Do Schnauzers Make Good Apartment Dogs? 12 Things To Know

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Either you’re moving to an apartment with your schnauzer or currently living in an apartment and thinking about bringing home a schnauzer pup. Some breeds are much better suited for apartment living than others. But how do schnauzers do with apartment living?

Are Schnauzers Good Apartment Dogs:

Schnauzers can make for considerably good apartment dogs. They’re an intelligent breed that can adapt to just about any living situation. They also have no problem being a part of a one dog family where other breeds might enjoy another companion to keep them company.

In this post you’ll discover the top 5 reasons why schnauzers can make good apartment dogs.

We also touch on 3 reasons why apartment living may not be the best for a schnauzer as well as 4 tips to ensure your schnauzer has the best apartment life possible.

Tip #1 is probably the most overlooked!

Let’s jump right in.

Do Schnauzers Make Good Apartment Dogs? 12 Things To Know

5 Ways Schnauzers Make Great Apartment Dogs

1) Intelligent

A study was conducted where they looked at the intelligence levels of many breeds and ranked them out of 131.

Schnauzers placed 18 out of 131.

So it’s safe to say they’re one of the smarter breeds available.

This means they can pick up new tricks and behaviors quickly and with relative ease in comparison to other breeds.

So when it comes to apartment living, which requires a certain way of living, you’d want a smart pup that could learn the lay of the land.

Since you’re in close quarters with your neighbors you’d want to teach them a ‘quiet’ command, how to be gentle around other people and animals, as well as how to let you know they need to go to the bathroom, among other things.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take too many repetitions for this behavior to be picked up by a schnauzer.

Which means with good training, your schnauzer won’t make you one of the irritating neighbors because of their misbehaving doggo.

2) Minimal Maintenance

Since the space you have available to you when living in an apartment is quite limited, you don’t want more mess than you need to have.

Schnauzers are a great breed in terms of cleanliness.

They don’t shed too much, don’t excessively drool or slobber, don’t require much grooming and are hypoallergenic.

Each of these qualities help make for minimal messes in your apartment.

Any sized mess in a small apartment looks way worse than it actually is so having a relatively clean breed like a schnauzer is a nice bonus.

3) Adaptable

Schnauzers are extremely adaptable dogs.

Whether it’s a busy downtown apartment or a wide open farm house with lots of land, a schnauzer can live in just about any environment.

As long as they’re getting sufficient exercise each day and are a part of a family, they’ll be happy as can be.

Of course leaving them alone for more than 8 hours each day is highly discouraged. Any breed of dog wouldn’t handle that well.

But in terms of their living space and what’s required of them to live in their home (wherever it is) they’ll easily learn to love it.

4) More Independent Than Other Breeds

Some people worry about getting only one dog. They wonder if they’ll be sad not having another furry brother or sister to spend time with.

And when it comes to living in an apartment, having more than one dog is not an option for many people.

Fortunately, a schnauzer won’t have any problems being your only dog.

Many might actually prefer it.

Since schnauzers were bred to hunt as well as be guard dogs, they naturally develop a strong bond with one person.

So if they are number one in your eyes, they’ll be completely okay with that as you’re number one in their eyes.

However, it’s worth mentioning that they should be introduced to other dogs and people to prevent them from becoming overly protective of you.

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5) Playful & Loving 

When thinking about bringing a pup into your apartment, you want one that’ll be a loving companion.

Schnauzers are definitely great when it comes to being playful and loving.

On a scale of couch potato to bouncing off the walls, they’re somewhere in the middle, which is nice.

They’ll always be up for a play session but won’t be so high strung that it would become bothersome for you.

And again, because their ancestors were bred to hunt and guard, they develop a strong bond with their owner.

Which means they’ll be your fearless, loving companion that actively enjoys pleasing you.

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3 Reasons Why Schnauzers May Not Be The Best For Apartment Living

1) Exercise Requirements

While schnauzers aren’t the most energy intensive breed, they do still require a good amount of daily exercise to stay fit and healthy.

They need, at a minimum, 60 minutes of exercise each day.

Which for some people may be too much of a commitment.

It means having to get up much earlier and making time after work for a good long walk.

Maybe even 3, 20 minute walks per day.

Running around your house or playing fetch aren’t exactly options when living in an apartment so long walks are necessary to give them the exercise they need.

If they don’t get enough exercise, not only will they physically become unhealthy, but they’ll likely become destructive due to pent up energy.

2) Protective

Schnauzers are quite protective of their family.

And when you live in close proximity to other people, and potentially dogs, your schnauzer may behave overly protective.

That could mean excessive barking, scratching at the door because of relatively consistent foot traffic, or even being aggressive in the hallways.

If a schnauzer isn’t adequately socialized when they’re a pup, their protective tendencies will be far worse as they get older.

They’ll encounter many unfamiliar faces and smells that might feel like potential threats to them.

So if your schnauzer didn’t get much socialization when they were younger, you may have some work to do in training them to become less protective.

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3) Size

Schnauzers are a medium sized dog which may make them not the best choice for apartment living.

They weigh anywhere between 30-50 pounds and will grow up to be roughly 1 foot 5 inches in height.

While this obviously isn’t a massive dog, with the limited space that many apartments have, it’s something to think about.

Miniature schnauzers would be best suited for apartments if you love schnauzers and can’t imagine having another breed.

4 Tips To Help a Schnauzer Happily Live In An Apartment

1) Routine Is Important

Having and sticking to a routine is much more important when living in an apartment than in a house.

It’s still important for your schnauzer when living in a house, but you have more flexibility.

Why routine is so important for a schnauzer living in an apartment is because it makes their bathroom needs predictable.

If you feed them at the same time every day and take them outside for their walks at the same time, they shouldn’t have nearly as many accidents.

But if you feed them sporadically each day, they may not have to go to the bathroom when on their walk which means they’ll be uncomfortable during the day.

Even if you’re home, taking your pup outside is much more effort when living in an apartment.

You don’t have a backyard to simply let them out every now and then.

So by creating a routine for when they eat and go outside you’re minimizing the amount of times needed to take them out while keeping them comfortable and healthy.

2) Mind Stimulating Toys

Schnauzers are very bright dogs, as previously mentioned.

Which means they need more mental stimulation than other breeds.

If they get too bored they may become destructive in pursuit of trying to find something to occupy their attention.

This is why mind stimulating dog toys are a great idea for a schnauzer living in an apartment.

Since they don’t have too much room to roam around, making the little space they have entertaining for them will keep them happy.

This way they’ll choose their fun toy over destroying a pillow or shoe.

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3) Emergency Bathroom Spot

On the off chance you don’t have time to take them outside for a walk, or if they aren’t feeling well, having an emergency bathroom spot can be super handy.

Putting an emergency bathroom spot on your balcony and training them on how to let you know they need to use it can be extremely beneficial.

Also, it shouldn’t take too many repetitions for your schnauzer to figure it out either because they’re so bright.

This way, if they absolutely need it, they can have a place to relieve themselves.

It’s also great if you have cold winters where you live. They can quickly go out, do their business and be back inside in no time.

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4) Crate Training

When used properly, a crate can become a safe haven for your schnauzer.

They’re great for house training and can also be a place where your pup feels safe and secure when you aren’t home.

Many apartment buildings are right in the middle of crazy urban life which means all kinds of loud noises can happen throughout the day.

Some of these might scare your pup and make them feel anxious.

And if you’re not home for them to seek comfort from, they can lie in their crate to gain a feeling of safety.

By no means does this mean putting them in their crate while you’re away and locking the door.

It’s leaving it as an option for them during the day to go in as they please.

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