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Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs? 11 Breeds Reviewed

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You might be thinking about getting your dachshund another four-legged companion but you’re worried. You’re not sure if your dachshund will like having another dog in your home or which breeds get along with dachshunds better than others.

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs?

Dachshunds can have difficulties getting along with other dogs if they aren’t adequately socialized at an early age. If they’re isolated from a young age they typically won’t like new people or dogs. But if they’re socialized they should have no problem getting along with other dogs.

In this post you’ll discover how your dachshund might interact with 11 different popular breeds, how they’ll get along with animals outside of dogs as well as 5 tips to easily help your dachshund get along with other dogs.

Tip #1 is the most important and #5 is easily the most undervalued!

Let’s jump right in.

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Small Dogs?

1) Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dachshunds?

Dachshunds can definitely get along with other dachshunds.

It’s best to have your dachshund socialize with other dachshunds at an early age, between 2-12 months, to help them get along with the other dog.

If they’re isolated they won’t get along as easily as if they were socialized.

2) Dachshunds And Chihuahuas

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Chihuahuas

Dachshunds and chihuahuas both can have pretty big personalities. They can get along well if introduced at an early age.

But if you waited until your dachshund is older, you might have troubles initially with them getting along.

Your dachshund might easily get jealous that their new chihuahua friend is getting more attention and you aren’t solely paying attention to them anymore.

Be sure to supervise them at all times in the beginning of their relationship and do your best to spread your love and attention evenly.

3) Dachshunds And Shih Tzus

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Shih Tzus

Dachshunds and shih tzus can definitely get along. A shih tzu can have a big personality as well, but they’re generally more submissive.

And your dachshund would generally prefer a submissive brother or sister than a dominant because they likely see themselves as dominant.

Properly introducing and supervising them until they are used to one another is always best, but they should get along.

4) Dachshunds And Yorkies

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Yorkies

Dachshunds and yorkies might have difficulties getting along.

Yorkies can be quite territorial and your dachshund might not like the new competition for your attention.

If the yorkie is territorial ontop taking some of your love and attention that might really bother your dachshund.

Of course, if they’re introduced at a young age they should have no problems. It’s more when introducing later that you have to be more observant of their relationship.

5) Dachshunds And French Bulldogs

Do Dachshunds Get Along With French Bulldogs

Dachshunds and french bulldogs should get along just fine.

Frenchies are a very easy-going breed that likely won’t cause any conflict with your dachshund.

The earlier they’re introduced the better.

As long as your dachshund was somewhat socialized as a pup, they shouldn’t have a problem getting along with a french bulldog.

6) Dachshunds And Jack Russells

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Jack Russels

Dachshunds and jack russells can get along just fine.

Jack russells are quite good with other dogs so if your dachshund isn’t a grouch toward them, they should have a fine relationship.

Supervision in the beginning of their relationship is still important to make sure they get along.

Again, the younger you can introduce the two the better.

7) Dachshunds And Beagles

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Beagles

Dachshunds and beagles have the potential to be great companions.

They were both bred to be hunting dogs which means they’ll have similar interests.

Be careful as they might egg each other on to follow their instincts. Whether that’s following a scent until it’s found, digging, or barking at small animals.

Their personalities will likely be compatible which could make them get along quite nicely.

As with the other breeds. The earlier you can introduce the two the better.

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Big Dogs?

8) Dachshunds And Golden Retrievers

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Golden Retrievers

Dachshunds and golden retrievers can definitely get along.

Golden retrievers are a very laid back breed so as long as your dachshund is trained and won’t be aggressive or mean toward them, they should have a fine relationship.

You might even find that your dachshund becomes the boss of the golden which is quite funny to see given the size difference.

9) Dachshunds And German Shepherds

Do Dachshunds Get Along With German Shepherds

Dachshunds and german shepherds are less likely to get along.

I don’t believe any two breeds CAN’T get along. But it might require some more time and attention with these two breeds.

They can both be aggressive without proper training. But with proper training they’re both very lovable breeds.

The earlier you can introduce the two the better.

