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11 Reasons Why Australian Shepherds Are So Hyper + 5 Tips

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Dealing with an australian shepherd that’s hyper all the time can be quite the handful. You’re glad to see them happy and excited, but their high energy all the time can become exhausting.

Is it normal for australian shepherds to be so hyper or is something off?

Why Is My Australian Shepherd So Hyper:

Australian shepherds are known for being a high energy dog breed. They require a lot of physical as well as mental stimulation each day to ensure they are not too hyper at any given time. Their age as well as your energy levels also have an impact on how hyper they get.

In this post you’ll discover:

  • 11 real reasons why australian shepherds are so hyper
  • When an aussie’s energy levels naturally start coming down
  • 5 tips to help your australian shepherd not be so hyper (Tip #1 & #2 can help the fastest!)
  • And much more

Let’s jump right in.

11 Reasons Why Australian Shepherds Are So Hyper

1) Naturally Energetic

Australian shepherds are naturally a high energy breed which will definitely contribute to them being hyper.

They were bred as herding dogs which means they would have been on the job all day.

They’d be walking or running for a large portion of the day and when they weren’t physically moving their focus was required to keep their family’s livestock safe.

This means, as a breed, they’re used to being physically and mentally stimulated all day which makes them have higher energy levels.

While they may not be herding for your family, the amount of energy they have that’s been passed down for generations has stayed.

Which contributes to australian shepherds being so hyper and energetic.

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2) Age Plays a Big Role

The age of your australian shepherd will also play a part in how hyper they are.

As puppies, they have seemingly boundless energy and will be running around and wanting to play all day long.

Almost everything is a new experience for them which also adds to how hyper they get.

This can definitely wear on their owners especially if your pup isn’t getting enough exercise.

But as they get older, they’ll gradually calm down (although they’ll never be a low-energy dog).

Most aussies start calming down between the age of 3-5.

In general though, the younger your aussie is, the more hyper they’ll likely be.

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3) Easily Excitable

Australian shepherds are also easily excitable which is another reason why they’re so hyper.

They can get excited over the littlest things like a new toy, person, or animal.

This means that they’ll be running around and trying to investigate this new thing in their environment which can result in them being quite hyper.

As a breed, because aussies have so much natural energy, it’s normal to see them get excited easily.

But each aussie has a different personality which could make them extra hyper.

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4) Not Enough Exercise

One of the main reasons why australian shepherds become so hyper is because they’re not getting enough exercise.

Aussies need a lot of physical and mental stimulation which means they need at least an hour of exercise a day.

If they’re not getting this, they’ll start to become restless, overly hyper and even destructive.

Too much pent up energy is a big reason why many pups act so hyper.

It also contributes to FRAP.

Which stands for Frenetic Random Activity Period and is also known as the zoomies.

If your australian shepherd has too much pent up energy from lack of exercise they may have more periods of random hyper behavior.

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5) It’s a Learned Behavior

Many owners unknowingly encourage their australian shepherds super hyper behavior.

If whenever your pup goes ballistic and starts running around all hyper you chase after them or start paying attention to them, this is making them want to do it more.

Not only do they see their hyper behavior as a game, but it’s also worked to get your attention which is what they ultimately want.

And if they know it’s a way to get your attention or to play with you, they’ll act hyper more often than you’d like.

6) Curbing Their Own Boredom

Another big reason why aussies get so hyper is because they’re bored and are trying to curb their own boredom.

This can often be the case if they don’t have enough mental or physical stimulation throughout the day.

If you think your pup may be bored, try giving them more chew toys, kongs stuffed with treats, or more interactive toys to keep their minds challenged.

You may also want to try dog sports or agility courses which are a great way to give them the physical and mental stimulation they need.

And lastly..

Make sure you’re spending enough quality time with your pup!

This includes cuddles, belly rubs, playing fetch, training, and taking walks.

