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7 Best Dog Stairs & Steps In 2022 (For Beds, Couches & More)

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Quick Access To The Best Dog Ramps?

Editors PickBrand
Best Overall                                        Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps
Runner UpZinus Easy Pet Stairs 
Best BudgetPetsafe Folding Pet Stairs
Best Dog Stairs For BedsFurhaven Stairs For High Beds

If you’re a dog owner, then you know that sometimes your furry friend needs a little help getting up to certain places.

That’s where dog steps come in! They can be used for getting onto beds, couches, cars, and more.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the 7 best dog stairs and steps on the market right now. We’ll cover their key features and what they’re best suited for, as well as their price points.

So whether you’re looking for something to help your aging pup or just want an easier way for your dog to get into bed, up on the couch, or even into your car, we’ve got you covered!

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What Is The Best Dog Stairs?

Here’s my #1 picks for the best dog ramps:

  • Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps
  • Zinus Easy Pet Stairs
  • Petsafe Folding Pet Stairs
  • Furhaven Stairs For High Beds
  • Pet Gear Stramp Stair
  • PetFusion Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs
  • Pet Gear Easy Step II

1. Best Pet Supplies Foldable Pet Steps

Best Overall

These pet steps from Best Pet Supplies are my top pick for the best dog stairs overall.

They’re made from durable foam and can support up to 100 lbs. They’re also easy to clean and fold up for storage when not in use.

These are made with mattress-grade cushioning to relieve paw and joint pressure and they come in 10 different colors, so you can choose the perfect set for your home.

You can also select from 3 stairs with either 2, 3, or 4 steps that range in heights from 12″ to 22″.

They’re also lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for taking with you on the go.

You could even use them to help get your dog up into the car.

Key Features:

  • 90 day warranty
  • Comes with 2, 3, or 4 steps that range in heights from 12″-22″
  • 10 colors options to choose from
  • Build with mattress-grade cushioning (relieves paw and joint pressure)
  • Comes with removable stair covers that’re machine washable
  • Made with fleece fabric that is soft
  • Can support 100 pounds of weight
  • Sturdy and dense foam makes for a solid walking surface
  • Foldable so you can easily store it
  • Anti-slip bottom to stop stairs from sliding all over the place

Who’s This For:

These dog steps are designed for dogs of all ages that need some help getting up onto furniture.

Dogs with mobility issues or arthritic dogs may find it hard to climb these stairs so keep this in mind.


The 2 step stairs are listed on Amazon for $89.99, the 3 steps are listed for $69.99, and the 4 steps are listed at $89.99.

2. Zinus Easy Pet Stairs

Runner Up

These pet stairs from Zinus are my runner-up pick for the best dog stairs overall.

They’re made with a durable foam material that can support a dog up to 150 lbs.

These stairs also have a non-slip surface and are lightweight, with a removable cover that’s machine washable.

They come in 5 different sizes with the smallest reaching 10″ high and the largest reaching 24″ high.

These could have easily been the best stairs on my list.

Key Features:

  • 3 color options (blue plaid, gray, and gray checked)
  • Removable cover that’s machine washable
  • Made with durable foam that can support up to 150 pounds (for the x-large size)
  • 2, 3, or 4 step options with varying step height to accommodate any sized dog

Who’s This For:

These are designed for small dogs or large dogs.

They can be used for reaching anything up between 10″-24″H.

Just be sure to select the appropriate size to fit your dog and the height you need them to reach.


The x-small stairs are listed on Amazon for $40.99, the small is listed for $49.17, the medium is listed for $56.61, the large is listed for $117.60, and the x-large is listed for $119.99.

3. Petsafe Folding Pet Stairs

Best Budget

If you’re looking for an affordable set of pet stairs that will help your dog get onto a couch or sofa, the Petsafe Folding Pet Stairs might be the perfect fit for you.

These stairs are made with durable plastic and come in two sizes, so they can accommodate any pups to 200 pounds.

The steps also have a fabric tread cover and side rails for safety, as well as non-skid feet to keep them in place.

The best part is that when you’re not using them, the stairs fold down flat so you can easily store them away.

Key Features:

  • Small size holds up to 150 lbs; large size holds up to 200 lbs
  • The steps have fabric tread covers and side rails
  • Comes in either gray or tan colors
  • Come with non-skid feet
  • The stairs fold down flat so you can easily store
  • The small size can reach 20″ H and the large 25″ H
  • Made with durable plastic in the USA

Who’s This For:

These are designed for dogs that benefit from harder steps.

They’re ideal for anyone needing steps for their dogs to reach furniture 20″-25″ high.

They’re not made of foam material so there’s no “sinking”. This can help make it easier for dogs to climb up.

These are designed for dogs under 150 pounds or if you chose the larger size under 200 pounds.


The standard size is listed on Amazon for $42.95, the extra-large is listed for $69.95.

4. Furhaven Stairs For High Beds

Best Dog Stairs For Beds

Do you have a tall bed or piece of furniture your dog can’t get up on?

