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Will A Dog Use Another Dog’s Bed? (Simply Explained)

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Getting your pup a new dog bed is a special gift for them, but you want to make sure it’s something they actually use.

The last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of money on a bed just to find out they don’t like it and refuse to use it.

Whether you’ve been offered a used dog bed from a friend or are thinking about buying used instead of new, if you’re wondering whether your dog will sleep on another dog’s bed, the answer is simple.

Will A Dog Sleep On Another Dog’s Bed:

Yes. In most situations a dog will happily sleep on another dog’s bed. It’s actually a comfort for them to smell the scent of another dog while they sleep. However, some more territorial dogs may have an issue sleeping on a used bed.

Are used dog beds as good as new dog beds? How can you help get your dog interested in another dog’s bed if they aren’t taking to it easily? Is it important for a dog to have a bed that they can call their own?

We’ll be answering these questions and more below to give you all the information you need when wondering if a dog will sleep on another dog’s bed.

will a dog sleep on another dog's bed

Would A Dog Enjoy Sleeping On Another Dog’s Bed?

For the most part, a dog certainly wouldn’t mind sleeping on another dog’s bed.

They might even prefer it because the scent of the bed is of another dog instead of smelling like a new item.

There are however some dogs that are more territorial.

And this means they wouldn’t like the smell of any other dog in their home.

If your dog resides somewhere in the middle, where they aren’t super territorial but they also aren’t warming up to the used bed that’s now in their home, you can try putting your clothes on it.

By putting your scent on the bed it will give your dog some comfort and sense of familiarity.

As long as the bed is in good condition and your pup isn’t super territorial, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t enjoy sleeping on another dog’s bed.

Is A Used Dog Bed As Good As A New Dog Bed?

Depending on how the dog bed was previously used, your dog may accept a used dog bed just as well as a new one.

In some cases, they may take to it faster since they can smell the scent of the previous dog.

If your current dog was close to the dog who previously used the bed, keeping the bed for use may actually be a sweet reminder of their friend.

If you choose a used dog bed that was slept on by a dog you don’t know, make sure it’s a bed that can first be washed and sanitized.

Your dog may enjoy the scent of the previous dog, but that doesn’t mean they will want to be covered in another dog’s fur or sleep on a dirty bed.

Most dog beds come with a removable cover that you can simply toss into the washing machine.

Before you wash it, make sure you first vacuum any loose dog hair that was left behind. You may even want to do a little spot cleaning if there are stains from the previous dog.

Just make sure whatever cleaning products you use that they don’t leave a new, unnatural scent behind.

How To Get A Dog To Sleep On Another Dog’s Bed

Getting a dog to sleep on or interested in another dog’s bed is going to be much like training a dog to sleep in a bed regardless of whom they’re sharing it with or who owned it previously.

Here are some helpful tips to get a dog to sleep in their ‘new’ bed:

  • Make sure the bed is large enough and comfortable for your dog
  • Start with a yummy dog treat or a favorite toy, and place it on the bed
  • Associate the bed with a happy place by praising them when they use it
  • Put the bed in a familiar location
  • Make the bed smell familiar and safe by rubbing your scent on it (a worn piece of clothing will work well)
  • If the bed is elevated with legs, try removing the legs
  • Be patient with them and let them learn to love it

Can Dogs Share A Dog Bed?

Yes, dogs can share a bed. 

The most important thing is that the bed is large enough for both of them to rest on.

Even if it’s not intended for both to use it at the same time, there will likely be times that both would like to use it.

You don’t want one to get the better sleeping arrangements because they simply got there first.

Many dogs, especially puppies, find a sense of comfort in sharing a bed. Others love to snuggle up next to another warm body while they sleep.

The only exceptions when it might be healthier for dogs not to share a bed would be if:

  • one dog is sick or disabled in a way that they need special sleeping arrangements
  • one dog is a lot older than the other
  • they don’t like each other or are aggressive with each other
  • one dog is a lot larger than the other

Does A Dog Need A Bed To Call Their Own?

Some experts will recommend that every dog have their own bed. Some will even recommend that each dog has a day bed for napping and a night bed for all-night sleeping. 

But, if you have two dogs who like to sleep in the same bed, there’s no reason you’d need to change up their sleeping arrangement.

Which also helps to not take up unnecessary space with dog beds.

If you have more than one dog, don’t be surprised if your dogs end up on the same bed even if you put them to bed in their own separate spot.

Will A Dog Not Want To Use Their Bed Anymore If Another Dog Sleeps On It?

Dogs tend to be social animals and usually really feel happier when their owner or another dog is nearby. They are also all about their sense of smell.

If they smell the scent of another dog, many dogs will actually find comfort in this.

A lot of dogs feel a sense of safety and security when they sense the scent of a friend.

Of course, the exception would be a dog who is territorial and not wanting to share sleeping space with even the scent of another dog.

There are always some exceptions.

Final Thoughts

Will a dog sleep on another dog’s bed? More than likely.

If it’s a bed that was once used by someone else’s dog that you don’t know, be sure to wash and sanitize it before introducing it to your dog.

But, don’t feel the need to remove the previous dog’s scent. Use a non-fragrance detergent.

If you have more than one dog in the house and they’re using the same bed, they may simply be seeking comfort.

In fact, many dogs prefer sharing their bed with a buddy. If your dog finds comfort in sleeping next to another dog, there is no reason to put an end to the bed-sharing.

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