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7) Something Smells Good

Another reason why your aussie may be so hyper is because they smell something good.

Aussies have an incredibly keen sense of smell and will often start getting excited when they catch a whiff of something interesting.

This could be anything from food to another animal or even just a scent in the air.

When they get worked up, they’ll start running around and investigating this smell which can lead to them being quite hyper.

So if you’re cooking something or there’s another animal nearby, this could be the reason behind them becoming overly excited.

8) Social Interaction Is Their Favorite

Australian shepherds love social interaction and this is often a big reason why they become so hyper.

They love being around people and other dogs which can result in them being quite bouncy and excitable.

When they’re around their favorite people or animals, they’ll start wagging their tail/bum and jumping around in excitement.

And if there’s too much distance between them and the person or animal they love, they may start whining as well.

This is all a sign of how much they enjoy being around others and why they can become so hyper.

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9) Matching Your Energy

If you’re an energetic person, it’s likely that your australian shepherd will be quite hyper as well.

Aussies are incredibly attuned to their owners and will often mimic their energy levels.

So if you tend to be on the go or have a lot of energy, they’ll often act hyper in order to match that.

Your aussie is looking to you as their leader for guidance on how they themselves should act.

So if you act super energetic and hyper, they’ll often follow your lead.

10) Post-Poop Relief

After they’ve gone to the bathroom, many aussies will start running around like crazy.

This is because once they’ve relieved themselves, they feel much better and are quite excited.

Once their bowels are empty, they’ll start zooming around in circles as a way of celebrating their relief.

There’s no factual reason why australian shepherds get so hyped up after they poop.

But, many vets think it’s because it’s how they communicate with other dogs in the neighborhood and they’re happy they were finally able to go number 2.

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11) Overstimulated

Another big reason why australian shepherds may get hyper is because they got overstimulated.

This can often happen if there’s too much noise, movement, or activity going on around them.

For example, if you start playing with your aussie and get them all riled up, this will cause them to become overstimulated and act super hyper.

Similarly, if there’s a lot of people or animals around them, they may start getting overstimulated which will lead to them becoming quite hyper.

So if you’re noticing that your aussie is getting overly excited more easily than usual, it may be because they’re overstimulated.

5 Tips To Help Your Australian Shepherd Not Be So Hyper

1) More Daily Exercise

If you want to help your australian shepherd not be so hyper, one of the best things you can do is give them more exercise.

This means going on more (or longer) walks, runs, or hikes with them.

You can also try playing fetch or other active games with them to burn off some of that excess energy.

Making sure they get enough exercise will ensure they don’t have too much pent up energy and help them not be so hyper.

2) Be Sure You’re Not Encouraging It

Another thing you can do to help your aussie not be so hyper is to be sure you’re not encouraging it.

This means if you start playing with them and they get too excited, don’t continue the game.

Instead, walk away or ignore them until they calm down.

It’s important to only give them attention when they’re calm and not being too bouncy or excitable.

Doing this will help teach them that being calm is what gets them your attention and love, not being hyper.

3) More Mental Stimulation

In addition to more exercise, another way to help your aussie not be so hyper is to provide them with more mental stimulation.

This can be in the form of puzzle toys that they have to figure out in order to get a treat.

You can also try training them to do tricks or learning new commands.

Doing activities that engage their mind will help tire them out and prevent them from getting too hyper.

4) Calming Music or Sounds

If your aussie is super hyper far too often, one way to help calm them down is by playing calming music or sounds.

There are many different types of calming music or sounds that you can find online or on YouTube.

You can also try downloading a white noise app which can help provide some calm and relaxation.

Playing these types of sounds for your aussie may help them relax and not be so hyper.

5) Have a Veterinarian Take a Look

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and your aussie is still excessively hyper, it’s a good idea to have a veterinarian take a look.

There could be an underlying health condition that’s causing them to act out so much.

They might also have some additional recommendations like medication that can help calm your aussie down.

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