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Why Do Dog Toys Squeak & Make Noise? | Pawscessories

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Dog toys are not just for playing, they can also be used to help train your dog when used correctly. Many people wonder why dog toys squeak and make noise… And there are actually several reasons behind this.

To best answer your question, we need to delve deeper into how they work and why it can actually benefit your pup when they make such noises when squeezed or bitten.

A lot of toys are designed for specific reasons, like to help with training, mental stimulation, entertainment, etc. It’s not a coincidence that squeaking toys for many dogs are the most favored toy.

The loud squeaking noise some toys produce can be extremely annoying to listen to for us owners but dogs love it!

In this post we’ll discuss why some dog toys squeak, why dogs love these kinds of toys and how you can train your pup to effectively use their favorite toys!

Why do dog toys squeak

Why Do Dog Toys Squeak?

The truth is, dogs find it very interesting to hear the noises that come from their toys. 

There are several reasons why dog toys are designed to squeak. The most common reason is simply because it’s a way to get your pup’s attention and hold it.

In addition, experts say that using squeaking dog toys can help train your dog better than other methods because they’re more fun and engaging for them.

So the easy answer is dog toys squeak in order to make our pups more engaged in play and also to help us better train them.

You might be wondering then, what makes squeaking toys so attractive to our dogs?

Let’s find out.

Why Do Dogs Love Squeaking Toys?

why do dog toys squeak

There are several reasons why dogs love squeaking toys but the most common is due to their predatory instinct.

It’s not just because he likes to hear it squeak; there are a variety of reasons that can explain this behavior.

Dogs perceive their world through their sense of hearing and smell as well as what makes certain noises or scents attractive or unattractive to them.

Dogs are often fascinated by sounds that they cannot make themselves. This is why many dogs will try to mimic the sound of a squeaky toy, or even bark along with it. 

Let’s dive deeper into how their animalistic instincts make squeaking toys more appealing.

Animalistic Instinct

Dogs are predators by nature, and they have an instinctual desire to hunt.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), studies conducted by scientific researchers examined why dogs preferred certain toys over others.

The study concluded that it can all be traced back to our dogs’ wolf ancestry.

When wolves play with each other, they make high-pitched noises that sound similar to the squeaking noise made by some types of toys.

In addition, that squeaking sound may be annoying to us, but to our pets, it resembles the sound of a scared or injured animal, which activates their hunting instinct.

This is why our dogs typically don’t stop playing until they have destroyed the squeaking mechanisms, i.e. they have “killed” their prey.

Furthermore, just as wolves choose prey, dogs enjoy toys that can be torn apart, make noises, and smell like something they can eat.

This activates their hunting instinct and makes playing more fun for both parties involved!

It also helps stimulate their mind while keeping them physically fit at the same time!  

So if you want your dog to be happy, then give him/her a toy that will help activate his/her natural instincts as well as provide hours of entertainment for both pet and owner alike! 

Instant Stimulation And Reward

In comparison to other toys, squeaking toys provide instant stimulation according to Melanie Lewis from “The Dog People”. The squeaking gives your dog a direct response to their biting.

Toys without squeakers don’t give any feedback. The squeaking toy gives your dog direct feedback that their bite is strong and effective.

This keeps your pup stimulated to continue biting and playing with the toy!

This is why some people use these toys as a reward for good behavior or as an enticement to play with you. 

Some experts say that using these types of dog toys can actually help train your pet better than other methods because they’re more fun and engaging for them.

Are Squeaking Toys For Dogs Dangerous?

why do dog toys squeak

Squeaky toys are a favorite among many dogs, but they can pose some risks. Dogs have been known to choke on or swallow squeakers whole, which can lead to an expensive vet visit.

Unlike solid rubber, stuffing free, and other more durable materials, squeaky toys pose more risk.

On this basis, It’s generally recommended that you supervise your dog when playing with these types of toys.

If your dog has swallowed a foreign object, it’s important to know what steps you should take. PetMD has a comprehensive guide on what to do if your dog has swallowed a foreign object.

As mentioned above, dogs have a predatory instinct to want to “kill” their prey i.e. the squeaky toy.

So, in order to avoid potential harm to your pup consider taking these steps when giving your dog a squeaker-filled toy:

Remove Damaged Toys

If you notice your dogs toy is becoming weak and damaged, it’s time to replace it. Damaged toys are more easily destroyed and ripped into small pieces.

These pieces can be dangerous to your pup if swallowed.

So make sure to replace any damage toys as soon as you notice them breaking down.

Inspect Toys Regularly

In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to inspect your pups toys before play. By constantly checking their toys you reduce the risk of the toy doing harm to your dog.

Especially when it comes to squeaking toys, this is much more important to do.

Always Supervise Heavy Chewers

However, inspecting toys and removing damaged toys is not enough to prevent heavy chewers from destroying squeaky toys.

If your dog has a historying of ripping apart toys, the best thing you can do as a dog parent is supervise them. This is one of the best ways to avoid harm to your dog when they are playing with toys.

What Are Some Great Squeaking Toy Options?

ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz (Mess-Free Stuffed Toys)

ZippyPaws is no stranger to making the best toys to entertain dogs. They create all sorts of amazing quality products that benefit both the dog and the owner.

The unique aspect to the Squirrel Skinny Peltz is the lack of stuffing and not having to worry about a mess to clean up.

Due to their long shape and high quality material, dogs can use these toys for a playful tug-of-war game.

This is one of the best squeaker toys around based on our own testing and looking over the reviews online.

Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball

Based on all the reviews that we looked at as well as using the ball ourselves for our own pups, we determined that this was definitely one of the best squeaking balls around.

Something we noticed about this ball that’s a little bit unique, is it’s actually infused with mint oil, this is very helpful particularly when your dogs are sniffing around in the long grass, it makes it easier for the dogs to find a ball.

It includes a replacement guarantee, which is always something we like to see with every product that we purchase.

Tuffy Ultimate Ring

The Tuffy Ultimate Ring is a soft toy, that’s much more durable than most other plush style toys on the market.

It’s unique shape is like a doughnut and can be used for  throwing for fetch, tug of war, and a number of different interactive games for you and your pup to enjoy.

The fabric is made up of a few different layers that makes it one of the most durable materials while also providing a great texture and mouthfeel for your pooch.

Additional features of the tuffy ultimate ring is it floats, so that you can play with it at the pool or at the beach!

It also contains 2 small squeakers that will get any pup excited to play and is easily cleaned using a dishwasher.

Final Thoughts

So you came to this page wondering why do dog toys squeak. Now you have your answer and you better understand why dogs love squeaking toys so much.

It appeals to their natural predatory instincts and stimulates their minds among many other things.

Just make sure to take precautions when giving your dog a squeaking toy!

We hope this article helped answer your questions and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best information in helping you and your dog live better lives 🙂

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