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Top 10 Best Leather Dog Harnesses – Complete Review

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Editors PickBrand
Best OverallHide & Drink Leather No Pull Walking Dog Harness
Best BudgetBeirui Genuine Leather Harness
Best Runner UpSignature K9 Leather Tracking Harness
Best Under $20Beirui Soft Suede Rhinestone Leather
Best Soft Leather Dog HarnessDogs Kingdom Soft Leather Harness
Best Padded Leather Dog HarnessBestia Aztec Harness
Best Leather Dog Harness With SpikesDidog Leather Spiked Studded Harness
Best Leather Dog Harness With HandlePeshouco Leather Harness

Just one walk around the block with your dog pulling you all the way, many dog owners realize quickly that they need something better than a simple leash and collar.

A leash attached to a collar tugs at your dog’s throat, or, your willy wonder of a pet wiggles their way free faster than you can turn your head.

According to dog experts and SafeWise, an independent review site, there is a better option. And it comes in the form of a leather dog harness.

A harness is the safest, most secure, and comfortable way to hook your dog to a leash without choking or causing discomfort or harm to their neck.

Because a harness is worn comfortably snug close to your dog’s center of gravity, it is less likely to catch a leash and get tangled up which helps prevent your dog from jumping.

Use a harness to do any of your outdoor dog activities like going on a walk, hike, or jog. Some harnesses are even made to be used as a seat belt in a vehicle to keep your excited tongue-flapping, tail-wagging friend safe.

Many leather dog harnesses are also easy to find on Amazon for quick shipping.

Let’s take a look at the best leather harnesses on the market.

leather dog harness

Top 10 Best Leather Harnesses

Best Overall: Hide & Drink Leather No Pull Walking Dog Harness

A basic harness with no frills, just durable to get the job done is all you need for walking or training. The Hide & Drink Dog Harness is handmade from soft, full-grain leather. 

The makers of the harness are so confident it will last you a lifetime that they include an insane 101-year warranty. Each harness is hand-stitched with fine stitching and hand-cut.

Any loose ends are seared with an open flame so the harness never comes unraveled. 

It is comfortable and practical to encourage your pup not to pull. 

The harness is guaranteed to keep your canine friend comfortable while walking. Adjust the straps for a close yet comfortable fit. The leash folds up nicely and can be stored in a handy side pouch.

Best Budget: Beirui Genuine Leather Harness

Purchasing a quality leather harness can seem like more of an investment considering the quality leather material does not come cheap. But, this budget-friendly option is a perfect fit for any size dog. 

It’s perfect for pet training or walking. This leather harness offers all of the basics you’d need or want in a walking vest. Choose from three different sizes to fit your dog.

It features an alloy pull ring and alloy metal buckle that is strong and won’t rust or become easily damaged. The harness fits with an adjustable strap around the neckline in front of the legs and two adjustable straps around the rib cage behind the front legs. 

Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit for your four-legged friend using the five adjustable fitting strap holes and buckles.

Best Runner Up: Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness

This black latigo leather, handcrafted by Pennsylvania Amish, is perfect for comfortable walking and is an overall excellent choice. The breastplate is padded and lined with fleece for all-day comfort even under the most strenuous work. 

The metal hardware is brass-plated and durable for both a great look and function. This harness features a low-profile handle that runs the length of your dog’s back making it easy for you to control your furry friend.

Best Under $20: Beirui Soft Suede Rhinestone Leather

Who doesn’t like a little bling on their pup from time to time? This harness takes care of two needs in one. Show off your doggo in style while maintaining control over their spontaneous fast movements. 

It’s especially ideal for small dogs, but thankfully comes in three sizes with chests that measure from 13” to 23.5”. The soft suede rhinestone harness is both attractive and functional. Your dog will feel safe and secure and look great. 

The soft and durable leather helps your dog relax while you are able to protect your furry friend from harm or from randomly darting away from you.

Best Soft Leather Dog Harness: Dogs Kingdom Soft Leather Harness

The soft leather in the Dogs Kingdom Harness is comfortable against your canine companions skin. It’s not stiff so it moves with the dog’s movements to keep them from harms way even with their spiritic change in directions. 

This walking vest choice offers a high-quality option of strong durability that is not uncomfortable or heavy. It features a one-inch wide soft leather, nickel-plated hardware, and a heavy-duty D-ring to keep a leash connected.

Make sure your doggo is snug and secure with its 5 adjustable straps.

Best Padded Leather Dog Harness: Bestia Aztec Harness

Enjoy this durable leather harness that features an attractive design with two-tone rivets and zipper-lined decoration.

It rests comfortably on your dog with the foam and leather padding. This harness is part of the Aztec exclusive collection and features two plating colors, old silver, and antique brass. The quality is German belt leather. 

The inside layer is a cushion made out of 100% Nappa leather, making it extremely durable and able to take a lot of wear and tear from even an extra large-sized dog.

Best Leather Dog Harness With Spikes: Didog Leather Spiked Harness

Nobody will mess with you and your dog while out and about walking with this studded harness. Though they may look ‘bad to the bone’ while wearing this walking vest, the harness is comfortably solid and durable. 

This set comes with three pieces, a black leather collar, harness, and leash with a thick chain and leather hand strap.

Best Leather Dog Harness With Handle: Peshouco Leather Harness

The Peshouco Leather Harness is a great easy on, easy off harness that features a top handle without adding complicated straps and buckles to figure out.

