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12 Best Harnesses for Australian Shepherds: 2022 Review

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Quick Access To The Best Harnesses For Australian Shepherds ?

Editors PickBrand
Best OverallThe RUFFWEAR Harness
Best Runner UpThe Julius-K9 Harness
Best BudgetThe PAWABOO Dog Harness
Best Under $15The Copatchy No Pull Harness
Best Hiking Harness For Australian ShepherdThe EXPAWLORER Harness
Best Tactical Harness For Australian ShepherdThe OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

How do you best choose the best harness for your Australian Shepherd? There are tons of options out there, so it can be hard to narrow down what is top quality. In this post, we’ll be looking at the top 12 best harnesses for australian shepherds. 

After looking at well over 50 different harnesses, you start to notice what sets one apart from the rest. The most important considerations for a high quality harness are durability, security, comfort, and most importantly, safety.

Each harness below was hand picked based on meeting those criteria. And the sizing options are perfectly suited for an australian shepherd.

We’re confident that after checking out the harnesses below that you’ll have found one you feel is well-suited for your special pup.

Let’s jump right into our best overall harness pick for an australian shepherd.

best harness for australian shepherd

Top 12 Best Harnesses For Australian Shepherds

Best Overall: The RUFFWEAR Harness

The RUFFWEAR Harness is our best overall pick for an australian shepherd. It’s remarkably comfortable and comes with 29 points to clip your leash to, making it perfect for just about every user.

This harness has 4 points of adjustment to help make it fit like a glove. It features two loops on the back for relaxation, and an adjustable loop on the chest that will let you redirect your dog if they get too wild while walking or playing.

The foam padding makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The pads also provide extra warmth during the colder months and offer more comfort than a regular collar when worn throughout summer.

The reflective accents on this vest make it more visible at night as well as during low light situations.

Opinions from people who are long-time users of this harness are overwhelmingly positive, with over 82% leaving comments giving it a 5 out of 5 stars. People also shared that the harness is a repeat buy for them (if need be) because it’s comfortable and their dog isn’t scratching or irritated after 10-15 minutes of use.

RUFFWEAR Harness Key Features:

  • 4 points of adjustment
  • 29 different leash attachment points
  • Reflective features

Best Runner Up: The Julius-K9 Harness

The Julius-K9 Harness is our pick for the best runner up harness for an australian shepherd. It has a lot of great features that shouldn’t be overlooked when deciding on a quality harness.

It’s imported from Europe and made with high-quality materials to make your pup feel safe and comfortable.

The features are designed not only to keep them from getting tangled, but also ensure their safety on walks.

The front strap and belly strap are adjustable to ensure a snug fit for your pup. Also, it’s inner liner is made to be breathable as well as kind to their skin to not cause any unwanted rubbing or irritation.

The harness is highly reflective so you won’t lose sight of your pup at night or during stormy weather.

From what most people have shared after using this harness, it’s clear that it’s a sturdy dog vest for your pup. In addition, they also shared that the harness seems to be considerably comfortable. They didn’t notice their dogs actively trying to remove the harness and no skin irritations occurred.

Over 13,000 people have purchased and reviewed this harness and 86% of people gave it a glowing 5 star review. That’s not easy to do once you have multiple thousands of people reviewing a product.

Julius-K9 Harness Key Features:

  • Sturdy & made of high quality materials
  • Designed for increased visibility & safety
  • Built to last while being friendly to your dog’s skin

Best Budget: The PAWABOO Dog Harness

This budget-friendly, well-fitted harness makes walks with your australian shepherd much safer and more comfortable. With a variety of styles to choose from you can find the best one that suits you and your pup.

The breathable, adjustable straps of this harness make it perfect for australian shepherds.

It also features a sturdy D-ring, so even if your dog pulls too hard on the leash they won’t hurt their trachea with extra pressure.

Also, it’s reflective stitching increases visibility when walking at night or in low light conditions.

