How Are Dog Beds Made? (Fully Explained!)

how are dog beds made

Whether you’re here just because you’re curious how dog beds are made, or you’d like to try to make one yourself, you are in the right place!

Some dogs can be picky about what kinds of beds they like. Other dogs need special orthopedic or memory foam beds for their achy joints.

Dog beds are made with materials like fabric, memory foam, or metal brackets. They are typically made in a factory but can also be made at home. DIY dog beds can be very simple to make and can be made from old crates, repurposed fabric, and even secondhand human furniture.

Ready to learn more about how dog beds are made? We’re just getting started. Keep reading to find out more!

What’s the Process Behind Making a Dog Bed?

The process behind making dog beds is different depending on which type of bed you are talking about.

Dog beds come in various forms. When manufacturers or DIYers think about making a dog bed, they first think about a certain type of dog’s size, age, and what needs they have. Then they come up with a design.

Dog beds need a base for a pup to lay on. Usually, this is a piece of foam or some sort of pillow. Other times it looks like one strong piece of material with a little bounce in it stretched over a frame.

Next, the fabric is placed on the foam or pillow (if it’s a foam or pillow kind of dog bed). This part is very important to consider, as many dogs like to “nest” or dig when they are about to lay down. That means the fabric needs to be very durable.

If you’re making a dog bed yourself, you are going to need a good sewing machine and some basic skills to sew the dog bed together.

It’s also helpful to have a fabric cover that’s easily removed and washable, and/or have an additional waterproof layer under the fabric. Dogs can get messy and dog owners appreciate a washable cover. This means you will have to sew on buttons or a zipper if you’re going the DIY route.

Finally, the base (if there is one) is designed and made. A skid-proof base is a good idea for a dog bed or at least one that is heavy enough to prevent a dog from moving it around.

Make sure the base is sturdy enough to support your dog’s weight, and also spacious enough to accommodate your dog’s size.

What Materials are Different Types of Dog Beds Made Of?

Plastic Dog Beds

There are a few different kinds of plastic dog beds. They are either made of a plastic, bowl-type material with a cushion on the inside, or a plastic frame with a nylon fabric stretched over it.

Elevated Dog Beds

Elevated dog beds typically have a steel, metal, or plastic frame with a nylon or mesh perch and with sometimes bolsters alongside. The feet have rubber on them to prevent the dog bed from moving easily. 

Some elevated dog beds have hinges installed to make the bed transportable.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic dog beds are usually made of memory foam with multiple layers, sometimes with gel beads or other additional cushions to ease achy joints in older dogs. The foam pad is sometimes lined with bolsters and covered with a durable, removable piece of fabric (like microfiber).

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory foam dog beds are essentially the same as orthopedic dog beds. They are made out of one or multiple layers of memory foam with a fabric covering.

Heated or Thermo Dog Beds

These dog beds feature a heating element inside the dog bed that you plug into an electrical outlet. Besides that, these dog beds have the usual materials of cushioning, fabric, and a bolster.

Self-Heating Dog Beds

Self-heating dog beds do not plug into electricity. They look like a normal memory foam dog bed but have reflective material added inside to reflect your pet’s body heat onto themselves to keep them cozy and warm.

What’s the Easiest Way to Make a Dog Bed at Home?

Dogs don’t always need something fancy to lay on. You can assemble a dog bed at home quickly and easily.

The easiest and simplest way to make a dog bed at home is by making a giant pillow. 

Take two pieces of fabric that will be big enough for your dog to lay on, sew three sides together, and stuff the inside with something soft, like stuffing, memory foam, or a foam mattress topper. Finally, close the last end up.

If your dog is small and you have an old end table, you can do a couple of different things that are very easy.

First, you can flip a 4-legged end table over to make a 4-poster dog bed like this one. At the bare minimum, you flip the table over and put a cushion on the inside to give your dog a regal throne to lay on. 

To spruce it up more, you can add small legs to the bottom and paint it.

Another interesting and easy dog bed idea is to find a round or octagon side table with a cubby inside, like this one. Spruce it up if you want to, or don’t, just make sure to throw in a pillow for your pooch.

Where are Dog Beds Typically Made?

Dog beds are typically made in China, but there’s a growing number of beds that are made by American manufacturers.

Some pet owners are concerned with buying dog beds manufactured in China due to questionable, sometimes unsafe materials that they use. 

It’s also thought that dog beds made in America are made with higher quality standards, are safer, and will last much longer than beds made from China.

Are Dog Beds Made to Only Last a Certain Amount of Time?

Dogs are notoriously hard on their beds. Accumulated hair, bathroom accidents, digging, chewing, and worn-out foam are all contributing factors when it comes to dog beds becoming unusable over time.

Good dog bed manufacturers try to make dog beds last as long as possible. The longest-lasting dog beds have material that can be removed and washed, or have material that can be wiped down easily. 

The material also needs to be very strong and hold up to years of use.

Most of the time, a dog bed should be replaced every 5 years at the most. But with proper maintenance and if you and your dog are happy with the bed, it can last longer. 

Are Dog Beds Totally Necessary?

The AKC states that dog beds are important for dogs to have. 

Dog beds help your dog with arthritic joints as they age and help keep them warm in the cool months. Having a bed (or several) for your dog can also help keep your furniture in better shape.

If your dog tends to share your bed with you while you sleep, a dog bed may be necessary. Studies show that those who sleep with their dogs in the bed with them don’t get the best sleep that they could.

However, dogs sleeping in the same room as you (in their own bed) has helped increase the quality of sleep in pet parents.

We know that many dogs throughout history have survived just fine without a dog bed, so it’s not a necessity to have a dog bed. But it can help you and your dog’s health and comfort to have one.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how dog beds are made, what materials they are made out of, who usually makes dog beds and more, you can either make a good decision when you buy one or spend a day making one yourself. Either way you go about it, your pooch is sure to appreciate the nice spot to nap on.

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