This means more time spent with your furry friend and less time spent wrestling with a harness. Simply snap the buckles, and you’re good to go. 

It features a back handle for added control and a back leash ring to easily clip on any leash you use when going on walks.  The no-pull design distributes pulling pressure to the whole body to discourage your dog from pulling while on a walk. 

The design keeps your dog comfortable yet safer for you to enjoy your time together. The straps are adjustable to get the perfect fit.

Best Heavy Duty Leather Dog Harness: PET ARTIST Heavy Duty Vest

Larger or stronger dogs are going to require a more durable harness. This heavy-duty harness is designed to handle even the most rambunctious four-legged friend. 

It’s made of strong, durable leather that provides three secure straps with 4-adjustable fits. It comes equipped with nickel-plated hardware and two heavy-duty O-rings as well as metal-enforced eyelets and a top handle. 

The harness has a great style to it as well. It has a trimmed with contrast collar and thick waxed thread that is riveted to provide extra strength. 

The heavy-duty harness is brown genuine leather and comes in three adjustable sizes to fit your dog.

Best Homemade Leather Dog Harness: Bestia Bowtie Harness

Put on your black-tie apparel, and get ready to go out on the town… Or just around the block. The Bestia Bowtie Harness is completely handcrafted by a small team with a personal touch as if it were homemade. 

It is handmade in Europe, so it offers a boutique feel. 

For a leather harness that is so strong and durably made, this bow tie dog harness is charming as well. This 100% leather harness features a padded chest plate to fit comfortably against your pooch’s chest.

With multiple sizing options available, pick the size that’s perfect for your dog!

Why A Harness?

Using a harness instead of a dog collar makes it easier to keep your dog safely by your side. Harnesses are a great tool to use while training puppies who have not yet learned how to walk on a leash or for keeping large, rambunctious dogs well behaved. 

A harness helps keep them from getting all tangled up in a leash. This is not only a hassle to untangle but also an injury waiting to happen.

Harnesses also give you better control over your four-legged friend so there is less danger when walking alongside a busy street or in a crowd.

Some factors to consider when choosing a harness include:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Durability
  • Intended Use

Why Leather Is Best?

Dog harnesses are made from a variety of materials, including nylon, cotton, or mesh. Choosing a leather harness will give you longer lasting wear that is comfortable for your pet. 

When you use a harness with a handle loop or with a leash, leather gives you a better grip and will stand up to the weather and anything your furry friend has to throw at it. 

Leather is also comfortable for your dog and is a great gentle care choice for your dog’s skin.

Big Dogs

Big dogs have a lot more bounding energy to love, but they can pull you in whichever direction they choose to explore. 

Often large breeds are gentle giants who are super strong but need to be trained on how to use their strength. For large, strong breeds, harnesses provide better control without straining your back or arm. 

Even if your large dog doesn’t have the tendency to pull and take you for a walk, a harness is a great option to provide extra measures of security and comfort for your dog while on a daily walk together.

Small Dogs

Small dogs are susceptible to becoming injured when they pull or tug on a leash when attached to a collar. Whereas a harness spreads the pressure over a larger area of their body. This ensures to reduce the strain on their neck and back that a leash with a collar causes. Besides, no one can resist how simply adorable these tiny furballs look in a harness that adds a sense of style.

Additional Benefits

Harnesses, overall, discourage your dog from pulling on the leash. When your dog pulls while wearing a collar, they’re still moving in the direction they intended to go. This makes them think they’re doing the right thing by pulling you along. 

A harness, however, is actually redirecting the motion, and the pulling won’t get them anywhere. You can also use a harness to gently pull up a dog who has been lying down or sitting without creating discomfort.

Some dogs are quite adept at becoming escape artists. As soon as the collar goes on, they have figured out a way to wiggle out of it. Turn your back for a second, and they’ve escaped.

A harness prevents this from happening or at the very least makes escape far more difficult.

Picking The Right Size Harness

Once you choose a style of leather harness for your dog, the next most important thing to do is to get a good fit. 

Make sure you get a good fit so your dog is comfortable and cannot wiggle out of it. The American Kennel Club, AKC, gives some tips on properly fitting and putting on a harness.

Most harnesses are adjustable to some degree, but it’s best to get one that fits as close as possible to your dog before making any necessary adjustments.

The first part of your dog to measure will be the girth of your dog’s neck and chest. The chest measurement is taken from behind the front legs.

Make sure your dog is standing and then place the measuring tape starting on the top by the spine and all the way around the dog’s chest. 

Many sellers size their harnesses based on small, medium, large, or extra-large dogs and will most likely have their own individual sizing. Before you buy it, check the specific manufacturer’s sizing charts. 

To measure the neck, wrap the tape around the base of the dog’s neck. Remember that the measuring tape must be comfortable but snug. Make sure the measuring tape is resting close to your dog’s body but not too tightly around the neck.

Choose from a basic harness that is durable enough to get the job done with no frills, or go all out with spiked, studded, or padded options. There is a leather harness for almost every taste, need, and breed or size of dog.

It’s Time To Make Your Dog’s Walk More Secure

Whether you’re training a new pup or trying to keep a large, rowdy dog under control during a hike. It’s time to make your dog’s walk safer and more secure with the help of a leather dog harness.

Find these top 10 choices on Amazon, and choose the best harness that suits your personal style and your pooch’s size.

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