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How Often To Replace A Dog Bed? | The Truth

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If your dog’s bed is starting to wear and you’re wondering how often you should realistically replace a dog bed, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll be covering a few points to help you decide if now is the right time or when you should be thinking about getting them their next bed.

We’ll be looking at several variables that are the most important factors when determining how often you should replace a dog bed.

Each is important and will help give you an idea of the lifespan of your dog’s bed.

How Often To Replace Dog Bed?

The best way to look at how often you should replace a dog bed is based on the size of your dog, the quality of bed they have, and how rough they are on their stuff. As opposed to thinking about getting a new bed every, say, 8-12 months, these variables will better determine the lifespan of your dog’s bed.

It’s important to note that this post will be discussing a bed naturally running its course through usage and not through destruction.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer this will mean their bed will need to be replaced more frequently and sporadically.

Let’s dive in shall we!

how often to replace dog bed

How Long Should A Bed Last?

A dog bed should last around two to three years, depending on the quality of the bed and how often it is used. A bed that is used daily will likely need to be replaced more often than one that is only used occasionally.

If you notice your dog’s bed is starting to show signs of wear, it’s probably time for a new one.

If you want a bed that will last longer look for companies that sell beds with guarantees or have a good warranty policy. Also, keep an eye on how the bed is constructed.

Beds with removable covers that can be washed are usually more durable than those without.

Factors To Consider When Looking At Replacing A Dog Bed

If you are wondering whether or not you should change your dogs bed or how often, here are a few factors you should consider when replacing your dogs bed:

Your Dog’s Weight

An important factor in how often you should replace a dog bed is the size/weight of the dog resting on it.

The bigger the dog the quicker the foam/cushion of the bed will deflate and become uncomfortable.

The smaller the dog the longer the bed will hold up and retain its comfortable features.

Unsurprisingly, more support is needed for larger dogs. The consistent weight pressing down on the bed can wreck the memory foam making it less appealing to your dog.

If you have a bigger dog the unfortunate truth is you’ll need replacement beds more frequently than smaller pups.

There are beds like the Big Barker that are known for retaining their shape and comfort for big dogs. However, beds like the Big Barker come at a higher price tag.

Price & Quality

how long does a dog bed last

It’s no surprise that the saying, “you get what you pay for” rings true when buying your dog a bed as well.

The cheaper the price tag of the bed usually translates into a worse quality dog bed that won’t last long.

A cheaper dog bed will be made with less-than ideal materials. This more often than not makes for a bed that will flatten in a few short months.

A higher quality dog bed will be constructed with top quality materials. This means it should be able to endure many hours of doggy resting and last for years.

More often than not, forking up a larger amount initially to get a better quality bed is better in the long run.

But, believe me, I understand the temptation to go with the cheaper product. You tell yourself you’ll take good care of it and make it last.

Unfortunately it rarely does last and you end up in this annoying cycle of having to re-buy consistently.

This also typically results in spending more on cheaper beds because they don’t last.

Something else to keep in mind. In order to keep a larger dog’s joints & bones healthy they require more support in their bed.

If the bed is lower quality, it won’t be able to provide proper support.

This means as they age they won’t be getting the support they need for their joints & bones.

To sum up, if it’s only been a couple months and you’re noticing your dog’s bed is looking flat. Think back to how much you spent on it.

If it turns out you need another bed, it would be worth considering grabbing a more expensive, better quality bed. There’s a good chance this will save you more money in the long run.

Cover Durability

how often to replace a dog bed

The other main reason why you may need to replace your doggo’s bed is because its cover has gotten far too dirty.

It’s no secret that dog’s LOVE to be dirty (or at least it seems that way!).

They explore the world through their nose and don’t care what they have to walk through to find whatever interesting scent they’ve found.

This usually leads to wet/dirty paws or a dirty & smelly coat.

Where do they go after their adventure is over? Over to their comfy bed! When this happens often enough even washing may not be able to get the cover back to a normal state that’s clean enough to stay in your home.

If your dog’s bed has a removable cover, it will be able to last longer because it can easily be thrown in the washing machine to clean up. 

The real challenge is when their bed doesn’t have a removable cover.

We wrote a post on how to wash a bed without a removable cover , but it’s definitely more of a pain which will likely make for less frequent cleanings.

Depending on how often you bathe your pup will determine how dirty their bed’s cover will get. This also contributes to how frequent their bed will have to be replaced. No one wants a dirty, smelly bed in their home.


how often should i get my dog a new bed

How many dog beds should a dog have? 

Just one! There’s no need to get your dog more than one bed at any given time. They would actually prefer to have just the one as they can grow attached to it.

That’s why it’s also better to get a higher quality bed so that it will last a long time and they won’t have to get accustomed to a new bed every few months or so.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re asking the question how often should I get my dog a new bed, unfortunately, there’s no set in stone answer. It depends on the size of your dog, how rough they are on their belongings as well as the quality of the bed you purchased.

With these things in mind you can get a rough idea as to how long or how much longer your dog’s bed will last.

Our overall recommendation would be to go with a higher quality bed.

It can be hard to make the financial commitment initially… but, you will save money in the long run and your dog will have a bed they can rely on for many years.

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