Are Leather Chew Toys Good For Dogs To Play With?

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If you’re anything like me, you’re always researching and looking into what are the ideal products are for your pup. I want to make sure they’re safe and healthy.

We get these types of questions a lot, what dog toys are safe and okay for them to play with? Are leather chew toys good for dogs to play with?

The quick answer is, “it depends on your dogs chewing habits”.

Are Leather Chew Toys Good For Dogs:

Generally, every dog has a different way of playing with their toys. Some dogs are more gentle whereas others are more aggressive. When it comes to leather toys they’re typically safe for dogs to play with as long as they’re not ripping it to pieces and eating it.

In this post we’ll discuss if leather toys will be safe for your dog to play with. We’ll also cover the best types of toys for dogs with specific chewing habits.

Let’s dive in.

Are Leather Chew Toys Good For Dogs To Play With?

Are Leather Chew Toys Good For Dogs?

First off, you need to determine which type of chewer your dog is. Refer to the section below on ‘choosing the best chew toy for your dog’ to figure out where your dog fits.

If your dog is an aggressive or destructive chewer then I would avoid leather toys all together.

They will likely not withstand your dog’s wrath. Instead opt for a more durable toy.

For those of you with Inhaler or lover type chewers, leather dog toys will be okay for your dogs!

Look for natural leather when opting for leather toys to avoid any poor quality products with hazardous chemicals that will cause issues to your pup.

The best reviewed leather toy we could find is the Tall Tail Leather/wool toy.

This leather toy was the best rated on amazon and had the highest ratings among the 30 other leather toys we reviewed.

It is made with natural leather and is great for interactive play. Remember this is NOT a toy for destroyers / shredders. Heavy chewers will destroy this.

The toy is 16-Inches long and made of 100% natural material and free from harsh toxic chemicals and artificial colors and flavors.

Choosing the Best Chew Toys for Your Dog

Something that is really important to understand is that NOTHING will ever be 100% safe.

No toy is indestructible, so parts can break off and become choking hazards for our dogs. What is important for us dog owners to understand is what type of chewer our dog is.

This will give us a better understanding of how to keep them safe.

Here are the different types of chewers:

The Destroyer / Shredder
If your dog has a habit of destroying every toy you put in front of them they likely fall into this category.

Their mission is to completely rip apart every toy and sometimes try to eat the pieces. Leather toys will not be a great choice for these dogs.

Here is a list of our best dog toys for destroyers / shredders.

The Inhalers / Gulpers

If your dog somehow makes every edible toy vanish like a magic trick they are likely an inhaler. Inhalers have a tendency to swallow large chunks of edible chews as fast as they can.

The Lover / Nibbler

As the name suggests these types of dogs care for their toys and rarely destroy anything. They take their time and savor their edible chew toys.

You likely never have to worry about your toys being ripped apart and spread all over your house.

Depending on your pups chewing habit will tell you what types of chew toys are best for them.

What Type of Chew Toys are Safe for Dogs?

Now that you understand what type of chewer your dog is let’s look at the best chew toys for their specific chew type.

Destroyer / Shredder Inhalers / GulpersLover / Nibbler
Rubber Toys
Edible Chews & Treats
Rubber Toys
Rope Toys
Stuffed Toys
Tennis Balls
Leather Toys
Rubber Toys
Rope Toys
Stuffed Toys
Edible Chews & Treats
Tennis Balls
Leather Toys

So after looking at this are leather chew toys good for your dog?

The safest types of chew toys for dogs are ones that are durable, but not too hard that it can damage your pups teeth.

Typically rubber toys are going to be the best bet as they can be great for most dogs.

You also want to make sure the material is non-toxic incase pieces break off and get ingested by accident.

In addition, there are a few popularized toys that should actually be avoided when looking for dog chew toys.

Avoid these types of chew toys:

  • Cow Hooves
  • Rawhides, Pig ears, and Bully Sticks (these have been known to cause stomach issues and they are also high in calories)
  • Antlers / Bones
  • Chew toys made of hard plastic or nylon

* A good rule of thumb is anything harder than your dog’s teeth is a no no.

Stick to high quality chew toys That are the proper size, and shape for your dog. Too small and they can choke, too large and it can hurt their jaw.

Make sure you select a toy with proper hardness, durability and the right material based on your pups chew type.

Final Thoughts

After reading this post you should now have a better understanding if leather toys are good for your dog!

If you are still in search of the perfect toy for your pup consider checking out our list of the top rated dog toys in 2021!

We hope you found this content helpful and if you did please share our post so we can help more dog owners and dogs.

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