How To Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing | Short Simple Steps

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You’ve given your dog one of the best gifts you can get them. A nice, warm, comfy bed to spend their nights and their days while you’re at work.

Unfortunately, an accident happened and you’re stuck wondering how to wash a dog bed with stuffing.

There’s good news! We’re going to cover exactly how to wash your dog’s bed so it doesn’t stink up your home. Or worse, start getting moldy internally which would make it unsafe for your dog.

The steps we’re going to cover will work if you’re looking to know how to wash a dog bed with urine, vomit, poop, or general dirt they’ve collected on their walks.

How To Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing | Short Simple Steps

How To Wash A Dog Bed With A Removable Cover

Thankfully many beds come with a removable cover as well as a waterproof lining.

This makes it easier for you to clean and protects the bed from any accidents penetrating the cover and wrecking the cushion portion of the bed.

Without a waterproof lining mold and bacteria would easily spread and not be healthy for your dog to rest on for long periods of time.

Since you’re working with a dog bed with a removable cover your job is very simple.


Remove any dirt or debris from the cover.


Remove the cover.


Place the cover in your washing machine or wash the cover manually.


Wipe down the waterproof lining surrounding the cushioned portion of your dog’s bed.


Once the cover has been fully washed and dried, place it back on the actual bed and voila! Your pooch has a clean bed again. 

How To Wash A Dog Bed With Stuffing

Here we’ll look at the step-by-step approach to washing your dog’s bed that has stuffing.

We’re going to look at how to wash a dog bed without a washing machine.

We’ll also be looking at how to wash a dog bed without a removable cover.

Washing a dog bed with a removable cover is much easier than those without.

However, it certainly isn’t an impossible task and with the steps we’ve outlined below, you’ll be done before you know it!


Take a look at the bed before you begin washing. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any holes or other damage to it as well as ensure all the zippers are zipped all the way closed before you get it wet.

If there are any tears you’ll want to fix those before you start washing.

This will help make sure the bed lasts longer so you won’t have to buy a new one sooner than you want to. A little time spent up front can make a world of difference!


Next you’ll want to get rid of any loose dirt or grime on the bed.

If they had an accident like vomiting or going number 2 on their bed you’ll want to get rid of as many physical pieces you can.

Same goes with dirt. Collect/wipe down any parts of the bed where dirt has collected until you’re only left with the mess that’s made its way into the fabric.

Before moving on to step 3 it’s a good idea to get a lint roller to collect any excess hair on the bed.

This will make sure you don’t clog your drains with fur and create any new problems for yourself.


Get rid of concentrated stains if there’s any. Before you do a general cleaning of the entire bed you’ll want to use a spot cleaner on any necessary areas.

A general spot cleaner will work perfectly here but make sure there’s no bleach used in the product to make sure it’s safe for your pup after washing.


Since we won’t be using a washing machine, you’ll want to fill up a bathtub with hot water. If you have a large enough sink to wash the bed properly that can work just as well.

Now that your station is filled with warm water you’ll want to mix in a cup of mild detergent.

Keep in mind that your dog’s skin is more sensitive than human skin so you don’t want to overdo it on the detergent.


Begin massaging the soapy water into the bed. Something you can do if you didn’t use a scented detergent is pour in a cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar as a natural deodorizer.


After you’ve done a thorough job cleaning the bed and you’re sure all the stains have been removed you can start rinsing the bed.

Start by draining the soapy, dirty water from the tub and then turn on warm water to clean off all the soapy detergent from the bed.

Keep repeating this process until you no longer see any bubbles coming from the bed. Once all the soap has been rinsed out your next step is to wring out the bed.

Do your best to wring out as much water as possible to help the bed dry quicker.


If the bed is too big for your dryer you can take it outside to dry. Leave it outside until there’s no more noticeably wet spots on the bed.

If taking the bed outside isn’t an option for you because you live in a cold area your alternative options are to place it by a vent in your house to to use a hair dryer.

It’s important to make sure the bed gets fully dried so no mold or bacteria begins to grow from the bed staying damp for too long.


Place the bed back where it belongs and enjoy seeing your dog tail waggin’ happy that their favorite hangout spot is back.

Of course a nice fluffing before placing it is always nice, just like for our pillows!

You can also spray it with a nice deodorizer if you choose but your dog likely isn’t a fan of power fragrances and would rather it be left without a powerful scent.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! The complete step-by-step process for how to wash a dog bed with stuffing. Washing your dog’s bed doesn’t have to seem like a terrible task when you have a simple system to follow.

We won’t keep you any longer though! Go ahead and give that bed a nice wash so your pup can get back to relaxing in their favorite spot.

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