This no-nonsense harness is easy to size for any dog and has the advantage of being a much more inexpensive option.

PAWABOO Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Reflective visibility
  • Durable, comfortable, breathable fabric
  • Adjustable buckles

Best Under $15: The Copatchy No Pull Harness

For those that want to limit their australian shepherds pulling behavior, the Copatchy Harness may be an excellent choice.

The harness features a light, breathable mesh material that won’t irritate skin despite prolonged use.

The clever design of this harness provides a force-free tension, which is great for any size dog.

It’s considerably easy to put on and take off; the design is simple and straightforward, my favorite.

Copatchy No Pull Harness Key Features:

  • Additional handle for older dogs or excessive pullers
  • Comfy sponge-like filling
  • Easy to put on and take off

Best Hiking Harness For Australian Shepherd: The EXPAWLORER Harness

If you’re an avid hiker and looking to bring your australian shepherd along on your adventures the EXPAWLORER Harness will give them freedom without you having to give up control.

Additional padding helps ensure your pup remains comfortable no matter how long your travels are.

The harness comes with a heavy duty D ring on the back to connect their leash to. Also, there’s no need to worry about slipping out of a good grip because there’s an extra handle on their shoulders.

Quality harnesses should include reflective stitching which ensures your pup is seen at dawn, dusk or during bad weather.

EXPAWLORER Harness Key Features:

  • Padded to increase comfort
  • Extra handle for added control
  • D-ring on back for leash walking

Best Tactical Harness For Australian Shepherd: The OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness

The OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness’ 1000D nylon backing and adjustable straps provide a balance of comfort and a secure fit.

The Y-style clip on the harness’ neck strap adjusts for a better fit, and the bolt snaps provide quick and easy on/off functionality without risk of pinching your fingers.

It’s also made with four quick release buckles for easy on and off.

The harness has two leash attachments. One is located on your dog’s chest and the other is on their back.

The front point is useful for added control while walking, as it allows you to shorten the distance between you and your pup and discourage pulling. This choice is better in areas that may cause them anxiety or high energy levels.

The back connection has a more open shape which will help keep up a relaxed pace and give your furry friend some extra room.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Made to have maximum security/safety as well as comfort
  • 4 buckles for easy-on-and-off
  • 1 year warranty

Other Top-Rated Picks

The Blueberry Pet Soft Harness

The Blueberry Pet Soft Harness is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. It has two leash snaps that make it simple to get on-and-off.

The front clip is optimized for walking or training sessions that require more control over your dog’s pulling, and the back clip offers a comfortable, breathable, and safe everyday walking experience.

The harness is comfortable and durable with plastic buckles that are eco-friendly. Also a nice feature, the ring holder is coated with a subtle matte finish, which makes it more resistant to rust or wear.

Blueberry Pet Soft Harness Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Dual clip
  • Made with eco friendly plastic

The Chai’s Choice Harness

The Chai’s Choice Harness is a stylish dog harness with safety & comfort features designed for long walks.

The harness is not only durable but it features two points of attachment which gives you the ability to adjust it depending on your pup’s size.

The ergonomic design of the harness ensures you can put it on and off with ease.

The lining is made with lightweight mesh fabric so there’s no rubbing against your doggos skin; even if they’re wearing the harness all day.

The reflective material offers heightened visibility in the dark. During daytime or nighttime, this harness will help your dog stand out while remaining safe and secure.

Chai’s Choice Harness Key Features:

  • Dual ring setup
  • Ergonomic design for easy on-and-off
  • Sturdy handle for extra control and seatbelt use

The LightHound Harness

The LightHound Harness provides peace of mind for those who love their nighttime strolls.

This high visibility harness provides a safety net for anyone who lets their australian shepherd off-leash. The bright colors are visible from over 500 yards away which helps give you peace of mind if your pup starts running too far ahead.

It has a long-lasting battery, so extended playtime won’t drain the charge and it will still work hours later.

