Can I Put 2 Dogs In The Same Crate?

So you’ve added a new pup to your family and you’re wondering if it’s okay to have them in the same crate as your existing furry family member. Or, you’ve dove in head first into puppy parenthood and got yourself 2 new pups. Now you want to know whether you can put 2 dogs in the same crate or need separate crates.

In this post we dive into whether one crate will suffice or if two is needed/better. Unfortunately the answer isn’t as simple as yes or no (it never is, is it?). So we’ll look into different scenarios where 1 crate might be okay and when 2 crates is definitely needed for 2 dogs.

You might be wondering… Didn’t dogs used to live in dens which would be close quarters? And wouldn’t they be used to sharing a relatively small space? Well here’s the long and short of it…

can i put 2 dogs in the same crate

Is More Than 1 Crate Required For 2 Dogs?

More often than not… Yes.

Dogs, especially males, can be territorial about their crates. If you put a male on one side of the crate and a female on the other side, he may see her as an intruder and try to drive her away from his territory or even attack her if she doesn’t back down quickly enough. This could lead to serious injuries or worse.

It’s better if each dog has their own crate. Each dog needs their own space in which to feel secure and safe from the other(s). This gives them an area that they can call their own. Even when there are others around who might be vying for attention or treats. In addition, crates provide a place for your dog to retreat when they want some quiet time away from everyone else in the household.

If you do decide to get another dog at some point down the road, having separate crates will make it easier on both of them. Not to mention on yourself as well during potty training and housebreaking efforts.

Something else to note is, when dogs get stressed and they can’t flee from the situation making them stressed out, they can turn aggressive. If you left for work and put both your dogs in the same crate and one of them became stressed for some reason, that would be a terrible situation for the both of them as they couldn’t give each other space.

When Is 1 Crate Okay?

If you’re training two young pups to be in the same crate this can work out. 

This will require training though. You’ll want to test the waters of having them both inside the crate to see how they react. Do they whine? Do they fight? Paw to escape relentlessly? Or, do they find comfort in being close to one another. These are all signs on whether or not your 2 dogs will be able to get along in a singular crate. If there are any signs that they do not like this type of confined environment with their companion. It’s best not to force it.

If it turns out to be a pleasant experience, it’s important that the crate be big enough. If the crate is too small where they are crammed as they grow, this isn’t a favorable situation and you should look into getting a second crate.

Final Thoughts

A dog’s crate is supposed to be a place where they feel safe and secure. By making a crate a shared space, they don’t get to experience the feeling of true ownership of their space. This can make for a diluted experience for both your doggos during their crate time.

More often than not, if crating your dog’s is a necessity, it’s a good idea to get them their own crate. This will ensure that no aggressive behavior takes place while you’re absent as well as generally a better crating experience for both pups.

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