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Do Dachshunds Shed? What 754 Dachshund Owners Say

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Dachshunds are a unique and beautiful dog breed. Over the years they have grown in popularity and many search about the unique characteristics of dachshunds.

One of the most popular questions is about their shedding. So I found answers from over 700 real dachshund owners to find out exactly what to expect.

Do Dachshunds Shed:

After looking at 754 different Dachshund owners’ responses to the question of how much their dachshund sheds, there was a clear pattern. Only 2.2% said their dachshund sheds excessively, 21.4% said they shed moderately, 57.9% said they shed very little and 18.3% of people said they never shed.

In this article you’ll discover,

  • What real dachshund owners had to say about their dogs shedding
  • 8 factors that affect dachshund shedding (these cause more or less shedding)
  • The only 5 tips you’ll need to reduce dachshund shedding (Tip #1 & #2 are the easiest!)
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

long haired dachshund shedding

What Real Dachshund Owners Had To Say About Dachshund Shedding

When looking up “dachshund shedding” online most blogs say dachshunds are a relatively low shedding breed.

However, I wanted to dive deeper and ask actual dachshund owners about their experience.

I ended up finding an IHeartDogs survey asking 718 real dachshund owners to pick 1 of 4 options in regards to how much their aussie sheds.

  1. Extreme Shedding
  2. Moderate Shedding
  3. Low Shedding
  4. No Shedding

1% said their dachshund was an extreme shedder.

20% said their dachshund was a moderate shedder. 

60% said their dachshund was a low shedder. 

19% Said their dachshund did not shed at all. 

I wanted to dig a little deeper to see if I could find a more specific answer because many people answering the survey mention grooming their dachshunds daily.

This could easily skew results since a dog that is groomed daily will appear to have less shedding.

And our goal is to find out how much a dachshund sheds in general! So I surveyed 36 other dachshund owners myself.

I found dachshund owners through reddit, blog comments, and other forums like quora to help get an idea of what a dachshunds shedding is actually like.

Here’s a list of 19 the best answers I received from dachshund owners:

“Short-haired Dachshunds shed less and long-haired Dachshunds shed more. In our experience, no Dachshund we’ve had or fostered shed very much at all. Our long-hair doesn’t noticeably shed. Nevertheless, all dogs are individuals, so it’s really up to the dog.”

Mikeonmaui says Moderate Shedding

“I have a short haired dachshund and she sheds less than the labs, goldens, border collies, or cats I’ve had. I find her hair around, but I don’t see tufts floating about. It might be fair to say she sheds about as much as me!”

Extreme-Donkey5357 says Moderate Shedding

“Our two dachshunds shed 24/7/365.”

Grabba60 says Heavy Shedding

“I have a very shorthaired smooth doxy that does not shed at all. I think it depends on their coat.”

RedditAdminMod69 says No Shedding

“I have an older long haired dachshund who sheds every.where.”

Deadmallsanita says Heavy Shedding

“I had a smooth haired dachshund growing up. That little dude had quite a bit of shedding during season changes. My second long hair isn’t shedding too much.”

FightTheGoodFight1 says Heavy/Moderate Shedding

“All the short hair dachshunds in my family shed year round. Little black and red hairs every where. it picks up in the spring time. Signal coat long hair dachshunds don’t do much shedding. A good brush in spring usually gives about a handful or two and they are done. Double coat long hair dachshunds will shed big time in the spring. Constant brushing makes them feel better. That’s how It works in my family. We have all three of these coats.”

Choicesmatter says Moderate Shedding

“We have two shorthair black and tan dachshunds. I can almost always say that I always have dog hair somewhere on my body, in my clothes, or in my food.”

Luckystar22 says Heavy Shedding

“I had a short hair dachshund (Daisy) and a long hair dachshund (Hairy) and they both shed the same. Which was a lot if I got behind on the grooming.”

AllegedlyNorah says Heavy Shedding

“Short hairs shed, but grooming is less involved. They can shed quite bit, but it’s probably less noticeable. They are lower maintenance grooming wise. Long haired ones can shed quite a bit, but it can be kept down if you brush them daily. You have to keep up with it so you don’t get little hair tumble weeds in the corners as well as tangles. It’s a bit more commitment, but I enjoyed brushing my dachsie.”

