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5 Best Smart Dog Leashes In 2022 (Top Picks & Reviews)

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Quick Access To The Best Smart Dog Leashes?

Editors PickBrand
Best Overall                                        PETKIT Go Free Dog Leash
Best Runner Up360 Dog Leash
Best Wireless Dog LeashReleashe Wireless Dog Leash 

If you’re like me, you love taking your furry family member on walks. But sometimes, a traditional leash can be a pain.

They get tangled, limit your dog’s movement and are nothing but a piece of rope attaching to your dog.

That’s where smart dog leashes come in. Some allow dogs and their owners to explore freely without worrying about getting tangled up in cords or having issues with a regular leash.

They also come will technological advancements like connecting to phone apps and lighting up!

In this blog post, we will be discussing the best smart dog leashes available in 2022.

We will cover their features, pros, cons, and how much they’ll cost you.
So if you’re looking for a new way to walk your dog, these smart dog leashes might be just what you need!

smart dog leashes

What Is A Smart Dog Leash?

A smart dog leash is a dog leash that has some form of technology built into it.

This can include GPS tracking, LED lighting, flashlights, and some even have speakers.

Smart dog leashes aim to make walks more enjoyable and safer for dogs and their owners.

What Are The Best Smart Dog Leashes?

Here are my top picks for the best dog leashes:

  • PETKIT Go Free Dog Leash
  • 360 Dog Leash
  • Talis Smart Dog Leash
  • DOGNESS Retractable Leash Package
  • Releashe Wireless Dog Leash

1. PETKIT Go Free Dog Leash

Best Overall

The PETKIT Go Free Dog Leash is one of the best smart dog leashes on the market.

It is made of high-quality materials and is very durable. It also has a comfortable padded handle that makes it easy to grip.

The leash reaches out 14.76 ft long, and the 1530 colors that flow in the streamer ring make for a very cool leash.

It also comes with an LED spotlight mode that lights a path 5 meters in front to see what your pet is doing even in the dark.

Key Features:

  • The leash reaches out 14.76 ft long
  • 1530 colors flow in the streamer ring
  • LED spotlight mode reaches 5 meters in front
  • Button break and lock system
  • Made with tangle-free, strong, and durable nylon and thermoplastic elastomer for the handle
  • Anti-slip and soft grip for comfort
  • Comes with a magnetic charging dock (2-3 hours for a full charge, for 1-2 hour use)
  • Only for pets under 66 pounds


  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Spot Light for nighttime walks
  • Tangle-free to make walking your dog easier
  • Relatively light compared to other retractable leashes


  • Not suitable for big dogs
  • Requires charging for features


This is listed on Amazon for $42.99, but you can also select the no-light version that’s 9.84ft to lower the price to $18.99.

2. 360 Dog Leash

Runner Up

The 360 Dog Leash is perfect for those who want the option to be hands-free while walking their furry friend.

This leash comes with a circular handle that you can place your hand through, freeing your hands.

This leash has many great features, but it also comes in four different colors – white, black, blue, and pink!

And if that wasn’t enough, the 360 Dog Leash also has a built-in flashlight and LED Handle so you can see and be seen during those dark walks.

Key Features:

  • Comes in white, black, blue, or pink
  • It can act as a hands-free leash – simply place your hand through the circular handle
  • For dogs up to 99 pounds
  • This leash is NOT retractable
  • Made with reflective material allowing you to be visible at dusk
  • Uses a tangle-free design and a 360 swivel handle
  • Comes with a built-In flashlight & LED Handle
  • Has a poop bag compartment
  • Adjustable from 3.75ft – 6.5ft


  • The 360 swivel is a nice feature
  • Poop bag compartment
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Its looks amazing


  • Not retractable
  • Length of the leash
  • Not as comfortable as some others


This is listed on Amazon for $30.99.

3. Talis Smart Dog Leash

This leash comes with a built-in waste dispenser and LED lights to keep you and your dog visible.

Plus, it integrates with a mobile app to track your walking routes, send you phone call notifications, and track walking time.

