Why Are Dog Beds So Expensive? (Fully Explained!)

If you’ve ever considered buying your pup a dog bed you’ve likely come across inexpensive beds as well as rather expensive beds. What’s the difference? Why are some beds so much higher in price than others?

Dog beds are expensive when their materials are higher quality. Elevated dog beds, orthopedic beds, memory foam beds, no matter the type of bed, if they’re more expensive they’re built to last. Oftentimes you can tell if a bed is worth it by looking at its reviews online.

We’re going to dive deep on expensive dog beds, whether they’re worth it and why do people sometimes choose the more expensive option rather than saving a few bucks.

Let’s dive in!

why are dog beds so expensive

Why Do Some Dog Beds Cost So Much?

The two major factors that determine how much a dog bed costs are the materials used to make the bed and where it was manufactured.

Beds that are made outside of China (USA, Europe, Canada, etc.) are going to cost more because the labor costs in these countries are much higher. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that all beds made outside of China are great quality because many still import their materials from China.

When you find an expensive bed there’s a good chance it was made in America and it’s materials are much higher quality than you would get from a bed made in China.

Some China made dog beds can actually be toxic for your dog because they don’t have as many restrictions during the manufacturing process as North America. This means they’ll cut corners on the safety of their materials used to make a bed as cheap as possible.

So some dog beds cost more than others (sometimes much more) because they’re made from better quality materials and likely made in North America or Europe.

Cheap Dog Beds vs. Expensive Dog Beds

You might be faced with the decision of whether or not to spring for the more expensive bed, or, go with a cheap bed.

While you might feel the expensive bed is outrageously priced, it’ll more than likely save you money in the long run AND be safer for your dog. As I previously mentioned, cheap dog beds (mainly made in China) are much more likely to contain toxic materials as well as poor quality materials that won’t last the test of time. 

Toxic materials + poor quality materials = an unsafe & uncomfortable bed after a few uses for your dog.

This means you’ll have to continue to buy bed after bed and your furry friend will never get to experience a bed they love for more than a few months, MAYBE a year.

A more expensive bed, while the upfront cost might seem daunting, could very well be cheaper for you in the long run. This is because not only do they retain their shape and stay comfortable longer, more often than not, expensive dog beds come with some sort of warranty to keep you covered.

This means you’ll likely only have to buy the one bed ever and you can sleep well at night knowing that your pup isn’t resting on toxic materials.

The difference between an expensive bed and a cheap dog bed is really night and day.

Are Expensive Dog Beds Worth It?

Is it worthwhile to invest in luxury dog beds? More than likely, in the long run, you’ll save money. AND your dog will feel better and be in less pain as they get older. 

In a nutshell, expensive dog beds are expensive because their materials are higher quality and more costly for the company to use. In today’s world, a company selling an expensive dog bed that was made crummily wouldn’t last very long.

Between Amazon reviews and social media, negative news travels fast and they wouldn’t have a business for very long.

Your pup would be grateful to you for getting them a good quality bed. There’s a good chance they’ll sleep better, feel more energized, and appreciate the fact that you gave them something they can do for years, and not weeks or months.

How Much Do People Spend on Average on Dog Beds?

There’s no absolute data that we were able to find on how much people spend on average on dog beds, but we can make some assumptions with Amazon information.

Dog beds around the $30 price point are the most reviewed dog beds on Amazon. This would lead us to believe that the average bed price for most people is $30. 

Some people bought beds that are slightly more expensive (and much more expensive) and some bought beds that are less expensive.

While this includes many different styles and types of dog beds, the rather cheap price would likely mean it’s not made from top of the line materials.

This means a person would be lucky to have their $30 dog bed last a full year. But considering dog’s tend to be a little hard on their stuff and spend many hours per day on their bed, there’s a good chance you’d have to buy another bed later that year.

But let’s be conservative.

If the bed were to last a full year, and your dog loved their experience with the bed and you wanted to get them another, this would cost you $30 per year.

The average dog lifespan is 10-13 years.

This means $300-390 on average spent on these types of beds, at a minimum.

A more expensive dog bed like The Big Barker is priced at $199 but has a 10 year warranty. This bed would likely last your pups’ whole life.