In addition, the harness is customisable so that it will fit any sized dog, as well as being adjustable to fit a wide variety of chest sizes.

The harness can be lit up in a variety of colors, for example, pink and yellow for when you want something brighter and prettier, or blue or green if that’s more to your liking.

Your pup will have no problem standing out against dark backgrounds wearing this harness.

LightHound Harness Key Features:

  • 8 different colors to choose from
  • Visibility from over half a mile
  • Highly adjustable for custom fit

The Kurgo Dog Harness

Outdoorsy dogs love adventures, and this harness is a perfect companion for them. This lightweight harness has 4 adjustment points that can be easily customized to fit any dog no matter their shape or size.

The V-neck design of the Kurgo Dog Harness allows your canine to joyfully run, without concern that they will be choked by the tight grip of a restrictive collar.

The harness also comes with a 10″ lead which attaches to any seat belt to help prevent drivers from getting distracted.

With its steel nesting buckle system, back handle knob and anti-slip chest strap, this harness will keep even the most rambunctious fur ball safe.

Harnesses with these features make sure everyone is comfortable and ready to go for whatever you’ve got planned.

Kurgo Dog Harness Key Features:

  • Great for walking, running, camping, hiking
  • 4 adjustment points and padded chest
  • Includes 10-inch lead for seat belt attachment

The PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness

The PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness offers a maximum range of adjustment points to ensure your dog is safe and secure without compromising comfort.

This harness is made using reinforced steel O-rings and durable nylon straps to ensure it can be used in any situation whether it’s daily walks or high-intensity games of fetch.

It also has buckles that snap easily on the back and are a breeze to use.

With adjustments for smaller and larger chests, 5 points of adjustment total, and 4 different sizes to choose from, this harness provides a near custom fit.

You’ll be able to walk and play with your pup with peace of mind because you know they are tightly contained but still have lots of room to move around – because playing should always be one part safety, two parts fun.

PetSafe Sure-Fit Harness Key Features:

  • 5 points of adjustment for a near-custom fit
  • Made from reliable, durable material
  • Hassle free to put on and take off

The Rabbitgoo Harness

Does your pup get a little too excited when the leash comes out? Are you tired of them pulling on their leashes for hours at a time? 

With a hassle-free, fully adjustable and no-pull walking harness made for pups of just about every shape, your doggo will be guaranteed to have a great time whether you’re strolling through the neighborhood or out for a hike.

It has 2 metal leash rings on the front and back that can be chosen according to what best suits your pup; choose the front for a more controlled walk or the back for a more relaxed walk.

You can make sure the harness is a near-perfect fit by adjusting the four straps before they take their first steps.

The easy-fastening buckle ensures that no matter where your pup’s adventure takes them, they won’t feel uncomfortable and want to escape.

Rabbitgoo Harness Key Features:

  • Dual ring setup
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy on-and-off design


Is A Collar Or Harness Better For An Australian Shepherd?

As a general rule, a harness will provide a safer experience for an australian shepherd than a traditional collar. A harness is more difficult for a dog to escape from, it distributes pulling pressure evenly across their chest (not their throat), and caters better to a dog’s walking style.

What Size Ruffwear Harness For An Australian Shepherd?

This entirely depends on what stage of life your australian shepherd is in.

If they’re a puppy you’re likely better off with a small. If they’re an average sized adult they will do well with the medium size.

However, the best way to know with 100% certainty that you’re getting the right sized harness for your pup is to measure them.

One measurement around the base of their neck (in front of their front legs) and another around their rib cage (behind their front legs).

Once you have these two measurements you can use the sizing chart on the ruffwear product page to find the most accurate size for your unique pup.

Final Thoughts

There you have it!

The top 12 best harnesses for an australian shepherd.

I hope this was able to take the long list of options available to you and narrow it down to some of the best, highest quality harnesses.

Don’t forget to measure your pup to ensure you’re getting them the right size!

Happy walking!

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