The leash reaches up to 4.9ft and can handle dogs up to 110 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Multicolor LED lights (pink, blue, green, red, orange, yellow ) .
  • Replaceable rope
  • For dogs up to 110lbs
  • Mobile app integration – Smart leash can integrate with a mobile app for smart alerts, route tracking, and walking time
  • USB charging (USB cable included)
  • Has a waste dispensers and comes with bags
  • Leash reaches 2.8ft-4.9ft


  • Durable rope
  • Poop bag holder
  • Comfortable handle
  • Mobile app integrations


  • Seems the lights can malfunction at time
  • Relatively heavy (1.5 pounds)
  • Leash length


This product is listed on Amazon for $44.89.

4. DOGNESS Retractable Leash Package

Due to the limited number of true smart dog leashes, this next one is a bit of a hybrid.

Although it’s not true a smart dog leash on its own, it’s compatible with parts that turn it into one!

This leash is retractable and can handle dogs up to 55 pounds.

It also comes with LED lights, a speaker, and a convenient box, which can be attached directly to the leash.

These added features are what made me add them to this list.

It’s the only leash on this list where they give you a speaker that attaches to the leash to play music!

Key Features:

  • Comes in 13ft, 16ft, and 19ft
  • 5 color options (red, blue, green, purple, and pink)
  • Frictionless operation and durable rope
  • Can handle dogs up to 55 pounds
  • Ergonomic handle and poop bag holder
  • The package comes with LED light for illumination, a bluetooth speaker for music and phone calls, and a convenience box for doggy owners


  • Speaker
  • Poop bag holder
  • Length of the leash
  • Customizable since its features are removable


  • Not suitable for big dogs or chewers
  • The features need to be attached
  • Poop bags seem to fall out of the holder


This is listed on their website for $59.99.

5. Releashe Wireless Dog Leash 

Best Wireless Dog Leash

This last smart dog leash is the first of its kind!

It’s the world’s first truly wireless dog leash. It’s basically having an invisible dog leash.

A small, lightweight transmitter that connects to a dog’s harness makes the wireless connection possible.

This transmitter sends a wireless signal to the handheld receiver, which you hold like a traditional leash.

If your dog gets too far away, you can activate the harness with a push of a button from the transmitter. The motor at the chest tightens lines attached to your dog’s rear legs within 1-4 seconds. 

This gives the dog a gentle reminder to stop running. Your dog will still be free to move, but they’ll be restricted and unable to entirely run.

Key Features:

  • Meant to be used as a training device to train your dog off-leash
  • Yellow and black colors only
  • Comes with a harness, motor, instructions, and batteries
  • Tested on more than 100 different dogs
  • Range of the transmitter is 500 meters
  • Water-resistant


  • Over 90 current product testers, you can speak with before buying
  • A wireless leash allows your dog to be free
  • Can efficiently train a dog to be off-leash and stay close by with this


  • Should only be used when a dog has a minimum of 30 meters of a range around them
  • A newer product, so it may have some faults
  • The lines could get caught on forest brush if the harness is not fitted correctly
  • Should not use around other people or animals
  • A dog can still move and walk away
  • Price


This is listed on their website for ~ $800.

What Is The Best Smart Dog Leash?

Although only a few smart dog leashes are on the market today, the best one is the PETKIT Go Free Dog Leash.

The handle showcases beautiful LED lights and combines that with the spotlight mode. So you can make sure to light up your way even at night.

It’s also very comfortable to grip due to the handle’s ergonomic design. Plus, the 15ft retractable leash is made of high-quality nylon that’s smooth and durable.

At this time, it’s the best smart dog leash you can get online.

What Is A Wireless Dog Leash?

A wireless dog leash is a type of leash that doesn’t have any cord or strap connecting the dog to its owner.

Instead, it uses a wireless transmitter to keep track of the dog’s location and send signals back to the owner.

This allows the dog and the owner to have more freedom since there’s no leash to get tangled up in.

Wireless leashes come in two main types: static and dynamic. Static wireless leashes use GPS tracking to keep track of your dog’s location and will send an alert to the owner if they wander too far away.

On the other hand, dynamic wireless leashes don’t use GPS tracking but instead rely on a radio signal between the transmitter.

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