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Why Does My Dog Bring Toys To Bed | The Truth

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There’s no doubt about it: dogs love to bring their favorite toys to bed.

In fact, you may have difficulty getting your dog to sleep in their own bed! You’re also probably wondering, why does my dog bring toys to bed?

If they’re not sleeping with you, then chances are they have a pile of toys next to them on the floor. 

Out of all the questions we get about our furry friends, why does my dog bring toys to bed is one that always stands out.

In this post we’re doing to take a look at the reason why your dog may be bringing toys to bed.

There’s a very good reason for this behavior and we’re going to dive into what toys mean for your dog which will help you better understand them.

why does my dog bring toys to bed

What Causes Dogs To Bring Toys To Bed?

Dogs grow exceedingly more attached to some of their toys. You likely notice they have 1 or a few that they love to play and bring them wherever they can. This is not uncommon behavior.

Different toys will represent a different experience they get when they play with them and cater to their different interests and personality.

And while this is all well and good, what does this have to do with why they bring toys to bed?

Well, because your dogs toys hold a special place in their heart, they want to make sure they know exactly where their toy is at all times.

Dog’s don’t have the best idea of what the future holds.

That’s why whenever you leave home they get very upset and are super excited when you get back because they have no idea how long it’s really been.

Because of their lack of understanding what the future holds, they want to make sure that they won’t lose their toy(s)!

In their mind, if they leave their toy in the living room or kitchen, they don’t know whether or not when tomorrow comes if their toy will still be there.

So by bringing it with them to bed, they know for certain that it’s safe and should still be there when they wake up.

why does my dog bring a toy to bed


Before dogs were domesticated and lived in the wild, they would bury their valuables, like food.

When they bring their toy to bed and bury their toy in the bed or hide it around their bed, they’re putting it somewhere they feel is very safe.

This gives them confidence that it will be there when they wake up and when they want to use it in the future.

Overall, this tendency is not bad behavior. They’re simply showing their love for toys and wanting to be around them/keep them safe.

Where this behavior can become problematic is if they become too territorial around their toys.

If other dogs or people are around their toys/belongings and they get rough or aggressive this is when the behavior can become an issue. 

You’ll want to make sure they understand their toys are safe, and they will be there when they want them and don’t need to be over-protective or territorial.

Should You Discourage Dogs Bringing Toys To Bed?

If your dog is carrying his toys to bed at night, it’s 100% normal. Dog’s, even though domesticated, still have instincts that guide some of their behavior.

While they’re getting a nice bowl of food everyday and don’t need to hunt, they may still feel the need to gather and hide their possessions.

Dogs are pack animals by nature so they like having their own personal items that only they can access.

This helps them feel more secure in their environment because it makes them feel like they belong somewhere. 

It also gives them a sense of security knowing that if anything were ever to happen (like an earthquake or fire) then all of their things would be safe with them wherever they go.

The reason why dogs carry toys around with them has nothing to do with how much you love your pet or how well trained he is; rather, it’s just a natural instinct for dogs who want some sort of security blanket when sleeping at night time. 

They will often bring along whatever toy happens to be closest during the evening hours as long as it means something special to them!

Final Thoughts

If your dog is bringing their toys to bed and isn’t aggressive about their belongings there’s nothing wrong with their habit.

They simply love their toys so much they want to make sure they know where they are at all times.

Even though it’s obvious to us that their toys aren’t going anywhere, they still have some instinctive habits that make them want to take extra good care of the things they love.

We hope this post has been helpful in answering the question of, why does my dog bring toys to bed?

Know that it’s certainly not abnormal and simply a way for them to express their love for their things.

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