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Dogs In Truck Bed: How To Transport A Dog In A Truck Bed

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We’ve all seen dogs in the back of a truck zooming down the highway. A variety of thoughts and emotions probably swirl through your head at the sight.

Is it safe to put your dog in the back of a truck? What is the best way to transport a dog in a truck bed?

Let’s talk about how to get your dog safely from one place to another. Here are some helpful tips on the best possible way to transport a dog in a truck bed.

best way to transport dog in truck bed

How To Transport A Dog In A Truck Bed

The best way to transport a dog in a truck bed is to place your pet inside a large crate that has been secured to the truck bed. Doing this will ensure your dog has the safest travel experience possible. A dog should never travel in a truck bed without being safely secured.

The Dangers Of Dogs In Truck Bed

The truth is that it’s dangerous for animals to ride in the bed of a truck unrestrained.

The American Veterinary Medical Association states that uncaged dogs who ride in truck beds are at risk for some very severe injuries.

The vast number of injuries and deaths that occur every year may surprise you. 

Too many dogs are killed each year because they jumped or fell out of the back of a moving truck.

Even if your dog is lucky and isn’t injured from jumping or falling off, an oncoming motorist may not see your pet, causing a collision. 

Don’t think that a leash is all you need to keep them restrained. 

Dogs often become tangled up during the trip, and no one is around to help them. Additionally, a sudden stop may frighten the dog.

If they try to jump in fear, the leash could strangle the poor dog.

In addition to dangers while the truck is moving, there are also considerations such as the danger of their paws against a hot or frozen metal truck bed.

Guide To Transporting Dogs In Truck Bed

dogs in bed of truck

First, make sure what the laws are in your state regarding transporting a dog in the bed of your truck. In many states, it’s illegal to have your dog in the bed of a truck without proper restraints.

Once you are sure you are within the law, there are safe options to having your dog in the bed of the truck.

The best way to transport a dog in a truck bed is to do so inside a secured large crate. Choose one that has a floor to it so it will also protect your pup’s paws.

Even if you are traveling for a short distance, make sure your dog is comfortable and safe.

The 3 Types Of Truck Bed Crates

dog in truck bed

It’s important to choose one that is able to be safely secured to your truck bed and has features that keep your dog safe and comfortable during travel.

The most common styles of truck bed crates are metal wire, plastic panel, or metal panel kennels. There are also some pop-up fabric options as well.

Metal Wire

Crates made out of metal wire look a lot like a traditional dog crate. 

The main difference with the truck bed crate is that the bars are much thicker. One downside to this type of crate is that a lot of dogs are able to escape from them easier than other types of crates.

Metal wire crates also don’t tend to provide much protection in the event of an accident, and they won’t keep your dog dry during a rainstorm or warm when it is freezing cold outside.

Make sure the crate you choose is:

  • rigid
  • durable
  • the proper size for your dog
  • insulated or has rain deflecting vents
  • able to be tied down

Plastic Panel

Plastic panel crates provide a lot of protection from the weather. Many of them are so well designed and keep your dog from escaping.

Some have double walls that will provide insulation from extreme hot or cold temperatures. They are also lighter weight than the metal options.

But, the plastic panel crates will not provide a lot of protection in the event of a car accident.

Metal Panel

Metal panel crates are a nice, durable option and possibly the best way to transport a dog in a truck bed.

The metal panels will provide more protection and shield your dog from the weather. They do tend to be a lot heavier than the other options and more expensive as well.

Here are a few of the best truck bed crates available on Amazon.

Bushwhacker K9 Canopy

This truck bed dog crate option is made out of durable polyester and tear-resistant mesh. It also comes with a half-inch pad on the floor of the canopy-style crate.

It is easy to assemble and designed specifically for truck beds.

UWS Northern 2-Door Dog Box

If you are traveling with more than one dog, this is a great option. It comes with a non-removable divider and two separate doors. It is constructed out of durable steel.

Primos Hunting Kennel

This is a great choice for a heavy-duty truck bed crate. It comes with aluminum tie-downs and adjustable ventilation panels.

The durable design is one-piece, single-walled roto-molded housing. Use the integrated aluminum tie-downs and stainless-steel hardware to secure it in place.

It also has a reversible locking door for easy entry and exits and built-in clean-out trays.

Additional Tips For Transporting A Dog In A Truck Bed

dog in truck bed

Everyone has seen a dog happily hanging their head out of a moving car. 

But, be aware that your dog’s ears can become damaged when the wind blows into them at high speeds.

So, when you are choosing a crate for the bed of your truck, make sure it’s enclosed or that there is a cover to go over the wired cage openings. 

The covering or enclosure will also be a barrier from rain, snow, or other unpleasant and potentially damaging elements of weather.

Also, never let your dog ride loose or untethered. Use a special harness to tether your pet inside the crate.


dogs in truck

How Do You Secure A Dog Crate In A Truck Bed?

Secure the crate to the truck bed using the restraint system that is recommended or comes with the crate you purchased. A dog in back of truck in crate needs to be secured to keep them safe.

Or, use Bull Ring Truck Tie-Down products for an exceptionally secure riding experience for your pup.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to travel with your dog, the safest option is to properly secure them inside the vehicle like they are simply another passenger.

If that is not an option, the best way to transport a dog in a truck bed is to place your pet inside a large crate that has been secured to the truck bed.

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