Sempronialou says Heavy Shedding

“They don’t really. I have a longhair and he sheds about as much as a human”

No-Mongoose2451 says Low Shedding

“We have 2 mini long haired dachshunds, 2 rag doll cats and a long haired wife. Honestly all the hair I find in the Dyson is a mixture of ragdoll and wife…”

Rtherrrr says Low Shedding

“Long or short haired dachshunds both shed. It’s just easier to take care of the short coat. And the long hair will fill up a Dyson vac bin a week.”

Imaginary-user321 says Moderate Shedding

“Our Dachshunds shed, but they’re small dogs. Our Roomba picks up far more hair from my wife than from our two doxies.”

GeoHog713 says Low/Moderate Shedding

“My short haired doxies shed like no ones business.”

Outside_Conclusion13 says Heavy Shedding

“Long-haired doxies shed soooo much more than short-haired. Plus you have to take them to get haircuts, which short-hairs don’t need.”

Read_dance_love says Moderate Shedding

“I have a long haired standard dachshund, he sheds everywhere.”

AskewArtichoke says Heavy Shedding

“I have not had both yet but I have a 1 year old chocolate, short haired dachshund & they shed quite a bit of hair but it’s very hard to see or know about unless you have hardwood flooring.”

TwistedSpyro423 says Moderate/Heavy Shedding

“I have two long hairs, but they are different. One has a much thicker coat which gets matted easily. He gets his haircut every two weeks (this is just our personal preference though). The other never gets his haircut. They do shed, but not as much as many other short hair dogs I have seen.”

Weenies15 says Moderate Shedding
Dachshund shedding

Out of the 36 answers I received I found slight differences from the Iheartdogs survey.

27.7% said their dachshund was an extreme shedder.

50% said their dachshund was a moderate shedder.

16.6% said their aussie was a low shedder.

5.5% Said their dachshund did not shed at all.

Which is more inline with what I expected as opposed to the IHeartDogs survey results.

In their study, people who said their dachshund didn’t shed also often mentioned that they were brushing them every day.

This sounded more like they’re on top of grooming which makes it appear like their dachshund is a low shedder.

But if you have to brush a dog everyday I wouldn’t consider them a low shedder.

All in all, it’s pretty well unanimous.

754 different dachshund owners shared their results, and the conclusion is clear that dachshunds are low to moderate shedders.

However, after looking through the results, there seems to be a clear difference in the amount of shedding depending on which coat a dachshund has (long-haired, short-haired, or wire-haired).

So let’s discuss.

8 Factors That Affect Dachshund Shedding

1) Dachshund Coat Type

Based on our findings the type of dachshund you have will affect how much they shed.

People will often ask in forums “why do dachshunds shed so much”…

Whether a dachshund sheds a lot or not depends on the health of their coat, thickness of their coat and which style of coat they have.

Smooth-haired vs wire-haired vs long-haired affects the amount a dachshund will shed. These three coat types each have a different shed/regrow cycle.

All these factors come into play when determining how much a dachshund may shed.

Here’s what you need to know about each of the different dachshund coats.

Smooth-Haired Dachshund Shedding

The smooth-haired dachshunds are known to have low to moderate shedding.

However, there are always cases where smooth-haired dachshunds shed quite a lot. 

This is usually because of irregular grooming.

Wire-Haired Dachshund Shedding

Interestingly, the wired hair dachshund shed the least of the different coat types.

They contain tight, rough, short outer hair and a fine, thick undercoat.

Wired-haired dachshunds shed twice a year and only moderately.

If you groom them regularly you’ll likely fall into the 18.3% of people who say their dachshund doesn’t shed at all.

Long-Haired Dachshund Shedding

As you would probably guess, the long-haired dachshund usually sheds the most of the three.

This is because they have a fleece-like undercoat that’s very dense with hair.

The long-haired dachshund only really sheds seasonally since their coat takes time to grow.

The big downside to this coat style is the regular grooming needed in comparison to the other coat styles.

What About Miniature Dachshunds Shedding?

Miniature dachshunds have the same coats as standard dachshunds. The only difference is their size. 

Although miniature dachshund coats shed in the same way as a standard dachshund, it may appear they shed less just because they’re smaller.

So you may not notice as much hair around your house if you have a mini dachshund versus a standard.

2) Dachshunds Shedding Seasons

Many dachshund owners ask why their dachshund has randomly started shedding so much.

Their dachshund didn’t seem to shed much and all of the sudden they were shedding like crazy.

So what can cause dachshunds to start shedding so much out of the blue?

Well one of those things is seasonal shedding!

Higher temperatures cause an increase in shedding levels. This is increased further if your dog is getting direct exposure to sunlight.

