Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed | The Real Reasons

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It’s happened again. You have company over and in front of everyone your dog mounts their bed excitedly and starts humping.

You can feel your embarrassment showing through from the inside. And you want nothing more than to get them to stop without getting angry and yelling at them.

After it’s all said and done you’re left with the question, why on earth does my dog hump his bed?!

Dog’s humping is relatively common and it’s not for the reason you likely think. It can be frustrating watching them continue to do it without any success in curbing the behavior.

Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed:

Your dog may be humping his bed for a variety of reasons. This could be for sexual reasons, excitement or they don’t see this behavior as being bad. Less obvious reasons would be due to a medical concerns.

Now let’s dive deeper into the more common reasons why your dog may hump his bed and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

Why Does My Dog Hump His Bed | The Real Reasons

The 4 Reasons Dogs Hump Their Bed

1) Sexual Reasons

This is the most common reason why people think their dog is humping. More often than not, this isn’t the case.

For dogs that are under the age of 1 and are un-neutered or un-spayed humping can be common. However, after the age of 1, the reason for humping is not likely to be sexual.

But, while your dog is young, humping as a sexual release could be the reason. Not to worry though, they will simply grow out of it so long as you discourage the behavior.

Even though it can be funny at times, you want to make sure that you react in a way that they understand it’s not good behavior.

Your tone of voice goes a long way for dogs as they don’t understand the words you’re using.

You don’t need to spank or hit your dog for doing this unfavorable behavior, or even yell for that matter.

By simply speaking to them in a low, disapproving tone of voice it will get the message across.

After enough time has passed you can resume loving them as usual.

You want to make sure to wait long enough so they don’t think you’re giving them love & attention because of the humping.

2) Excitement

If your dog gets excited or over-stimulated they can start humping. This is for no other reason than they aren’t sure how else to show their excitement.

When they’re humping an object like a stuffed toy, pillow or their bed they likely just got overly excited. 

Since you know that excitement can be a cause for humping his bed, you can now take a closer look at what happened before he started humping his bed.

For example, if it was after you came home and gave them a lot of attention & praise you’ll know to dial it back a little bit in the future.

While it can be challenging not to shower him with love when you get home, it will likely help them from getting overly excited and showing it through humping their bed.

Sidenote: if your dog also humps people and other dogs, it’s more than likely them attempting to assert their dominance as opposed to excitement. 

3) Not Seen As Bad Behavior

If you haven’t made it abundantly clear that their humping behavior is bad, they could very easily see it as playful behavior.

When he starts humping his bed and you simply call him a weirdo and give him cuddles, he most likely won’t see what he’s done as bad behavior.

If you want him to stop you have to make it obvious that what he’s doing is not something that is okay.

This means you have to be disciplined in how you react to his bad behavior to help them understand that humping is a no-no.

A great article to help curb unwanted behaviors can be found by clicking here. While the article doesn’t specifically speak to humping, the tricks and tactics they share can still be used.

4) Medical Issues

A much less common reason for their humping could be a medical issue. Such as an irritation, infection or prostate complications.

If he is humping his bed frequently you should take a look at his gentile region for any redness or inflammation. 

If you do notice something doesn’t look normal you should take them to your vet and have them looked at.

Their humping could be a sign of discomfort from whatever irritations they have going on internally.

Final Thoughts

The most common reasons behind the question of why does my dog hump his bed are sexual, over excitement (dominance as well), it’s not seen as bad behavior to them, or medical issues.

Once you know the reason behind why they’re acting up it makes it that much easier to fix the situation.

We hope this information has been helpful and you’re able to use it to prevent your pup from humping in the future.

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