Why Does My Dog Tear Up His Bed: Simple Solutions

Why does my dog tear up his dog bed

If you are reading this post, there’s a good chance your dog has been tearing up their bed. How intuitive of us… And you’re also probably wondering why the heck does my dog tear up his dog bed??

The reason your dog tears up his bed could be a variety of things, including, but not limited to:

  • Too much pent up energy
  • Wants your attention
  • Teething
  • Separation anxiety
  • They’re bored
  • Instinct
  • Lack of training
  • They’re simply rough on their stuff

Dogs tear up their bed for a variety of reasons and unfortunately there’s no single solution to stop them from doing it again. 

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the most common reasons why your dog may tear up his bed. We’ll also offer some solutions that can help prevent your pup from continuing this bad habit.

Lack Of Exercise – Too Much Pent Up Energy

The first reason that dogs may tear up their beds is because they are not getting enough exercise. This could be a result of living in an apartment, a few missed walks that are normally a part of their daily routine, or they slept a little longer which gave them more energy that needs to be burned off.

If this has been going on for too long they will eventually start finding trouble. Just like any other boredom-driven behavior their bed is just one of the many things they may starting chewing up when nobody’s looking!

Make sure that your pup is getting enough exercise so they’re too tired to be causing all kinds of trouble.

Desire To Get Your Attention

It could be something as simple and innocent to fix like a lack of attention from you!

If your dog is engaging in destructive behavior or repeatedly ruining his bed… It’s likely because each time he does it he receives a lot of attention.

For dogs that don’t know any better, it’s not about how they gain your attention. It’s simply about the fact that they’re getting your attention.

If you give them ANY sort of reaction when he tears up his bed he will continue to do so because he loves your attention!

Your Pup Could Be Teething

It could be because he has some sort of tooth ache from teething.  Once the teeth break through, this will stop and your pup’s bed-destroying days should come to an end!

If you suspect that’s what may have caused it then giving him something for pain relief might help. Or even a vet visit just in case there are other issues too like allergies/infection etc…

You can also get him some toys that are great for aggressive chewers to make sure he always has a better option than his bed.

Separation Anxiety

Your pup may be feeling stressed or anxious when they’re left alone and want some comfort. 

This could also happen if the person who usually gives them attention is not there, even for a few hours! When someone isn’t around to give him love he doesn’t know what else do with his energy. So, tearing up their bed fills that need temporarily without causing permanent damage like chewing on furniture would in your home.

If you suspect your dog has separation anxiety you may want to consider crate training them so they can’t wreck their (and your) belongings.

Another option, which is a big commitment, would be to get them a brother or sister to keep each other company while you’re away.

They’re Bored!

Boredom can also be a culprit for them chewing and tearing up their bed. If your dog is bored they may chew on anything! Such as their bed, furniture or tear apart the couch cushions to find something fun inside!

Boredom can easily be combated with the right toys. There are many toys that are great for stimulating your dogs mind while they play alone at home.

If you have a tough chewer on your hands, there are great toys available that will be able to last the test of time against your pups chompers.

If your doggo is otherwise well behaved and this was a one off incident. It would definitely be a good idea to test out some new mind stimulating toys to help keep their mind occupied.


Dogs have spent their entire ancestral life as hunters. Not only for food, but also for the thrill of the hunt and to take down prey of any size or build.

Scientists believe that it’s an instinct for dogs to destroy things, like eating and shredding their own pet bed. Some say this is one way they express emotions because there are plenty of other ways outside of barking or howling.

When he does this, destroying his bed, it’s because he wants the rush of catching prey that comes with hunting in nature.

Lack Of Training

Dogs that are not trained properly will usually destroy their bed, or any other object in the house for that matter. If they haven’t been taught that their destructive behavior is bad, they won’t see a reason to not do it.

Many owners think they’re teaching their dog a lesson by getting angry at them when they do something bad. This isn’t the case.

If they get a reaction out of you then that confirms their behavior as being something that gets your attention.

If you’ve been indirectly showing them this behavior is something to continue, next time it happens (if it happens) give them no attention as you clean up their mess.

Then, when they do something good, go nuts! Praise them excessively! And when you repeat this enough times they’ll learn what gets your attention and what doesn’t.

They’re Hungry! 

If your dog is hungry while you’re away, they may get into/do something they shouldn’t.

The best thing to do is provide them with a meal before you leave, or give him something he can chew on to curb his temptation.

They’re also some great toys that you can hide treats in. Puzzle toys can help keep them busy as well as satisfy some of their hunger when they figure out the puzzle!

Here is a list of some of the best puzzle/mind stimulating dog toys we could find after reviewing over 1000+ toys.

They’re Tough On Their Stuff

A dog may tear up their bed because they’re trying to make it more comfortable.

And when they’re doing so, they may end up tearing it up. Some dogs (and some people!) are just more hard on their stuff than others!

If this is the case with your pup and you notice they’re tough on everything you get them, a chew-proof bed is probably the way to go.

We wrote a post about the best dogs for major chewers that you can check out by clicking here.

Tips To Stop This Behavior

If your dog is chewing up their bed time and time again, there might be some underlying behavioral or gastrointestinal issues at work…

When trying to figure out why a dog is tearing up their bed, it can be difficult. This could indicate some sort of psychological or medical turmoil, according to VetStreet.com.

Some dogs develop conditions that cause abnormal hunger levels and oral discomfort; while other dogs may suffer from a condition known as pica, which leads to the compulsion to chew on and even eat things in their environment.

If you’ve tried to address any underlying boredom, anxiety, or stress but are still seeing your dog chew up his bedding for no good reason, maybe talk to your vet about why he’s doing it. Your vet may have some advice or help that can help make him happier with his situation overall.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. We hope that this information has been able to provide some clarity to your situation. Now that you have a better understanding of the question, why does my dog tear up his bed, it’s our hope that you’re able to make some lasting behavioral changes with your pupster.

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