Dachshunds will shed more in the spring to get rid of the extra weight and warmth before summer.

However, If your dachshund is indoors mostly they may shed all year round.

2) Their Food & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition is a big factor in a dog’s coat quality. 

A poor diet can cause an increase in shedding due to weakness it can create around hair follicles. This causes hair to fall out more easily.

Imbalances in a dachshunds diet or low quality food can increase shedding.

3) Grooming & Coat Care

Dachshund being groomed to prevent shedding

If you directly compare dachshund owners who groom their dachshund daily versus those that rarely do, there’s a pattern that emerges.

Owners who groom their dachshund regularly usually say their pup sheds very little and those that don’t say their pup sheds heavy or moderately.

4) Hormonal Imbalance

Hormone imbalances will directly affect hair growth and shedding levels.

For example, after a dachshund is pregnant, neutered or spayed you may see excessive shedding temporarily due to an imbalance in their hormones.

There are other examples of diseases that can cause hormonal issues that lead to hair loss and bald patches. 

Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism are two examples of things that cause this.

5) Health & Wellness

Overall health and wellness will impact your dachshunds shedding and coat quality.

If your dog catches an infection, parasite, or disease, hair loss or increased shedding can occur.

If you notice your dachshund has hair loss combined with other symptoms like intense licking, scratching, bald spots, sores, rashes, etc. 

You should check in with your vet to see what is going one.

You can also try out our online service to chat with a vet online immediately. Nothing brings peace of mind quite like speaking with a vet.

6) Medications

If you’re giving your dachshund medication make sure to check with your vet to see if there’s any side effects that can impact their shedding.

For example, prolonged corticosteroid treatment can cause hair loss.

7) Anxiety & Stress

Stress and anxiety can do a number of things to a dog. 

Anxious dogs have an increase in epinephrine (which just means adrenaline). This can directly increase your dog’s shedding.

Stress shedding is a real thing!

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The Only 5 Tips You Need To Reduce Dachshund Shedding

1) Groom Daily & Bath Often

Tip number one should be no surprise to anyone. 

Grooming and bathing your dachshund will help reduce shedding.

Choose a grooming routine depending on your dog’s coat type, but avoid bathing it too often since such a treatment removes necessary sebum, natural skin oil.

It will be enough to groom your short-haired dachshund with a soft-bristle brush once a week. 

A long-haired dog requires daily brushing, while a wire-haired one needs professional stripping three times a year.

This specific grooming care includes removing dead hairs at the root.

If your dachshund hates baths and grooming you’ll have to work with them to get them to love water and brushing.

*Bonus Tip: Get a good deshedding brush and shampoo specific for shedding. Most dachshund owners recommended the Furminator brush and Furminator shampoo.

2) Give Your Dachshund High Quality Food

The biggest impact on a dog’s shedding is the quality of food they are eating.

The wrong food can cause nutrient imbalances which can lead to an increase in shedding.

So in order to fix this look for high quality foods to ensure your dog gets enough proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals through a healthy diet.

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3) Use Alternative Dietary Aids

Another great strategy to reduce dachshunds shedding is to use supplements and other dietary aids.

Olive or cod liver oil can be added to your dachshunds food everyday to help with their coat.

The oil from both contains omega-3 fatty acids which help your dog’s skin and coat, keeping them healthy.

I also found some dachshund owners talking about using coconut oil in their food during season changes can help lessen shedding

“Maybe a teensy drop of coconut Oil in her food. We use it during the season changes for our doxies seems to lessen the hairs I wear on my clothes?”


Another option can be to give your dog some supplements that contain nutrients to help.

Nutri-vet fish oil supplements for Dogs is one of the best if you take this route.

4) Make Sure They Drink Enough Water

Dachshund drinking water

A lack of hydration can easily cause a dachshund to shed more than usual.

This is because dehydrated skin creates weakness in the hair follicle. This makes hair fall out more easily.

So make sure you monitor your pup’s drinking habits to ensure they are getting an adequate amount of water.

5) Ensure Proper Flea, Tick & Worm Treatment

It can sometimes be tough to identify if your dog has worms or a tick. Fleas are a little more noticeable but all of these parasites can cause shedding problems.

Treating these helps keep your dachshund healthy and avoids the risk of them getting sick.

Many owners won’t even realize that their pup is shedding more because of worms, ticks, or fleas.

So staying on top of this can help improve your dachshunds immune system, decrease their shedding, and keep them overall healthier.

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