Where Should I Put A Dog Crate In My House

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Dogs love their crates. They can be used for training, as an “overnight” bed, or to help your pet feel safe when you’re away from home (but don’t leave your pup in their crate for more than 8 hours).

Most people choose to put the crate near them while they sleep so that their pup is nearby if they need to go out. Is this the right thing to do?

There’s no one right answer when it comes to deciding where best to put a dog crate. It all depends on what works best for you and your furry friend!

Where Should A Dog Crate Go In Your Home:

Depending on the personality of your dog will help determine where their crate should be placed. If they love social interaction a busier spot in your home is a great choice. If they prefer their quiet time and frequent naps then a spot with less commotion would suit them better.

Here are some of our favorite places around the house where we like putting dog crates…and why each spot is great!

Where Should I Put A Dog Crate In My House

Busy Places In Your Home

Dog crates are great tools for training and safety. But, they can be a bit tricky to place in your home. 

If you have a dog crate that is too close to the bedroom or kitchen, it may cause disruptions when you’re trying to sleep at night or relax during the day.

However, if you put it in an area of low traffic with little-to-no activity, then your pup will feel lonely and isolated from the rest of their family members. 

The best place for your dog crate should be somewhere that is considered busy by most standards.

Such as near the living room. This placement helps keep them feeling like part of your household; while also keeping them safe from accidents around the house.

It also allows you to give them some space while still being within sight. This way they don’t feel alone all day long!

It’s important to remember that dogs are considerably social animals. They thoroughly enjoy being around people as well as other dogs.

If they’re left isolated for too long this can make them super unhappy.

Quiet Places In Your Home

Now this may seem a little counter-intuitive, but, having a place in your home for their crate that’s nice and quiet is also a great idea for certain situations.

If you’re having a family gathering or a get-together with music playing loudly, your dog might appreciate their crate being away from the chaos and somewhere quiet they can relax.

Most people know dog’s have much better hearing than we do.

But what many don’t know is that when they’re in an environment where things are considerably loud, this can cause them some anxiety.

If a party is in the plans, it’s a good idea to have their crate in a place where they can be away from the commotion. It will allow them to relax and feel safe.

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Your Bedroom

If you’re dealing with a young pup, having their crate in your bedroom could be a good idea.

Putting your puppy’s crate near your bed will allow you to easily get up and let them out at night. This helps you not have to walk across the entire house (or wake anyone else up).

It simply makes it easier for everyone involved. If you need to take them out during the night or early morning hours having their crate by you is a great idea.

Your pup won’t have far to go if they need to relieve themselves. They’ll also feel more secure being closer to you at all times. 

Final Thoughts

The great thing about crates is they are, for the most part, made to be able to move. They can easily be folded and moved to different locations in your home or wherever you’re traveling.

This means based on the circumstances you can move their crate based on the environment in your home to best suit them.

If it’s just you and your family home and you’re trying to get some cleaning done…

Having their crate in the living room where people are is a good choice.

However, if you’re having a bunch of people over and it’s likely that things will get pretty loud. It’s a good idea to put their crate away from the commotion so they can relax.

If you have the means and your home is big enough, getting a second crate isn’t a terrible idea as well!

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