How Long Do Dog Beds Last?

It depends on the type of bed and how your dog behaves in it. If the bed is washable and your dog is well-behaved and not hard on their belongings, it can last for years.

Good quality, more expensive dog beds will generally last longer (given you don’t have an aggressive chewer on your hands).

If you have a non-washable bed, you should replace it roughly every six months, if not sooner. They collect dust, dirt, and whatever else your furry friend puts on their bed.

That’s why it’s super important to find a bed that has a removable & washable cover.

For my dogs, a cheap non-washable bed usually lasts around three months, but they are pretty tough on their beds. A washable bed will often last a year or more, depending on how frequently you wash it.

Please note that the feel, looks, smells, and your puppy’s preference on their bed determine how often you replace it. Your dog most likely adored their bed at first and spent all of their time on it. Even if it’s the only option in the room, they won’t touch it now if the bed is messed up.

Your dog retreating from its bed shows that they’ve had enough of it or that using it is physically uncomfortable.

Perhaps it’s just filthy!

Generally, dog beds that are seen as expensive are actually less expensive in the long run. Spending a little more initially means you’ll have a bed that stays comfortable for years to come and is easily cleaned. 

If you opt for the cheaper option, you’ll likely have to replace it numerous times which could end up eating your budget more than the higher priced bed.

Side note: If you have an aggressive chewing dog who loves to tear things apart, don’t bother getting an expensive dog bed. While some dog beds claim to be ‘chew-proof’, nothing can hold up against a determined chewer.

What Can I Use Instead of a Dog Bed?

Why not make your dog bed instead of buying one? A DIY dog bed is a beautiful way to show your favorite dog how much you care while saving money.

Plus, you can get crafty by using anything from old furniture to T-shirts to make the ideal bed for your pup. Here are some items you can use instead of a dog bed:

An Old Sweatshirt

It doesn’t get any simpler than this! Get the fluffiest pillow in your home, then get an old sweatshirt to make this masterpiece. It will make your dog happy since it will smell like you!

An Old Dresser

Do you need to get rid of an old dresser? Don’t throw it away! Instead, use the dresser to make a simple puppy bed. Simply take out the shelves and remove any of the wooden ledges inside then place a pillow or two inside and voila! An old dresser is now your pup’s sleeping spot.

You may take it a step further by using a dark wood stain and some calligraphy to give it some added rustic beauty. You could also mod podge it with pictures of you and your dog! The ideas are limitless!

Old Curtains or Sheets

With some old, gently used cushions and your favorite bed sheet, you could recreate a simple yet practical dog bed. Another item that your dog will adore because it has your essence!

An Old Suitcase

You could also use that old luggage for your beloved pooch instead of letting the unused suitcase take up unnecessary space in your house.

An Old TV

An old-style television is an excellent idea for making a bed and a tiny home for your dog! You can also do this with an outdated desktop computer that isn’t functioning correctly.

Does My Dog Need a Dog Bed?

A dog bed is a luxury. Do they NEED a dog bed? No.

However, it’s beneficial for their health to have a bed and certainly improves their quality of life.

A good dog bed will help keep your puppy’s joints young and healthy and will help relieve pressure off an older dog’s achy bones and joints.

If they were left to lie on the floor, over time, this would cause them to stiffen up quicker than if they had a soft, comfortable place to rest. After all, your dog spends most of their time resting while you’re away at work.

Here are some other reasons why a dog bed is beneficial for your pup:

● Provides a better sleep for both of you (cuddle time is great, just not when it’s bedtime)

● A dog bed prevents bones and joints from aging quickly

● It helps preserve your house furniture

● Dog’s appreciate a place to call their own

● A good dog bed can help regulate their temperature

Final Thoughts

Dog beds range in price based on the quality of the materials used to manufacture the bed.

The cheaper the dog bed, the worse quality of materials were used in the making of the bed. Which can be more dangerous than simply being uncomfortable or only lasting a month or so, these kinds of beds can be toxic to your dog.

More expensive dog beds last longer, are made with higher quality (and usually safer too) materials and generally more beneficial for your dog. If it’s within your budget, a more expensive bed will likely cost you less in the long run.

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