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How to Insulate a Plastic Dog House

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When winter hits, it is good to keep your dog warm throughout the season. Insulation of their kennel is an effective way of keeping the cold weather at bay.

Insulation helps in maintaining a constant temperature inside, thus keeping your dog warm and comfortable. If you have an outdoor dog a common question you might be wondering about how to insulate a plastic dog house.

There are a number of methods used to keep a plastic dog house warm so feel free to select one depending on your budget.

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Sections That Require Insulation

Here are the parts of the dog house that will need to be insulated.


Walls cover the biggest percentage of the house; thus, proper insulation in all sections should be considered. The insulating material can be stapled, tacked, or glued on the wall surface to hold it firmly.


Floors need insulation as that’s where your dog will spend most of its time. Carpets are considered the most ideal material for insulting the floor. The carpets used should be thick to retain more heat, thus keeping your dog warm.


Ceiling insulation helps in retaining more heat in the house. The material used on the ceiling should be placed to hold on firmly. No material should be left exposed as the dog may damage it by chewing.

Materials Used for Insulation of a Dog House

These are the best materials for insulating your dog house.

Reflective Foil

Reflective foils come in a wide range of options. They work by reflecting heat from your dog back to its body hence keeping it warm.

These foils are easy to install and are a cheap method of insulation. The foils can be used with other insulation options to enhance the maintenance of constant temperature inside.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is an effective method for keeping your dog house warm and cozy. The material is affordable and installation is simple. Heavy-duty scissors can be used to cut it instead of a table saw.

It would be best if you took precautions when handling it as fiberglass can cause skin irritation. Avoid inhaling it when the fibers become airborne.

Wear appropriate gear to keep yourself safe. The material should also be sealed up completely to prevent contact with your dog.

If the walls are solid, try tacking and stapling the fiberglass inside the walls, then covering with plastic panels.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps are also an effective insulation method. The many air pockets provide sufficient insulation. Bubble wrap is cheap, and no special tools are needed to install it.

It is important to note that these are not the normal bubbles wraps used for packing but special ones designed for insulation.

They are coated with a thin aluminum layer that enhances heat retention. It can be tacked, stapled, or glued on the walls of a dog house. The wrap should be placed behind some plastic panels to prevent dogs from chewing and damaging it.

Polystyrene Foam

Polystyrene foams are used to insulate a wide range of materials, including dog houses. It is affordable and easy to work with. This material is used when insulation is not needed for long.

An effective way of installing the foam is by cutting it into a series of panels and then placing it according to the walls’ length.

Tacking and stapling can be used to hold the panels in place. Care should be taken not to leave the foam exposed as dogs tend to chew on it.


Carpets are mainly used to insulate floors of a dog house. They’re readily available at varying prices depending on the quality. Long fibered carpets are preferred as they trap more air, thus producing the required warmth.

Stapling is the best way of fixing carpet on the floor. A strong and adhesive glue can also be used with lightweight carpets. If the carpet is large, use the remaining pieces to insulate the walls.

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What to Consider Before Selecting an Insulation Method

Some factors need to be considered before you select the material you wish to use for insulation. They include the following:


Some insulating materials are cheap, while others are expensive. The cost may increase if the size of the house to be insulated is big. In such cases, consider affordable methods such as reflective foils and bubble wraps, which are cheaper.

Ease of installation

Installing different insulation materials is simple, while others may be challenging. Reflective foils are simple to place and do not require much skill, while fiberglass can be difficult to some.

If you lack skills for installing insulation materials, try and select ones that are easy to place.


The lifespan of the material you want to use should be considered. A good insulation material should be long-lasting to minimize the need for reinstallation.

Material such as carpet lasts longer than polystyrene foam. The material used should resist damage by your dog when scratched.


We have discussed some of the best ways when it comes to how to insulate a plastic dog house, and making a selection should be straightforward by now. Make sure the material you intend to use is safe and durable for long term use.

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