7 Reasons Why Dog Crates Have Two Doors + Helpful Tips

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A dog crate is a safe place for your furry friend to sleep and take them to the vet. The number of doors their crate has affects how you and your dog use the crate and how you clean it.

Why Do Dog Crates Have Two Doors:

A dog crate with two doors gives both you and your dog a better experience. They have better access, they’re easier to clean, help with crate training, are easier to get a dog in and out of, and make it so the crate can go more places in your home.

In this post, you’ll learn why it’s important to get a dog crate that has two doors. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and even end up having a happier pup.

7 Reasons Why Dog Crates Have Two Doors + Helpful Tips

Top 7 Reasons Why Dog Crates Have Two Doors

Before you click and purchase that lovely dog crate you’ve come across online, check the number of doors it has. The best dog crates have two doors. 

Below are the 7 top reasons why dog crates have two doors. 

1. Better Access

Your home has two or more doors. That makes it easier for you to access your home from the front and back. The same applies when you have a dog at home.

When buying them a new comfy crate, make sure it has two doors. 

The two doors are simply for better access. Your pup can come in and out of the crate with little stress.

A dog won’t have to keep turning around to access the door, which can be stressful. Two doors are better than one when you consider the comfort of your pup. 

In addition, it makes it easier for them to leave the crate. Perhaps there’s an intruder, and you need them to come to your defense. 

2. Easier to Clean

A dog crate with one door is harder to clean, especially if it’s a large crate.

You might have to get on all fours and crawl inside to access those tough-to-reach corners inside the crate.

That’s so much work that can be made more accessible by getting a crate with two doors. 

While your doggo can get in and out faster, the two doors also make it easier for you or someone else to clean.

You can wipe all the corners on one side thoroughly. Then turn the crate or move to the other side to repeat the same. 

Essentially, two doors on one crate make maintenance much easier. Plus, it’s more hygienic for your pet.

3. Improved Crate Training Experience

Crate training is a detailed process. You have to get the proper crate in terms of size and material.

Make sure your dog can stand in it and not easily break out. Two doors are ideal because you can easily access your pet and show them the space is safe. 

Your doggo can learn one side is for coming in and the other for leaving.

It lessens their suspicion since they know there’s a way out of the crate.

Crate training takes time, but two doors can make the experience so much better for you and your best friend. 

4. Easier To Get a Dog In and Out

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, at times, pups can get sick. The crate becomes a safe and cozy place where they can lay and recover.

A crate with two doors makes your work more manageable when you take them out or put them back into the crate. 

Someone can even be on the other end of the crate to help you access a dog that’s hiding inside the crate.

A crate with two doors is ideal for older dogs who may find it difficult to turn around in a one door crate.

Such a crate is also ideal for dogs with deformities such as blindness or other disabilities.

An injured or sick dog can also feed better in a crate with two doors.

They won’t be forced to turn or move around to access the bowl of water or food. All you have to do is place the dishes on the side they’re facing for them to eat and drink quickly. 

5. Side Door is Larger

A large or chubby dog may have slight difficulty entering the front door of a crate. This is why it’s important to get a double-doored crate with a larger side door.

Your big-boned friend can easily walk in and out of the crate easily without getting caught. 

Therefore, take note of the size of your pup before ordering a crate with two doors.

Ensure your dog can stand inside with space all around, plus they can move in and out of the crate freely. 

It is also easier to feed your dog in the big doors as you can easily place food and water bowls inside.

6. More Places the Crate Can Go in Your Home

A double-door dog crate is so wonderful to have in your home. Imagine if you want to move it from one space to the other.

Because it can open on two sides, it can go in many places of your home without you having to worry about it not being accessible for your pup.

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7. Convenient if You Have More Than One Dog

At times you can have two or more dogs in your home. While each should have their own crate, at times, some dogs prefer to share.

Such a crate can become squeezed if it only has one door. The dog on the inside has to nudge the other out of the way to get out.

But, when there are two doors, each dog can exit through either of the two doors. This works wonders when you want the dogs to bond more. 

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Are Double Door Crates Better Than Single Door Crates?

A double-door crate is better than a single-door one. This works best even if you have only one dog in your home.

All the reasons listed above support this, and it even makes it easier to feed your lovely pup. 

When you have a single door crate, it’s harder to clean or even tend to an ill dog. Also, if they run and hide inside when you want to go to the vet, it becomes challenging to get them out.

A double door will make your life easier and help when you have more than one dog who loves resting together. 

Crates with double doors aren’t for only big dog breeds. You can get a smaller one for your puppies and smaller dog breeds. This will make crate training so much better and even easier

Is There a Downside to a Crate Having Two Doors?

When some dogs realize you want to take them to the vet, they tend to bolt, right? If your dog fears going to the vet, they might hurt themselves trying to escape from the other door of their cage. 

Also, because there are two doors, that means there’s another vulnerable point in the crate.

A determined dog would have two places to attempt to escape the crate if they were feeling super anxious.

This either means they will hurt themselves in attempting to escape (getting caught in between the door and the body of the crate, harming their teeth/gums or paws in their attempt to escape, etc.) or they will get loose and wreak havoc around your home.

Nevertheless, the pros outweigh the cons… by far; a crate with two doors is the better choice for your furry friend.

Final Thoughts

Having a dog crate at home is quite essential. However, the question comes when selecting which dog crate to bring home. Do you get a crate with one or two doors? 

The better choice is the crate with two doors, as it benefits you and your dog in so many ways. It offers more benefits than a single door crate. 

The two door crate is easier to clean, has better access, and works in more areas of your home. You’ll also notice it’s safer for dogs that love spending time together in one crate.

Make sure you get the two-door dog crate for your furry friend. 

However, you can choose a single door crate if you intend to place it in a corner or your dog is a smaller breed. Ultimately it all depends on your budget and your dog’s needs.

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