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Can My Dog Sleep With A Cone On? (Safety Tips + Risks)

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Thankfully, a cone is not a permanent fixture for your dog. But, while they are wearing it, there are some important tips and answers to questions you might have such as, “Can my dog wear a cone in their crate?” 

Let’s dive into how you can help your dog adjust to wearing a cone as long as they need to.

can my dog wear a cone in her crate

Can A Dog Sleep With A Cone On?

Yes, a dog can sleep with a cone on. It may be uncomfortable for the dog, but it will not hurt them. The cone protects the dog’s wound and keeps them from licking or biting at it, so it should be kept on.

At first, your dog will probably struggle to get restful sleep. In addition, they may need help to get comfortable.

Make sure the cone fits properly so that when they try to lie down, it isn’t causing discomfort.

If you are concerned about your dog’s comfort, you can try an alternative dog cone, like the BABYYLTRL Dog Cone Collar, that acts as a cushion to help them sleep.

Below, we cover more tips for helping your dog get comfortable with a cone.

Can My Dog Sleep With An Inflatable Collar On?

Yes, dogs can sleep safely and comfortably with an inflatable dog collar on. Inflatable dog collars are designed to protect your dog’s wound and keep them from licking or biting at it. They are also more comfortable and less intrusive than the classic plastic dog cones.

Why It’s Important To Leave Your Dog’s Cone On

dog sleeping with cone

It’s important to leave your dog’s cone on to protect their wound and prevent them from licking or biting at it. The cone is there to help the healing process, and taking it off can delay or interfere with the healing process.

Dogs will continue to lick at wounds and irritate them, which can lead to infection. In fact, dogs have a natural tendency to lick their wounds because they think it will make them feel better. Unfortunately, this often has the opposite effect and can delay healing or cause further irritation.

The cone protects the wound from your dog’s tongue and prevents them from being able to reach it. This allows the wound to heal properly without interference.

You may need to remove the cone to let your dog eat or drink. Other than those exceptions, the cone should remain on at all other times. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your dog may reopen the wound.

Can My Dog Wear A Cone In Their Crate?

cone of shame

The simple answer is no. Do not leave your dog in their crate with a cone on.

The cone could become a choking hazard if your dog isn’t supervised in their crate. It can also make them anxious as they have less room to move around due to the cone.

Your crate is large enough to accommodate your pup, but it’s not designed with enough space to allow for the cone.

Because of this, your dog will not fit properly in their crate. If they do, they will struggle to turn around or move. They may get stuck and become very anxious. It’s best to find an alternative solution to crating your dog while they are wearing a cone. Some dog owners use a secured leash or gate off a small section of their house.

Whether you leash or gate your dog in a safe area, ensure they have all the comforts of home, they are used to.

Put their bed nearby with enough surrounding space to allow them to curl up and get comfortable for sleeping. Also, give them their favorite toys to keep them occupied and entertained. Just make sure you supervise them with a toy in their crate.

Can You Leave Your Dog Alone With A Cone?

can dogs wear cone in crate

Do not leave your dog unsupervised while they are wearing a cone.

It’s never a good idea to leave your dog alone for extended periods when they have a cone on. Someone must be nearby to keep an eye on them while wearing a cone. 

As much as possible, try to bring your dog along with you or leave them with someone you trust. If all else fails, check with your vet to see if they can stay there while you’re at work, so they can be monitored.

Or, at the very least, check in on them frequently.

A cone isn’t something that your dog is probably used to wearing. As a result, your otherwise happy furry friend may struggle to go about their normal routine with difficulty as the cone bumps into things with every turn.

Your dog is going to appreciate as much help as you can give.

How To Make A Dog Comfortable With A Cone

dog with cone

The cones that the vet puts on your dog after a medical procedure are most likely stiff and made of plastic. Would you be comfortable with wearing such a device?

The edges can dig into their neck, and they can’t move around as freely as they’re used to.

 So first, ensure your dog’s cone is well-fitted. Also, ensure it’s secure and doesn’t move around too easily.

The cone should sit comfortably around your dog’s head without easily moving around or digging into their neck/skin.

If the hard plastic cone is uncomfortable for your pup, consider getting them an alternative. You can also opt for more comfortable options such as the All Four Paws’ Comfy Cone, the E-KOMG Pet recovery collar, or the BABYYLTRL Dog Cone Collar.

These collars will still do the intended job but are softer and more comfortable to wear. 

Most are water-resistant and washable too.

Here is a summary of the ways you can keep your dog comfortable with a cone:

  • Offer them a large sleeping space
  • Bend and roll the plastic to make it more comfortable
  • Get an alternative dog cone
  • Give them a pillow
  • Don’t make the cone too tight

Should A Dog Wear A Cone All Day?

dog with cone

How long your dog should wear the cone will depend on what your veterinarian recommends.

Normally, you only take a cone off after your pup’s wound is healed enough so that it’s no longer an irritant your dog wants to nibble or scratch at. 

If your dog had stitches, you should keep the cone on until after the stitches have been removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

dogs with cone

Should I Take My Dog’s Cone Off At Night?

No, you should not take your dog’s cone off at night unless your vet specifically tells you it’s okay. Dr. Littlejohn says that a dog cone needs to stay on 24/7 for at least 10-14 days, even at night.

A dog cone is an integral part of the healing process for your dog, and taking it off can delay the healing process.

There are times you may remove the cone to allow them to eat or drink, but other than that, the cone should stay on. Follow your vet’s guidelines on when to remove the cone; otherwise, your dog may reopen the wound.

What Is A Dog Cone?

A dog cone is given to dogs after some medical procedures. It’s commonly referred to as the cone of shame thanks to the reference in the Disney Pixar movie, Up.

It is also known as an Elizabethan cone. But, it has a practical purpose that is not meant to bring embarrassment or shame to any dog.

The cone is used to help keep a dog from licking or chewing at their skin. Often, it is used to keep them from ripping out stitches.

Final Thoughts

Most dogs prefer not to wear a cone, so expect it to take some time for your pup to wear it. Never leave them alone while they are wearing a cone. 

To directly answer the question, “Can my dog wear a cone in their crate?” 

We’d highly recommend against it. Don’t leave a dog alone in their crate with the cone around their neck. It’s for their own safety. 

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