10) Dachshunds And Labradors

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Labs

Dachshunds and labradors can likely get along quite easily.

Similarly to golden retrievers, labradors are quite laid back and playful.

So long as your dachshund is trained and socializes well with other dogs you should see no problems with them getting along with a lab.

Of course, if you can introduce the two before they reach the age of one, they’ll likely have a great bond.

11) Dachshunds And Australian Shepherds

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Aussies

Dachshunds and australian shepherds might have challenges getting along.

Australian shepherds were bred to be herding dogs while dachshunds were bred to be hunting dogs.

This means they both have a large attachment to their leader/trainer. Which might pose conflict when one gets more attention/love than the other.

If you love the idea of having an australian shepherd with your dachshund your best bet is to introduce them at an early age.

This gives you the highest chance they learn to love one another.

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Animals?

Dachshunds And Cats

Dachshunds and cats can get along.

It all depends on how socialized your dachshund was before introducing a cat in their life.

If your dachshund grew up being around other animals, they should have no problem getting along with a cat.

The younger your dachshund is when you bring a cat into your home the better.

Dachshunds And Rabbits

Dachshunds and rabbits can get along.

While dachshunds were bred to hunt smaller animals, so long as your dachshund is living with the rabbit from a young age, they should be fine with them.

You might have to do some additional training to ensure your dachshund knows the rabbit is family also.

Top Tips To Help Your Dachshund Get Along With Other Dogs

1) Socialize Them Early & Often

It’s true that dachshunds are known as one of the most aggressive dog breeds.

This makes socializing them when they’re young even more important.

If they don’t experience new places, peoples and animals when they’re just a pup, they’ll have difficulties being around them later in life.

It doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to be around strangers or other dogs.

But it will require more training to help them learn how to behave in these situations.

That’s why it’s much easier on you and your dachshund to socialize them early and often.

If their way of life is being around other dogs and people, then they won’t know any different.

And this makes being around other dogs not only easy, but enjoyable for them.

2) Tire Them Out

Before introducing them to a new doggo, tire them out.

If your dachshund has too much pent up energy when meeting a new person or dog, they might not behave nicely.

It’s much more difficult for them to negatively behave if they’re super tired from a long walk or play session they just had.

This will help put their guard down and make it easier to be around unfamiliar dogs and people.

Oftentimes it’s when a dog has too much energy that many of their bad behaviors come from.

Not getting along with other dogs is certainly one of them.

3) Multi-Environment Training

It’s a good idea to train your dachshund in different environments.

This means in a variety of different places. Of course you’d wait to do more advanced training until they’ve learned the basics.

But the more environments your dachshund sees and becomes comfortable taking orders in, the better they’ll behave in different environments as they grow up.

When they’re introduced to new dogs in a new place, but they’ve learned how to behave in unfamiliar environments, they should be able to play nice with the other dogs.

Especially if you give commands to stop them acting in certain ways.

Bottom line is the more exposure you can give your dachshund to different people, places and animals, to help them learn, the better.

4) Do Breed Research

Since you already have a dachshund at home, it’s important to do your research on the potential breeds you are thinking about bringing into your family.

Different breeds have pretty different temperaments and some will mesh better together than others.

While any breed can learn to love one another from a young age.

It’s a little bit of a different story when bringing home a new furry friend when your doggo is already an adult.

Especially a dachshund.

So knowing which breeds have more compatible temperaments will help make sure the dogs get along in your home.

5) Allow Your Dachshund To Help Decide

Another way to ensure that your dachshund gets along with a new dog coming into your home is to let them help choose.

When you go to decide which pup you want to bring into your family, bring your dachshund along.

Just like you want to see and interact with the choice you have available to you, see if your dachshund hits it off with any dogs in particular.

This can help start their relationship off on the right foot because they’ve already shown signs of getting along.

When you choose without your dachshund meeting the pup, there’s a chance they might not get along at first.

But when you include them in the decision making process it can help your dachshund feel like they picked the pup too.

Which makes it easier for them to get along from the start.

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