakness
  • Loss of coordination
  • Upset stomach

The good news is symptoms are rare, and vets say the prognosis for tomatine or solanine poisoning is generally good with easy treatment.

If you notice any symptoms or signs of discomfort in your Dachshund, reach out to your vet immediately.

How To Properly Feed Your Dachshund Tomatoes

When feeding tomatoes or any treats to your Dachshund stick with the 90/10 rule. 90 percent of food your Dachshund eats throughout the day should be their main dietary food. 10 percent can be saved for treats like watermelon. 

In addition, when you first start to feed your dog tomatoes for the first time, start slowly. Do not rush to give them a full treat size of tomato. Always test the waters with tiny pieces first.

You want to do this to make sure your dog’s stomach does not respond negatively. Even with tiny pieces your dog will show signs of discomfort or a potential allergy. After testing their response with small pieces you can start to work your way up to normal sized treats.

After you’ve done that and you have got the green light from your vet, here are some easy guidelines to feed your Dachshund tomatoes:

  • Choose ripe, red ones, and remove the stems, vines, leaves
  • Always clean and rinse them well (especially if they are non-organic) and serve them fresh without any additives
  • Do not overfeed & only give them small portions as treats (always follow the 90/10 rule)

Can Dachshunds Eat Canned Tomatoes Or Other Tomato Products?

Products that contain tomatoes, such as canned tomatoes, sauces, juices, or soups should not be eaten by Dachshunds. They often contain salts, sugar, artificial flavours, and other harmful ingredients.

Can Dachshunds Eat Cooked Tomatoes and Tomato Pomace?

Cooked tomatoes are safe for Dachshunds, just like ripe ones. Tomato pomace is also safe for dogs and is contained in many dog foods.

Tomato pomace is made from the ripe part of the fruit and includes parts from the skin, pulp, and seeds.


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