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What To Put In A Dog House For Bedding? (8 Bedding Options)

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Dog houses give dogs a comfortable place to stay throughout their lives. During cold seasons, the house becomes chilly. Thus, using bedding can help keep the dog house warm and cozy during unfavorable weather.

Bedding is essential, as it gives your dog a warm place to sleep during those cold nights. Some states even have laws that require all dog houses to have bedding. This is because they realized how vital bedding is in a dog house.

When selecting suitable bedding, keep in mind your dog’s condition. This article highlights several varieties of bedding to choose from when deciding what to put in a dog house for bedding.

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The 8 Best Dog House Bedding Options

Dog Beds

The first option is getting your dog a bed. This is the most expensive option, but it is more effective compared to other options. Use an orthopedic mattress to give your dog extra comfort.

During extreme winter conditions, get a heated winter bed, as it provides warmth by either self-warming or using electricity.

The advantage of using this option is that you can add a waterproof cover to protect the bed’s fabric, making it last longer. Despite that, dog beds do well indoors, but very few do well outdoors.

Also, low-quality beds are not durable and fall apart after a while.


dog house bedding

This is a good recycling technique, as you can use old linen materials as bedding. Linens, such as blankets, sheets, or towels, offer a bit of cushion to your dog and keep it warm.

Linens do not harbor insects and pests like other beddings may. They are also washable, so you can maintain a clean dog house by cleaning the linens regularly.

The disadvantage of using linens is dogs tear them up easily, and some lead to health problems if consumed. They also retain moisture.


Rugs are similar to linens, but they are not that effective in freezing temperatures. Rugs have a rubberized back to keep the house moisture-free.

It is vital to use an indoor-outdoor mat to accommodate your pet. This type of rug stays in good shape for much longer.

Most dog lovers like using rugs as bedding because they are not easy to tear up, making them the right choice for active dogs.

Despite that, it is advisable to provide beds with short piles to discourage them from ripping the threads.

Poly Fill

Poly Fill is another bedding alternative made of recycled products. It is one of the best bedding options to use in refillable dog beds.

The advantages of using this technique are that the Poly Fill retains its shape and is more resistant to mold. It is also non-biodegradable, making it environmentally friendly.

This means that, after it starts diminishing, disposal won’t be a problem. The right thing to do is to take the used Poly Fill to a certified recycling center instead of dumping it.

Wood Chips

For this kind of bedding, use only cedar or pine wood chips, as they have specific insect repelling qualities. They prevent fleas and other pests from inhabiting the house.

Opt for the thin wood shavings rather than small chunks of wood, as shavings are much more comfortable and warmer.

Wood chips from cedar or pine offer excellent insulation and comfort, and they also have a great smell. Cedar and pine wood chips can be irritating to dogs with sensitive respiratory systems, though.

Ensure that your dog can quickly adapt to the house to prevent the worsening of existing respiratory conditions. Wood chips are easy to replace and should be changed regularly.

wood chips


This is not one of the best dog house bedding choices, but it can act as a temporary alternative. It is not a long-lasting solution because it is not reusable and you have to replace it continually.

Newspapers are easy to remove, making the cleaning process faster. It is also a safe bedding alternative, as newspapers are not reactive to most, if not all, dogs.

They also readily absorb moisture in the dog house. Use big chunks of newspapers to retain heat, for extra comfort, and to absorb moisture.


You can use a foam pad that acts as moisture-resistant bedding for your pet. It is the most suitable option for dogs with various joint problems, as it offers a good cushion to prevent further damage.

One of the advantages of using foam is that it retains heat longer during cold weather.

You can also remove the cover for cleaning, leaving the house clean and fresh all the way through.


dog bedding material

This is one of the most commonly used, oldest, and cheapest bedding materials. It offers good insulation, as it retains heat quite well. Its used for livestock bedding for the same reason.

The problem with using straw is that it quickly breaks down, which leads to a messy dog house. You also have to replace it regularly to maintain a clean environment for your pet.

Another disadvantage of using straw is that it can harbor fleas, ticks, and other parasites. If you opt for this bedding material, make sure to clean the house regularly and replace the straw often.

Even though straw is not the best bedding material, some dog owners still prefer it because it is cheap and easy to find.

What Is The Best Kind Of Bedding For A Dog House?

what to put in a dog house for bedding

The best type of bedding for a dog house depends on the climate you live in and your dogs individual preferences. In general, bedding material should be comfortable, absorbent, and easy to clean.

Some of the most popular bedding choices include wood shavings, dog beds, blankets, newspapers, poly fill, and foam pads. You can also use straw, though this has some controversy around it due to the risk of infestation.

Do I Need To Put Bedding In A Dog House?

dog bedding for winter

It depends on how often your dog will use the house. If your pet will spend a lot of time in the dog house, then it’s a good idea to have bedding. This is especially important if you live in an area with cold weather conditions.

Bedding will protect your dog from the cold, heat, and moisture. It will also make the dog house more comfortable and inviting, encouraging your pet to use it more often.

If you live in a temperate climate and your dog only uses the house occasionally, then you don’t need to put bedding in it. Just make sure the floor is clean and dry so your pet can rest comfortably.

In addition, take into consideration your pets preferences. Some dogs may enjoy more padding and warmth provided from bedding, while others may prefer a cooler, airier space.

Ultimately, its up to you whether or not to put bedding in your dogs house. Just be sure to take into account your pets needs and the climate you live in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog House Bedding

do cedar shavings keep dogs warm

Do Cedar Shavings Keep Dogs Warm

Cedar shavings are a great bedding material for dogs because they absorb moisture and odor well. They also provide insulation, keeping your pet warm in colder climates.

Do Pine Shavings Keep Dogs Warm

Pine shavings are a good bedding material for dogs because they have natural insulating properties. They will help to keep your pet warm in colder climates.

Does Straw Keep Dogs Warm

Yes, straw can keep dogs warm in colder climates. It is a good insulator and will help to retain heat. However, straw is not as absorbent as other bedding materials and can harbor parasites.

Do Blankets Keep Dogs Warm

Yes, blankets keep dogs warm! They provide an extra layer of insulation and can be easily removed for cleaning. Just be sure to choose a blanket that is washable and durable.

Final Thoughts

There are various dog house bedding options to choose from, but the ones above are some of the best you will find. Consider the various advantages and characteristics of each, and then choose the one that perfectly suits you.

Before settling on your choice, also consider your local climate and your dog’s condition.

For aging dogs, extra padding is essential, but for puppies, be sure to make the place warm and comfortable.

Let’s provide our pets with the best home possible by giving the best bedding for their kennels.

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