The Furhaven Stairs are a great option for you.

These dog steps are lined with faux fur and come in three colors, which can be a 2, 3, or 4 step model.

They also offer a 90 day warranty so you can be sure that you’re getting the best product possible.

Key Features:

  • 90 day warranty
  • Comes with 3 steps (reaches 22″) or 4 steps (reaches 29″)
  • The 3 step model can be converted into a 2 step
  • Ideal for tall beds, sofas, recliners, and chairs
  • The steps are lined with soft faux fur
  • 3 color options brown, cream, and gray

Who’s This For:

This is one of the steeper sets of stairs on this list but also the most sturdy.

These are perfect for dog owners with medium to high beds that their dog can’t jump up too.

If your dog struggles with steep stairs this might not be the best option.


The 3-step is listed on Amazon for $38.99, the 4-step is listed for $63.08.

5. Pet Gear One Step

Looking to give your dog a small boost to help them get up onto furniture?

The Pet Gear One-Step is an easy access step and a great way to help reduce the amount of stress on your pet when jumping onto furniture.

With this one step, it gives your dog an extra 10″ of height to hop up from.

This easy-to-use product can be assembled in minutes with no tools required, and come in 3 colors to match your home décor!

Key Features:

  • 1 step that’s extra wide and reaches 10″H
  • Contains rubber grips on the bottom so it doesn’t move around
  • Comes in 3 colors (gray, tan, and chocolate)
  • The surface is made with carpet tread and is machine washable
  • Can hold dogs up to 175 pounds

Who’s This For:

These dog steps are perfect for dogs that need a little help getting up onto some pieces of furniture.

This only reaches 10″H but is perfect for dogs that just need that little bit of extra height.


You can purchase this on Amazon for $71.98.

6. PetFusion Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs

The PetFusion Multi-Purpose Pet Stairs are a versatile product.

Not only are they perfect for medium to small-sized dogs (up to 50 pounds), but they can also be used as a storage bin and ottoman.

Plus, each step has a non-slip surface to keep your pup safe when climbing up or down.

The biggest downside with these is the lack of color choices.

Key Features:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Multifunctional design to be used as dog stairs, storage bin, and used as an ottoman
  • Ideal for medium-small sized dogs (holds up to 50 pounds)
  • Stairs can reach up to 18″H
  • Made with premium quality 350gsm 100% polyester fabric
  • Waterproof inner liner to protect from accidents
  • Comes with 3 gray & 3 black step pads, and floor protectors for the feet & handle

Who’s This For:

These stairs are perfect for small to medium-sized dogs that need help getting up on furniture.

This is a great option for dog owners that are looking for dog stairs that have multiple functions.


You can purchase this on Amazon for $179.95.

7. Pet Gear Easy Step II

The Easy Step II is perfect for helping your furry friend reach furniture up to 16″ H.

With a sturdy design and non-slip grip, these dog stairs are perfect for dogs who need a little help getting up onto things.

It comes in five different colors to match any home décor and each step has a slight inclination to help your dog climb up.

Your dog will love being able to jump up on the bed or couch without having to worry about hurting themselves.

Key Features:

  • 30-day warranty
  • Holds dogs up to 150 pounds
  • Contains rubber grips on the bottom so it doesn’t move around
  • 2 Step stairs reach up to 16″ H
  • Comes in 5 colors (coca, tan, gray, chocolate, and sage)
  • Surface is made with carpet tread and is removable for cleaning

Who’s this For:

These dog stairs are a perfect option for those looking for more sturdy material.

These are made of a plastic material so it is more sturdy on your puppy’s paws when they walk on it.

This is ideal for dogs under 150 pounds and only for reaching heights of 16″.


You can purchase this on Amazon for $44.08 or find it in-store for about the same price.

What Are Dog Stairs?

Dog stairs are a set of steps that help your pup get up on high surfaces like beds and couches.

They usually have around four or five steps, and some models even come with a rail to help your dog keep their balance.

Dog stairs are a great alternative to dog ramps if you have a small- to medium-sized breed since they take up less space and are often more lightweight and portable.

Plus, many dogs seem to prefer using stairs over ramps!

Is A Dog Ramp or Stairs Better?

This really depends on your individual dog and what they need.

A dog ramp and stairs are relatively similar.

They all help your dog get onto things that might be out of their reach.

Elderly dogs who have issues with their joints may be better suited for a ramp. This is because it will put less strain on their body.

However, some ramps can be too steep so selecting one that has a gentle incline that’s safety tested for older dogs is ideal.

In addition, there are examples of some dog steps that work for older dogs but usually, ramps are the better choice.

On the flip side, if your dog is young and healthy, stairs or steeper ramps might be usually fine for them.

However, keep in mind dogs with short legs might have trouble with deep steps. Their shorter legs make it harder to climb these kinds of stairs.

So consider a ramp for very small dogs or stairs with shallow steps.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your pup and their unique situation.

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